12 Realistic Dragon Ball Z Characters

  • Published on: 18 June 2015
  • Amazing photorealistic art of Dragon Ball Z Characters.
  • Runtime : 2:41
  • dragon ball anime japan japanese nippon toie vegeta goku freeza frieza piccolo cell realistic photorealistic Hyperrealism (Art Period/Movement) real life almost computer graphics popular deviant art fan made


  • Marjorie Asia
    Marjorie Asia   3 days ago

    Hndi nmn mkita ng maayos! Sana hndi mo nlang in-apload kung gnyan LNG din nmn!

  • DogDadDon
    DogDadDon   2 weeks ago

    Why hasn’t anyone done a realistic movie of this smh

  • roeva2
    roeva2   2 weeks ago

    Trunks looked badass

  • Annoyed Orange
    Annoyed Orange   3 weeks ago

    Trunks looks like he came straight out of Final Fantasy.

  • Charly Páez
    Charly Páez   3 weeks ago

    Cuando mierda harán una película con éstos personajes, no me acuerdo se llaman las películas así. 4D ?

  • C F
    C F   3 weeks ago

    Goku looked awesome. Reminds me of Conan the Barbarian. The original with Arnold S. when will they do an epic DBZ live action film. It's like they are waiting for special affects to advance .

  • David
    David   3 weeks ago

    Realistic? Lmao

    JURASSIC JIMNY   3 weeks ago

    The only way they could pull it off is if they done an alita battle Angel and made all of there eyes massive.... Maybe.

  • Mark Amos
    Mark Amos   3 weeks ago

    That constant fading to black and not really showing the characters all the way, is fucking annoying.

  • Ky Balion
    Ky Balion   3 weeks ago

    Why switch pictures so quick? Barely get to look at them properly

  • James Yee
    James Yee   3 weeks ago

    This is America style...Not Japanese spirit

  • Hanif Ameen
    Hanif Ameen   3 weeks ago

    you know somethings wrong when supreme kai freaks you out

  • All Ears
    All Ears   3 weeks ago

    Shouldn’t none of these characters be America

  • trifeloco
    trifeloco   3 weeks ago

    Some of those would work well in a live action film. I hope some company with the money and resources and the right recruiting team steps up to the plate and crates the DB film we've all been waiting for.

  • yoshi channel
    yoshi channel   3 weeks ago


  • AirFlares
    AirFlares   3 weeks ago

    🤦🏻‍♂️ ah shit....here we go again

  • Pella Namata
    Pella Namata   3 weeks ago

    It's too much. I agree it could be a SciFi Horror!!!

  • Mikey Xyz
    Mikey Xyz   3 weeks ago

    2:18 why does Vegita look like Henry Cavill? Or injustice's superman?

  • Rob Rosales
    Rob Rosales   4 weeks ago

    Somebody please make this happen!!! 😁