How bad is our Wrecked 379 Peterbilt Semi Truck?

  • Published on: 08 November 2019
  • we start taking a look into the damage on our wrecked 379 Peterbilt..

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  • Runtime : 13:15
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  • Westen Champlin
    Westen Champlin   6 months ago

    Hit me up on Instagram if you guys know about any parts for the Peterbilt.

  • Threeper %
    Threeper %   4 days ago

    I hate working on diesels. Fixing them is one thing, getting the damn thing started is another.

  • PublicWifi
    PublicWifi   1 weeks ago

    Those empty bottles are for pissing... lol

    HARRY SCHNEIDER   2 weeks ago

    Love your videos brother. You are full of knowledge n take the to explain things. Thank you for sharing your knowledge in a fun way

  • Scott Cupp
    Scott Cupp   2 weeks ago

    She's pulled goods across the land and worked her ass off. It is great to see you give her the respect and love she deserves.

  • Kyle Gould
    Kyle Gould   1 months ago

    Where you're from how much diesel would that cost in your city ?

  • PRI Global Services
    PRI Global Services   1 months ago

    You got a good deal, the start motor might be already worn out. You can return it to get some credit back. all the rest seems just some cosmetic issues.

  • Dead Monkey
    Dead Monkey   1 months ago

    Exact when you pull the air horn did my computer shut down. Sooo that is the magic truck

  • jeremie manninen
    jeremie manninen   2 months ago

    The Cummins N14 is capable of producing between 310 and 525 horsepower. The N14 is capable of generating 1,250 to 1,850 foot-pounds of torque at 1,200 RPM.

  • Keith Roberts
    Keith Roberts   2 months ago

    Most of those old trucks smell like you’re sitting in an ashtray and ass matter, I suppose that one it’s no different!

  • Thelonious Breskin
    Thelonious Breskin   2 months ago

    how hard could it be! also huge props to you for explaing shit in layman's terms for us idiots.

  • robert smith
    robert smith   3 months ago

    Running over Lil Timmy on the Korner ...f#$@£€$ killed me lol

  • Rick T
    Rick T   3 months ago

    you need this bad boy not to many people have one TRUCK VAN LMTV

  • Martin Short
    Martin Short   4 months ago

    Loved ur videos to get on the road watching more late keep them coming

  • Amber Smith
    Amber Smith   4 months ago

    Love how u describe the damage to it just a little cant really see it love and just a wash and wax it be fine lol love it looking forward to watching the rest of the videos on the trucks

  • Branden Brooks
    Branden Brooks   4 months ago

    I just want to spend a day hanging out and wrenching with you. If you're anything like you are in the videos, I think you would be an amazing person to spend time around and a fun source of knowledge.

  • Nicky Critic
    Nicky Critic   4 months ago

    I think the big winner in all this mess is Kenneth Vieth!! He got a brand new peter built with some cash from the insurance man, and now he’s getting some premium advertising for FREE!!

  • Thurman Bright
    Thurman Bright   5 months ago

    If The Seals In The Turbo Do Go out The Engine Will Runaway

    BIG THAD   5 months ago

    I got a 500 base horse n14 in my 96 379, its had 50 more donkeys added, and with the turn of a knob I can dump more fuel for more power, I love it

  • John Deere Garage
    John Deere Garage   5 months ago

    How come the cooling fan wasn't spinning when it was running

  • SAM Reports
    SAM Reports   5 months ago

    Hello - Came over via Ralph's Trucking site. My ex was a mechanic who worked on Peterbilts, Good engines. Nice to meet you.🤝 🇺🇸👍