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  • Published on: 11 December 2019
  • The Best Zlatan Moments at Inter and Milan | Serie A

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  • Champion
    Champion   2 weeks ago

    I have read the book, what a person what a career👏🏼👏🏼

  • 7
    7   2 weeks ago


  • Piotr
    Piotr   2 weeks ago

    traitor. Forza INTER !

  • b E q A
    b E q A   2 weeks ago

    He played in lots of clubs but there's only one Zlatan

  • vipin alan
    vipin alan   3 weeks ago

    most inappropriate soundtrack for this video :(

  • Trishula 27
    Trishula 27   3 weeks ago

    At Inter Zlatan was at his prime, at AC Milan he was great & at PSG he becomes a Legend. In my Opinion the best player in the world today with an Age of 38 Years & one the greatest of all time.

  • Tonchy Shultz
    Tonchy Shultz   3 weeks ago

    Mostly people watching puzzle Ibrahimovic goals🤔🤪😜⚽ like guy on 2:23. best one Explanation .! Thx IBRA .for every Goals , TRUE LEGEND with so many nice goals.!Best regards from Canada! ✌💕🍁🍷🥂🍁👍

  • GORBI85
    GORBI85   4 weeks ago

    Why are`nt they any moments with Juve?

  • Victor Zhargalov
    Victor Zhargalov   1 months ago

    He also played for Juventus. Why didn't you include his goals and assist from his years at Juventus?

  • Opa Games
    Opa Games   1 months ago

    4:46 Zlatan didn't like Antonini 😂

  • Achraf Khallouli
    Achraf Khallouli   1 months ago

    Hey peeps, in case you forgot, Zlatan played with Juventus as well.

  • Cyberdemon Mike
    Cyberdemon Mike   1 months ago

    Ibra is basically a mercenary. He worked for the best everywhere for 1, 2 years and when he got bored moved on. Probably one of the few that could got away with it without looking like a sellout.

  • Æt Z
    Æt Z   1 months ago

    Add KO Materazzi to this video

  • BiaVien
    BiaVien   1 months ago

    Nothing as a juve player, and his peroid with milan take the big part of the video, hmmm i think the admin is milanisti.

  • Luca88
    Luca88   1 months ago

    Mi sembra di ricordare che Zlatan ha giocato prima in un'altra squadra prima di andare a Inter e Milan... forse in quelle due stagioni non ha fatto neanche un gol hahaha o era panchinaro fisso?

  • Bulbin
    Bulbin   1 months ago

    Adriano imperator

  • Nipun Jaiswal
    Nipun Jaiswal   1 months ago

    Me : Hey Siri, What are the best goals ever scored in football ?Siri : Here is a collection of Zlatan Ibrahimovic goals.

  • Lil Prazolam
    Lil Prazolam   1 months ago

    Tutto molto bello, ma i giocatori che lo hanno circondato in quel periodo al Milan e all'inter? Lì si che facevano paura

  • sticchio.omega
    sticchio.omega   1 months ago

    1:12 un assist in rovesciata di tacco non l'avevo mai visto e mai immaginato, che cos'è il genio?

  • Futball Legend
    Futball Legend   1 months ago

    Zlatan ibrahimovich legendry , best of the best

  • ExuberantRaptor
    ExuberantRaptor   1 months ago

    You just don't see anyone else doing stuff like this on the regular. I'm still eaiting. I can wait for another 15 years or so ;) Maybe that's his drawback gor not being quite up there with the very best in terms of goals because he makes goes so much for the spectacular goals, if he did more simple goals he would have like 100-150 more goals on his record. Still only the third player of his generation to hit 500 goals which makes it more impressive than the other two hitting the mark imo.

  • David Saad
    David Saad   1 months ago

    Welcome back to Zlatan, Serie A