The Most Efficient Way to Destroy the Universe – False Vacuum

  • Published on: 21 October 2016
  • What if there is a way to destroy the universe so fundamentally that life as we know it will be impossible forever?

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  • Runtime : 5:59
  • vacuum decay false vacuum physics quantum physics the universe earth humanity end of the universe time funny higgs field field quantum mechanics kurzgesagt in a nutshell science education


  • Illuminocalypse
    Illuminocalypse   5 hours ago

    Geez... well, it's okay... I actually felt like staring wide-eyed at the ceiling in existential horror for the next 6 hours instead of sleeping anyway...

  • Cedric Velarde
    Cedric Velarde   1 days ago

    Maybe the aliens one day tried to achieve the smallest quantum processor but alas the tunneling caused this ^. Boom aliens gone

  • Tan Yao Yang
    Tan Yao Yang   2 days ago

    to be honest, time is the most efficient way to destroy the universe

  • Twinrehz
    Twinrehz   4 days ago

    But if this false vacuum is limited to expanding at the speed of light (which I assume is because of how particles interact), then it would never be able to consume our entire universe.

  • The Fool
    The Fool   6 days ago

    Stable Higgs field vs blackhole

  • Erra Music
    Erra Music   6 days ago

    Kurzgesagt:How we can destroy the universe??Me:KIL ALL OF THE BIRDS!BWAH AH AH AH

  • Eavy Eavy
    Eavy Eavy   1 weeks ago

    'The universe is on fire.' Bird: THIS IS FINE

  • meme review
    meme review   1 weeks ago

    F for the scientist that make bad names

  • s0bad
    s0bad   1 weeks ago

    What I learnt from this is that every thing is trying to bludge and will do so to the point of destroying the universe itself

  • Вестник Смерти

    Это лучшее видео которое объяснят, что такое поле хигса.

  • LPCB
    LPCB   1 weeks ago

    In 2020, a brand new VACUUM DECAY for April

  • Duran
    Duran   1 weeks ago

    Kids have tons of energy too; well, until you roll them down a hill.

  • Velzek
    Velzek   1 weeks ago

    I'm not sure that stability/energy relationship is right, because I have neither energy nor stability.

  • Юрий Кузьминых

    If something is not proven, it shoud be considered unexisting. Just like God, just like vacuum decay.

  • SirSavageZallot
    SirSavageZallot   1 weeks ago

    "They might not ever be able to reach us because of the expansion of the universe."Would this only be true if we are at the center of the universe?Please advise, I don't want to over-think this.. 😅

  • Vivaan Kaul
    Vivaan Kaul   1 weeks ago

    5:02 guy trying to measure the continent: well, its 67 meters! other guy trying to measure the continent: I think you are off by a bit

  • Sergio Miranda Peña
    Sergio Miranda Peña   1 weeks ago

    hi kurzgesagt , i have been thinking on a hoery and i want you to make it real (pls make me as the principal person that did it)what about if the universe (as how we know it) is a vacuum decay, well analyze it , on an older space , something was metastable, or on the false vacuum, and the object did the tunnel, and crashed (the big bang9 , creating the true vacuum ,and everything the true vacuum touched becamed on to its natural state (the answer so to the zero dividing will be one), why dividing by zero , easy ,the true vacuum is like the nothingness , (like in the start of big bang ) then there were basic molecules rushing all around the space , then the molecules started to join , generating all the planets and stuff we know , (what if a vacuum decay occurs here?, it would be like the mega cancer a cancer , with cancer ),an one last thing , what about if the universe expansion is the true vacuum expanding at the speed of light .guys , please make my theory real , help me with the cientist to proove it , i will apreciate it , there is my name , pls make it real :)

  • AgentSquid Beak
    AgentSquid Beak   1 weeks ago

    Don’t mind me mister CIA agent just watching how to destroy the universe efficiently by kurzgesagt

  • Craig Belldina
    Craig Belldina   1 weeks ago

    Climate Change = Fake Science, It's a disgrace you reference it, You and Greta can go F yourselves.

  • Pizza Passta
    Pizza Passta   1 weeks ago

    So you're telling me, if a person had the power to manipulate potential energy, he could end the universe wattpad get ready for this one

  • SillyMysticGamer
    SillyMysticGamer   1 weeks ago

    "BeCAUSE scientiSts aRE BAD AT NAMiNG tHinGS"Yeah thats a good reson

  • V2
    V2   2 weeks ago

    01000001011001100111010001100101011100100010000001101000011011110111010101110010011100115th word 2nd letter, 10th word 4th letter, 24th word 4th letter, 30th word 3rd letter, 32nd word first letter, 43rd word first letter, 44th word first letter. 0

  • James R.
    James R.   2 weeks ago

    It could be happening right now. We have no way of knowing.

  • Potatoestothemax
    Potatoestothemax   2 weeks ago

    tips on how to survive a vacuum decay 1.hide under the covers

  • 陳偉
    陳偉   2 weeks ago

    Send everything become vacuumed, where are those energy gone?

  • mintydog06
    mintydog06   2 weeks ago

    OMG the ball falling asleep at the ground state was hilarious. Although vacuum decay went over my head.

  • Michael Johnson
    Michael Johnson   2 weeks ago

    "scientists are bad at naming things"kepler 132-bvy canis majoris IC 1101mars TASTYmilky way ALSO TASTY

  • bophi bop
    bophi bop   2 weeks ago


  • joy freg
    joy freg   2 weeks ago

    Science IS bad at naming things.