The Complete Avatar The Last Airbender Timeline | Channel Frederator

  • Published on: 26 April 2019
  • It all started when the fire nation attacked, well not exactly. Avatar The Last Airbender was a beloved series on Nickelodeon and holds a special place in our hearts here at Channel Frederator. So join us as we chronical through the adventures of Aang, Katara, Toph, Sokka, and Zuko to bring you the complete Avatar The Last Airbender timeline.


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    Researched by: Christina Polk
    Written by: Christina Polk
    Co-written by: Jacob Atkinson
    Hosted by: Jacob Atkinson
    Edited by: Jacob Atkinson

    Graphics & Thumbnail by: Alexandria Batchelor
    Producers: Adrian Apolonio
    Executive Producers: Carrie Miller, Fred Seibert, Jeremy Rosen

    Music Provided by Epidemic Sound

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  • Runtime : 29:24
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  • Rachel Gitari
    Rachel Gitari   3 hours ago

    I swear of this was am anim3 or would sound boss in Japanese

  • Rachel Gitari
    Rachel Gitari   3 hours ago

    Anybody else see that one piece luffy look on the old guys face

  • Andre Pharr
    Andre Pharr   1 days ago

    Only downfall of this show was lightning bending wasn't its own element and other bending elements was not necessary

  • John Pinches
    John Pinches   2 days ago

    One of my favorite episodes that was left out was the travel through the tunnels. Another was the parody play. But thanks for the nice trip down memory lane.

  • Ritik Khilnani
    Ritik Khilnani   3 days ago

    I wish Nickelodeon pulled a Toei Animation and made a continuation of the series. Like how Dragon Ball Super is to Dragon Ball Z.

  • Chaotic Butter
    Chaotic Butter   3 days ago

    I loved the final battle because I genuinely thought it could’ve went either way. When the rock sphere aang made broke and he hit that rock, there was a brief moment where I thought it killed him.

  • Bamboozle
    Bamboozle   4 days ago

    I did not know i watch something so deep when i was a little kid

  • J Cole
    J Cole   4 days ago

    Avatar is Jesus??

  • HeathenHacks
    HeathenHacks   5 days ago

    Sokka rocking that man bun before it became mainstream.

  • Leonsius Honggo
    Leonsius Honggo   5 days ago

    mmmm... there is no mention of yang chen, kuruk, kyoshi...

  • Leonsius Honggo
    Leonsius Honggo   5 days ago

    mmmm... there is no mention of yang chen, kuruk, kyoshi...

  • Fezo Edits
    Fezo Edits   5 days ago

    Everything actually did change when the fire nation attacked

  • fanele mabaso
    fanele mabaso   6 days ago

    Never watched this cartoon, only the movie...i must say, the fire nation lord is pretty dumb. The world wouldnt be balanced with the extinction of other nations.

  • madhatters crafts
    madhatters crafts   6 days ago

    Finally I know what happened. I watched the film and it just ended there were no more movies that were going to be made,

  • Deadly Thang
    Deadly Thang   1 weeks ago

    I want to watch this again. Can you watch avatar on any streaming services or do you have to buy a copy of it?

  • Kian cent
    Kian cent   1 weeks ago

    The legend of korra shouldn’t be considered canon

  • pro funny
    pro funny   1 weeks ago

    Long ago, four nations lived in peace. Everything changed when the nation of fire started fighting. They could only stop the Avatar, but when the Avatar needed it most, it disappeared. A hundred years later, my brother and I found a new avatar to destroy the air and believe in saving the world. can

  • Kent Jasper Timbang
    Kent Jasper Timbang   1 weeks ago

    the avatar state was triggered that one time when Aang learned that the sandbenders "muzzled" Appa; not because he was traded.

  • Noah Way Jose
    Noah Way Jose   1 weeks ago

    Looking at the picture at 14:02 the avatar spirit has a pattern. It Water, Earth, Fire, and Air...just like the theme

  • KingD
    KingD   1 weeks ago

    It's so amazing how this video is THIRTY MINUTES LONG while only scratching the very surface of this show!

  • Kenneth Rexford
    Kenneth Rexford   1 weeks ago

    When he pronounced Toph as "Tahf" I nearly lost control of my Chakras

  • StickFiguresMaster
    StickFiguresMaster   1 weeks ago

    We need to build a wall, and it has to be built quickly! The wall just got 10ft taller believe me, it just got 10ft taller.Last airsucker was then brought back to India where he belongs

  • Whodoesnt
    Whodoesnt   1 weeks ago

    thats not jacob atkinson. that's matt peters. luschek from orange is the new black.

  • Salamander_gaming
    Salamander_gaming   1 weeks ago

    Oh god! Did he say the Netflix r word for an american anime this is gonna be good or bad.

  • Gamers Crown
    Gamers Crown   1 weeks ago

    i still remember when i watch every night this was one of my favorite series . in my country it premier in 2009

  • Random Doyz
    Random Doyz   1 weeks ago

    I’m surprised you didn’t mention kitaras ability to blood bend after meeting the lady who taught her how to blood bend

  • TraMaChi
    TraMaChi   1 weeks ago

    If you didnt cry during Appas kidnapping you arent a man!

  • Jared Jeanotte
    Jared Jeanotte   1 weeks ago

    9:35 Sokka is the reason they escaped!! Remember he pits the fire nation against the pirates to cause a skirmish and therefore an opportunity to escape.

  • Kaya Styles
    Kaya Styles   1 weeks ago

    Zuko and katara are my one OTP I’m still mad they didn’t end up together

  • DeaconCanle
    DeaconCanle   1 weeks ago

    where did you source the video and images used for the era of raava segment?