Celebrities with Weird/Hidden Talents

  • Published on: 16 August 2019
  • Celebrities with Weird/Hidden Talents
  • Runtime : 6:39
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  • Violet Polston
    Violet Polston   3 days ago

    When ever you introduce the women you criticize them. But not the men. Does anyone else recognize that?

  • Diana Lopez
    Diana Lopez   4 days ago

    "MY TALENT IS SMELLING BULLSH*T" this got me laughing0:44

  • Christian Grey
    Christian Grey   1 weeks ago

    The zac efron thing is easy if you do it like that. 1 elbow supports your weight. People that do it with straight arms are the special ones

  • Jose Baires
    Jose Baires   1 weeks ago

    eating kit Kat isn't a hidden talent nore is eating crickets

  • Trendy Golbin247
    Trendy Golbin247   1 weeks ago

    They need a new announcer for these videos cause his hidden talent is being rude 😬

  • Lynaticosx ahre
    Lynaticosx ahre   1 weeks ago

    Ariana puede imitar a varios famosos y tan bien puede llorra como bebe

  • Silvia Playz
    Silvia Playz   1 weeks ago

    nicole kidman is the one who maked coronavirus lol ;-;

  • jay rald
    jay rald   1 weeks ago

    i subscribe and turn on the notification 😘

  • Lottie sings
    Lottie sings   1 weeks ago

    Nobody:Not a single soul:Kim: i cAN tELL iF sOMeoNE hAS a caViTY

  • Rin Kyomizu
    Rin Kyomizu   1 weeks ago

    Peeps after sees Nicole Kidman here be like:CORONA VIRUS!!!

    jUNGKOOK SEAGULL   1 weeks ago

    5:03 ...its not a hidden talent its a tooth with a large gap!

  • Ameen Alsayed
    Ameen Alsayed   1 weeks ago

    "Justin BEAVER can do a rubix cube real fast"Am I the only one who heard that?

  • dogeboy 777
    dogeboy 777   1 weeks ago

    My talent: picks up a 14 year old at the age of 10.i have very good strength and not normal strength.

  • Ashley Ash
    Ashley Ash   1 weeks ago

    Dear:Dakota Johnson I love your movie Fifty Shades Freed even though I’m young my mom lets me watch it and she’s fine with it but anyways I left the movie can you make a Christmas one I love love love love love the movie

  • Ratna Roy
    Ratna Roy   2 weeks ago

    iF YOu havE mAdE iT ThIS Far tHEn yOu sHoUlD SuBScRibE aNd tuRn oN tHe posT noTifIcaTionSSo yoU'lL haVe a GreAteR chaNcE oF bEinG RicH iN liFe.....Let me tell you that makes no sense.

  • Conor1912
    Conor1912   2 weeks ago

    Chris pratt sounded like robloxlover69 lmao

  • high choice
    high choice   2 weeks ago

    "My talent is smelling bullshit" 😂

  • unstoppable it
    unstoppable it   2 weeks ago

    I subscribed and turned on notifications I want a phone to stream 🙁