Rose Lavelle | 2019 WWC Moments | Future Of The USWNT

  • Published on: 09 July 2019
  • Runtime : 10:49


  • Cacang Hoihoi
    Cacang Hoihoi   14 hours ago

    die USA Frauen Fußballerin ihren Aktion sind wie Comics Heldin. Galaktischen Power

  • Jedi Mind
    Jedi Mind   23 hours ago

    She’s called the Queen of the Queen City now in Cincinnati.🌹👑🌹💎🌹🇺🇸🌹

  • pepe biondi
    pepe biondi   1 weeks ago

    Todo el equipo EEUU esta follable, sin excepción!

  • Davis  Henderson
    Davis Henderson   1 weeks ago

    I never knew her but now I love her. ❤️ I love her style of play.

  • Milton Ra
    Milton Ra   1 weeks ago

    rose lavelle is like andres Iniesta, another center forward playing in midfield...

  • Matt Crouch
    Matt Crouch   1 weeks ago

    When 16 & 17 have played down that right side for another year or so, it's going to be magic at a scale the women's game hasn't seen yet.

  • dave johnson
    dave johnson   1 weeks ago

    Wow! Does Rose out-hustle the competition! He stamina is unreal. Even if it doesn't result in a goal, simply to watch her evade two & three defenders is incredible.

  • kirstie b
    kirstie b   1 weeks ago

    wonder why she went from a high ponytail to a low one

  • James
    James   2 weeks ago

    Lavelle sure can dribble !!!

  • Dictator Orange Baby Man

    That pass to Rapinoe she should of scored it. That is one of a greatest passed ball I’ve seen.

  • Valdemar santo andré

    Rose Lavelle..Joga e corre muito !! .Essa seleção Americana vai trazer muita saudade nos próximos campeonatos mundiais.

  • Steve Geiger
    Steve Geiger   2 weeks ago

    Always instrumental in building the attack. Quick, agile, precise, able to get around multiple defenders and take a shot, but makes a pass if a better play is to be had. Hardly ever fouls and never dives, just 100% team player with 110% focus on the ball. So deserving that she scored the final World Cup goal!

  • Alok Dadhekar
    Alok Dadhekar   2 weeks ago

    Thank you! Can you add some more of her World Cup highlights that have been shown as gifs in these 2 excellent articles by Sean Wagner-McGough? -!

  • George Bray
    George Bray   2 weeks ago

    Shes dribbling against 4 or 5 defenders and they are all scared to close her down. She alone is far better than Rapinoe, who only looked for personal glory while rose was for the team. Cant wait to see more of Rose

  • timmy turner
    timmy turner   3 weeks ago

    that hug with Jill Ellis at the end gives me the feels every single time.

  • WNT fan
    WNT fan   3 weeks ago

    4:11 to 4:28. A prime candidate for "best pass of the tournament" if there was such an award.

  • John Summers
    John Summers   3 weeks ago

    If it's your job to defend against Rose Lavelle, Tobin Heath or Marta, gods help you.

  • Maria Leon
    Maria Leon   3 weeks ago

    10:12 golazo espectacular 🙌💪👏👏👏

  • Von Dor
    Von Dor   3 weeks ago

    I just love this woman. Now I want to see her develop the passing eye and skill of Kevin DeBruyne. She will be the best player in the world.

  • Cecil Treadwell
    Cecil Treadwell   3 weeks ago

    The goalie could have come out a couple feet more, but she was holding pat. She probably thought that Rose would take a closer shot.

  • Huzain Muhammad Zakir Mamad

    Rose Lavelle is the rawest female player to win the awarded FIFA Women's World Cup Most Valuable Player (MVP) winner

  • Monlam Makhampa
    Monlam Makhampa   3 weeks ago

    Creative. Unpredictable. Attacking. The best midfileder Period.

  • Cherry lin
    Cherry lin   3 weeks ago

    I will frame the goal with the Netherlands. Poor goalkeeper. She was unstoppable in the beginning, but with Rose Lavelle goal, poor girl. Never saw it coming.

  • Cherry lin
    Cherry lin   3 weeks ago

    Why women soccer always leave Rapinoe alone? You know she can score in difficult angles and they always leave her alone.