Waffle House Customer Cooked His Own Food While Overnight Staff Was Sleeping

  • Published on: 04 December 2017
  • More from Inside Edition: https://www.youtube.com/user/cbstvdinsideedition?sub_confirmation=1
    One man took self-service to a new level by cooking up a meal at a Waffle House when no one was there to take his order. Alex Bowen snapped selfies as he whipped up a late-night snack at the restaurant in South Carolina. "As soon as I walked around the bar to go to the back and I noticed one employee sleeping, I looked at her for a few seconds and I thought about waking her up but I thought ‘this employee is probably tired, I got you fam, I’ll take care of it’,” he told Inside Edition.
  • Runtime : 1:17
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  • Jonathan Cineus
    Jonathan Cineus   14 hours ago

    If he was Black: Warrant for his arrest for trespassing, obstruction of business property, stealing merchandize, and being Black.

  • Fidget Boy
    Fidget Boy   1 days ago

    That guy in every selfie 😮😮😮

  • Carolina Alvarez
    Carolina Alvarez   1 weeks ago

    Well now he ain’t no secret shopper since he reveal his secret lmao 😂

  • I commented
    I commented   1 weeks ago

    I'magine he was caught...and was accused of.......🤦‍♂️

    JAYESS   1 weeks ago

    I'm sorry but if he was black he'd be sittin in jail right now eating grits and hard boiled eggs

  • Danny Rosas
    Danny Rosas   1 weeks ago

    Wtf offer him a job? But he did trespass ..& she got fired..& low blow offering him a job

  • Pumpz Salty
    Pumpz Salty   2 weeks ago

    I read the title as,”Waffle House Customer Cooked Over Night

  • Max Headrum
    Max Headrum   2 weeks ago

    Why would you go to Waffle House and not have waffles ? That's my 3 a.m. Munch !

  • Marcaveli7
    Marcaveli7   2 weeks ago

    There was only one employee on that shift?

  • Orhan Taha Yazgan
    Orhan Taha Yazgan   2 weeks ago

    Who is watching this in 2020 where The Corona virus is killing every öne

  • HypliX'
    HypliX'   2 weeks ago

    Trespassing? Why'd you admit your crime on tv?

  • Eddie Valdi
    Eddie Valdi   2 weeks ago

    If he wasn’t white everything would have gone differently

  • Frosty
    Frosty   2 weeks ago

    The soy face, my God

  • Alex G
    Alex G   2 weeks ago

    Elon musk turn rouge

  • Wetosi
    Wetosi   2 weeks ago

    wait that's illegal

  • Jellyfishes can’t actually swim

    So he didn’t think to go to another restaurant this is ridiculous! Ppl like to pretend their victims he could have woken the employee up! 🙄🙄

  • RJ GV
    RJ GV   2 weeks ago

    “I got you fam” I cringed so hard 😬 I bet he thought he was cool by cooking his own meal , oh wait. I can tell because he took like 372628 selfies while doing it. Lol

  • moe Lester
    moe Lester   2 weeks ago

    You get shot anywhere else with the covid19 out

  • Max Pyane
    Max Pyane   2 weeks ago

    Yeah you got her all right!!!!! Got her f******fired!!!!!!!

  • Jack Stacey
    Jack Stacey   2 weeks ago

    why do u even care the mafs was hungry

  • girlcore
    girlcore   2 weeks ago

    You know who dont do that

  • Young Reap
    Young Reap   2 weeks ago

    As a former Waffle House employee 😂this funny asf but she prolly got fired