Robert Irwin and Jimmy Feed Baby Pygmy Goats

  • Published on: 03 May 2018
  • Robert Irwin, 14-year-old son of Crocodile Hunter Steve Irwin, brings Jimmy some adorable animals including a herd of baby African pygmy goats named after the cast of Friends and a Kookaburra that makes noises like Cardi B.

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    Robert Irwin and Jimmy Feed Baby Pygmy Goats
  • Runtime : 9:29
  • The Tonight Show Jimmy Fallon Robert Irwin Jimmy Feed Baby Pygmy Goats NBC NBC TV Television Funny Talk Show comedic humor snl Fallon Stand-up Fallon monologue tonight show jokes funny video interview variety comedy sketches talent celebrities video clip highlight Steve Irwin Friends kookaburra Cardi B Chandler Ross Rachel Animal Planet


  • The_ Classics
    The_ Classics   1 hours ago

    Watching Jimmy hold Curly you know Steve is watching down laughing his ass off...😂

  • Robert
    Robert   3 hours ago

    That's not a kid... well that's not a normal kid at least. Normal kids are a disgusting menace to society. Their stupid little uninformed/misinformed misanthropes with over inflated ego's and sub-par communication skills.

  • Nick Champ
    Nick Champ   8 hours ago

    Big props to Jimmy for always facing his fears and being a good sport whenever Robert is on his show.

  • Virecy
    Virecy   12 hours ago

    0:12 bruh u can see the emotion on roberts face after jim mentioned his dad. thats so sad

  • Mahin Acharya
    Mahin Acharya   21 hours ago

    All animals wether cute or not he treats them all the same something special right there

  • ju uj
    ju uj   1 days ago

    i have a river near my house there is lots of capybaras in therei was chased by one of them oncewelcome to brasil

  • Liesel Brehmer
    Liesel Brehmer   2 days ago

    I love how you can hear the muffled goat sounds before they come out 😂

  • Giselle Hernandez
    Giselle Hernandez   3 days ago

    I love this kid so much, He's go t as much passion when he talks about animals as his dad used to. Steve Irwin is looking down on him with so much pride and happiness that his son is carrying his legacy on.

  • ak 5:15
    ak 5:15   5 days ago

    Btw is Robert a vegan? Lol

  • Jessica Hansen
    Jessica Hansen   6 days ago

    The bird- he said this one doesn’t actually call I just wanted to hear you make the sound. 😂😂😂

  • SLiM M
    SLiM M   6 days ago

    I'm almost positive that this was the Javier featured in the 2019 Puppy Bowl. (Yes, I'm talking about a capybara, not a puppy.)

  • Theresa Holguin
    Theresa Holguin   6 days ago

    Such a wonderful young man. The Irwin family are wonderful people they love caring about the world and animals. Steve is so proud of Bindi and Robert.

  • ItMadeMeSignUp
    ItMadeMeSignUp   6 days ago

    I hope this kid continues his father's work....Wow is he good with an audience. Godspeed, and to every late night show you may ever appear on!

  • C Hite
    C Hite   1 weeks ago

    Dogs and cats are cool.

  • Lucas Carvalho
    Lucas Carvalho   1 weeks ago

    I grown up in south of brazil, you can find capybaras in the streets of small town. Like kangaros in australia

  • Suchu
    Suchu   1 weeks ago

    3:47 Talk about taking a shit in a night talk show 😂

  • Manny Hendon
    Manny Hendon   1 weeks ago

    Stop with the hate comments jeez the boy only knew his father four years your guys fathers are probably still alive so give it a break and don’t tell them how to to raise there own kids it’s hard when your a widow to two kids.

  • Justin Ferretti
    Justin Ferretti   1 weeks ago

    They bring this kid in ever couple months, and I LOVE it

  • Ms. Swan
    Ms. Swan   1 weeks ago

    Jimmy’s sarcasm gets old.

  • Annick N
    Annick N   1 weeks ago

    He proteccHe fascinateHe passionateBut most of all he scare Jimmy and Jimmy still invites him to the show.He amaze

  • Hunter 4net
    Hunter 4net   1 weeks ago

    It would've been so great to see the whole Irwin family live their lives rip steve still love the fam though they're the best

  • The Hopper’s
    The Hopper’s   1 weeks ago

    Shame on them for not participating it made me sad for him lol

  • Miles Hockey
    Miles Hockey   1 weeks ago

    Them going to the stage areaMe: Imagine they bring an alligator out, lolFew seconds later they bring one outMe: I see no god up here... other than me

  • Jeff Mclearen
    Jeff Mclearen   1 weeks ago

    Awesome to see the whole family❤️❤️❤️

  • Mante Ulskyte
    Mante Ulskyte   1 weeks ago


  • Irmina Ko
    Irmina Ko   1 weeks ago

    Jimmy Fallon is a very good sport. He is clearly afraid of the animals but he still touched and fed them, and kept inviting Robert to his show. He must found the animals fascinating. And Robert spoke with so much enthusiasm