Komodo Dragons Freak Bill Burr Out!

  • Published on: 10 September 2019
  • Taken from JRE #1348 w/Bill Burr: https://youtu.be/--SCDa1zsYI
  • Runtime : 8:36
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  • WonderingMind
    WonderingMind   2 days ago

    Getting eaten by an omnivore, ask how Hugh Glass had it. That fucking bear even held him down so her cups could chew some chunks off of him. Fucking nightmare!

  • Troy D
    Troy D   2 days ago

    😂😂😂😂😂😂 let him get ya neck

  • Allphonetips
    Allphonetips   2 days ago

    Hurts for a second.... getting hit by a tiger hurts for a second.... yea If he hits u with the right force at the right angle itll hurt for a second but the chances of that are low and he will hit u in a spot u will survive and be in pain for months

  • Dan Luckins
    Dan Luckins   4 days ago

    3:40 so true, humans are slow, have a thin hide, no claws, dull teeth, no or anything to protect ourselves with. and somehow made it to the top of the food chain

  • Paul Kiggwe
    Paul Kiggwe   5 days ago

    Really I love how Bill did not want to see it again.

  • Tara Lucent
    Tara Lucent   1 weeks ago

    My friend showed me a video of a komodo dragon eating a baby dear while it was being born. Just straight up pulled it out of the birthing canal and swallowed it whole, and then proceeded to eat the mother. It was so disturbing.

  • Tree Cosmos
    Tree Cosmos   1 weeks ago

    2 of the coolest white guys in history

  • Raging Nightmare
    Raging Nightmare   1 weeks ago

    Only joe would demonstrate how an animal ate another animal

  • Healer Force
    Healer Force   1 weeks ago

    "They FOUND THEIR Clothes" Is not something you want to hear in a missing person's case

  • Noah Hultgren
    Noah Hultgren   1 weeks ago

    I want Bill Burr to write for, and narrate a nature documentary, poorly of course.

  • Donald Smith
    Donald Smith   1 weeks ago

    On the subcontinent, when workers are in an area frequented by tigers they wear a mask on the back of their head so that it looks like their face is looking that way also and there's no way to sneak-up on them.

  • ChanCeNecK
    ChanCeNecK   1 weeks ago

    I laughed hard about some of his jokes in the past, but I get more and more the feeling, that Bill is actually a pretty easily offended asshole.

  • No Lollygagging
    No Lollygagging   1 weeks ago

    Bill is talking about the Panama girls: a pair of European girls decided to go hiking in Panama trail, but got spooked by something, fell off the trail and succumbed to the elements. The evidence however made it seem like there was foul play involved.

  • Xavier Paquin
    Xavier Paquin   1 weeks ago

    Wtf are you talking about it's a quick death...

  • DeMike
    DeMike   1 weeks ago

    "See if you can find that!- SHOW it to Bill!"......

  • DeMike
    DeMike   1 weeks ago

    Bill.... I love ya, and I love watching you drive in traffic... But really, the outdoors are no place to the, uh, L.A. traffic folk. We ALWAYS have a pistol in the +.44 flavor or a 12gauge loaded with slugs in BEAR country. Those things will EAT you if you get cute with them! Kinda like Bloods and Crips....

  • Lemon Juice
    Lemon Juice   2 weeks ago

    Second guy keeps interrupting joe..jeeze.

  • Count Mackula
    Count Mackula   2 weeks ago

    "Tigers have killed more than three hundred thousand people there" Yeah ok Joe!

  • S D
    S D   2 weeks ago

    Sunderban is the delta of the ganga river. Royal Bengal Tigers are the natives. I've been there and it's soo beautiful. You travel on boats and there are alot of crocodiles in the water. I've seen tigers killing crocodiles on the land and vice versa in water.

  • Pac X Podcast
    Pac X Podcast   2 weeks ago

    I rewatched Bill actually scared and screaming. Haha. Jamie scared him. 06:58

  • Vincent Gonzalez
    Vincent Gonzalez   2 weeks ago

    they are breathing on the same planet you are unconscious each night onThose Hungry Lizards

  • Osiris Willow
    Osiris Willow   2 weeks ago

    When Rogan does that Komodo dragon impression though.

  • Badger AZ
    Badger AZ   2 weeks ago

    When is Bill coming back! He's my favorite

  • nicola lazzaro
    nicola lazzaro   2 weeks ago

    Our majors physical advantage is endurance and sight. Have you noticed that you can walk for hours without getting tired? Most animals can't do that

  • jase gtree
    jase gtree   2 weeks ago

    I was waiting for Bill to apologize for being white again 🤷