Sharife Cooper SHOCKS EVERYONE & Drops 52 Points!!! DON'T TEST Sharife!!

  • Published on: 01 December 2019
  • The #1 point guard in the country, Sharife Cooper, went absolutely NUTS last night and dropped 52 points!!
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  • Runtime : 12:11
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  • One_N_Done
    One_N_Done   2 days ago

    This who Julian Newman thought he was

  • StatKing
    StatKing   1 weeks ago

    Sharife Cooper should been foul out the game the refs wasn't call the push off but I knew he was going to score 52 points

  • DeAndre Atkinson
    DeAndre Atkinson   1 months ago

    Jersey developing so much of the best Guards it’s crazy💯 if U ain’t kno he from there too...

  • Jj Jorvelus
    Jj Jorvelus   1 months ago

    By my 2nd year in HS ill be better than him

  • George Loyd
    George Loyd   1 months ago

    Is it me or did it seem like the black squad was winning ? There’s way more highlights of them i thought they were winning 🤣

  • Densest no Chikara
    Densest no Chikara   1 months ago

    His whole team plays through the offense and it seems like there in sinc, I wish my team was like that

  • Directed By Joey
    Directed By Joey   1 months ago

    I make tutorials on how to make crazy music video effects on basketball mixtapes on my channel 💻🔥🔥🧪

  • OH Yeah yeah
    OH Yeah yeah   1 months ago

    Nigga just took the whole team to the rack

  • Luke Guggemos
    Luke Guggemos   1 months ago

  • Jay Strokes
    Jay Strokes   1 months ago

    Ummm...definitley not the best pg in AMERICA.

  • infinite kind
    infinite kind   1 months ago

    These young men lately are ultra talented.with massive hair.hmmmm thier hair is their strenght.wonder if i grew a george Jefferson na.future NBA is going to be a show

  • Leo Mvp
    Leo Mvp   1 months ago ‼️‼️‼️‼️

  • Bosa Shampoo
    Bosa Shampoo   1 months ago

    Team is so different this year, last season team would of violated this team no lie

  • laid back
    laid back   1 months ago

    No Defense Played at all my o my how the game has changed.

  • Fanty Towel
    Fanty Towel   1 months ago

    7:05 dat boi cooked they whole team

  • Michael Henderson
    Michael Henderson   1 months ago

    Sharife is going to have nba talent once he gets into auburn, to me he's one of the best point guards of all time.

  • Mix Up
    Mix Up   1 months ago

    Number 34 was sellin the whole game 😂😂

  • Perry Coleman
    Perry Coleman   1 months ago

    Lil man can hoop Offensively. Defense look suspect but i havent seen him live. Hs basketball not like it was when i played

  • Un Redacted
    Un Redacted   1 months ago

    did all his guys graduate last year?

  • antwan b
    antwan b   1 months ago

    Niggas playing with a walmart bal

  • Julius
    Julius   1 months ago

    34 moving like draymond

  • Jetsiel
    Jetsiel   1 months ago

    High school defense is so bad 😂

  • Jeff Bishop
    Jeff Bishop   1 months ago

    dude is my mycareer player on 2k stg 💀

  • Jai Brown
    Jai Brown   1 months ago

    The most underrated talent don’t @ me

  • aMANuhtah
    aMANuhtah   1 months ago

    Man earned all 52 of those points

  • manyuhl
    manyuhl   1 months ago

    #34 Randy stays getting his shit beat 🤣 all the shit talking to gup lmaoooo, he’s fucking asssss 😭