Robert Irwin's Baby Camel Kisses Jimmy on the Lips

  • Published on: 24 January 2019
  • Robert Irwin, 15-year-old son of Crocodile Hunter Steve Irwin, brings some interesting animals to show Jimmy, including a sugar glider, peppered cockroaches, African serval kittens and a camel named Wednesday.

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    Robert Irwin's Baby Camel Kisses Jimmy on the Lips

  • Runtime : 8:25
  • The Tonight Show Jimmy Fallon Robert Irwin Baby Camel Kisses Jimmy Lips NBC NBC TV Television Funny Talk Show comedic humor snl tonight show jokes funny video interview variety comedy sketches talent celebrities video clip highlight Robert Irwin's Animals Robert Irwin Interview Robert Irwin on Fallon Robert's Real Life Adventures Wild But True Robert Irwin: Dinosaur Hunter Sugar Glider cockroach


  • Suyapa Velasquez
    Suyapa Velasquez   14 hours ago

    robert every time Jimmy says Irwin Robert : sniffle sniffle

  • By Me
    By Me   21 hours ago

    Is it just me or does Jimmy seem like he doesn’t really want to be doing this

  • The AK
    The AK   1 days ago

    *Wild animal massacres over a thousand people*Robert: Isnt that just amazing?

  • The AK
    The AK   1 days ago

    The only 2 creatures I hate to touch are flies and cockroaches.

  • Inxanity Gacha
    Inxanity Gacha   2 days ago

    Robert: Introduces roaches Jimmy: Physically dying Audience: ONIONS! (2:38)

    FLOOFYSOCKS0   2 days ago

    That sugar glider is like me trying to run away from my responsibilities

  • G.I GOLD
    G.I GOLD   2 days ago

    7:43 - Why does the camel have a ear ring?

  • DeepBreath
    DeepBreath   3 days ago

    glad he stopped having that asshole jeff musial on the show

  • akcandlemaker
    akcandlemaker   3 days ago

    I like Kimmel much better when he's not making stupid political jokes.

  • Mellie Chovexani
    Mellie Chovexani   4 days ago

    XD that one serval kitty was just gettin' into playing, poor lil buddy XD

  • Vanessa Morales
    Vanessa Morales   4 days ago

    Aqui esta la mascota de Jin💜💜 bueno que ahora esta en el cielo

  • Harry Gray
    Harry Gray   4 days ago

    Jimmy gets eaten by a lionRobert: isn’t that just amazing

  • Nicole :3
    Nicole :3   4 days ago

    What is sad is that those animals won’t have quick reflexes and other qualities compared to those in the wild bc they’re held in captivity. What’s even sadder is that they have to be in the zoo bc they don’t have a home.

  • el Bueno
    el Bueno   4 days ago

    4:21 luke,leia and han hmmmm intresting names

  • Tiny Cook
    Tiny Cook   4 days ago

    Jimmys expression is always priceless 😂😂

  • Thut Max
    Thut Max   5 days ago

    Boy Jimmy is way over little Irwin.. I bet Jimmy is not the one that books him.. Quit being scarey and bond with the animals.. 🤣💀

  • Ashley Mayfield
    Ashley Mayfield   6 days ago

    Wednesday is a sweet baby I love her! I wish Robert was my best friend, we could chill with animals all day

  • Xa7m3d
    Xa7m3d   6 days ago

    ahaaaha 😂😂😂😂

  • Ain't Nobody Here But Us Chickens.

    Robert is... Just amazing! He and Jimmy have great chemistry and this is entertainment gold! Robert is such a credit to his dad! God Bless 💞

  • mondblume63
    mondblume63   1 weeks ago

    Afraid of a friggin sugar glider? Damn Jimmy. You’re a wimp!

  • lissette vasconez
    lissette vasconez   1 weeks ago

    Jimmy was about to have an heart attack 🤣🤣🤣🤣like we already have enough cockroaches here in NYC

  • John D
    John D   1 weeks ago

    Jimmy Fallon has an incredibly fake personality.

  • Siena May
    Siena May   1 weeks ago

    LMFAO jimmy is totally me around roaches

  • Wendybabendy
    Wendybabendy   1 weeks ago

    Robert is so amazing... I love that the kids have taken so much to Steve's appreciation for animals... I love watching them grow up!

  • Angela Bent
    Angela Bent   1 weeks ago

    He's basically the living spirit of his father. He looks like him and has his heart. You did an amazing job Terri.

  • Johanna Caba
    Johanna Caba   1 weeks ago

    A camel named WEDNESDAY is my new favorite THING T-T

  • JuNiOrSuTeReO
    JuNiOrSuTeReO   1 weeks ago

    With this kid I could be watching animals all day, he is so happy and talk with a lot of appreciation about them all even the cocroaches.