How bad is our Wrecked 379 Peterbilt Semi Truck?

  • Published on: 08 November 2019
  • we start taking a look into the damage on our wrecked 379 Peterbilt..

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  • Runtime : 13:15
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  • Westen Champlin
    Westen Champlin   6 days ago

    Hit me up on Instagram if you guys know about any parts for the Peterbilt.

  • G C
    G C   22 minuts ago

    Good Vid good plan👌👍 go Getem

  • Da Ro
    Da Ro   5 hours ago

    Dude you need to get that Pet back on the road & keep trucking😊☺☺😁😀

  • country chevy
    country chevy   7 hours ago

    Man you have my dream truck its just the wrong color

  • Mark Arrington
    Mark Arrington   8 hours ago

    What's wrong with pounding out the hood? It's aluminum so paint May chip off but that's easy to remedy and allot cheaper than 5 large for a new one.

  • Danny Vela
    Danny Vela   8 hours ago

    Cant wait to see what next on this pete hope you keep the 4 horns on top and have a new paint color in mind getting her fixed up

  • Josh Lewis
    Josh Lewis   9 hours ago

    Im sure you could just knock that dent outta the hood with malet tools might not even chip the paint!😉👍😱

  • Brett H
    Brett H   14 hours ago

    Hey I am paused around 11:48 where you are talking about what is wrong and right with the truck and then you go to start the truck at which point when the engine starts you say "See that took a lot longer to start, it should fire up within 10 seconds" well if the truck should start faster than what it did in this video, then id say that when the truck has been finished you are going to be on to a winner! Reason being is because in the video you first try to start the engine at the timestamp of 11:55 , of which the Cummins engine then starts up between timestamps 12:03 & 12:04 which means not only did it already start under 10 seconds, but actually it started up between 8 & 9 lean towards 8 seconds as that's when it first fired and the 9th second was when it was started and the engine was revving. So it might not only be fair to say that it already starts pretty quick, but, when the Peterbilt is finished you could possibly shave a few more seconds off that start time and make it fire up between 4 & 5 seconds??

  • Angel Villanueva
    Angel Villanueva   14 hours ago

    Man that reminds me of my old 1946 Peterbilt I miss that bby

  • Brett H
    Brett H   14 hours ago

    Hey there Westen, great to see that most of the work you need to do on that beautiful Peterbilt Semi-Truck can all be done without having to buy whole new sections/parts by way of mainly taking out rivets... I mean, just like you said in the video Westen --->"In the famous words of Jeremy hard can it be?!". Awesome that you reference the legend, Mr Clarkson, too! Hope it all goes well for you, I know that I have another new and latest video of yours after this video so who knows, that will either be an update on this soon to be gorgeous Peterbilt, OR, it just damn well might be another surprise vehicle to add to the current list of brutes you already have waiting to be restored...hell I am having trouble keeping up with everything you have purchased yet to be fixed and sent on their merry way!! Keep up the great videos guys, looking forward to the next video after this one in a minute or two...think I best get me a cup of tea, coming all the way from the UK and all that! ;)

  • Katie Eaton
    Katie Eaton   16 hours ago

    You guys do such a good job with your videos I can’t wait till you put another video out thanks

  • SzelachowskiTomek
    SzelachowskiTomek   17 hours ago

  • Julia Woodling
    Julia Woodling   18 hours ago

    My dream truck, A Peterbilt. And my favorite color, Blue!!!

  • Simone Pulcini
    Simone Pulcini   18 hours ago

    Come on Westen we’re waiting for the next video on the Pete 379... can’t wait

  • Hunter Gibson
    Hunter Gibson   20 hours ago

    My buddy took his sleeper Peterbilt and made it a day cab

  • Jacob Mcmahan
    Jacob Mcmahan   21 hours ago

    You can save the hood new inter support and new panels you can save hood

  • koteika_ cnaiper
    koteika_ cnaiper   22 hours ago

    Блин, 13.10 я один гнездо увидел за фильтром???)))

  • shane maddock
    shane maddock   1 days ago

    Westin does it have a override switch? Some cummins wont start until the oil pressure comes up. Hence the override switch to by pass that.

  • Dan Webster
    Dan Webster   1 days ago

    Take a big ass rubber hammer and knock that dent out the hood. Easy peasy fix.

  • The Overclocker
    The Overclocker   1 days ago

    very well put starship enterprise .This truck is special .

  • daap gaming
    daap gaming   1 days ago

    That dent on the hood could be popped out bud

  • Airfab 01
    Airfab 01   1 days ago

    First thing you’ll need to rebuild the hood is a huck gun. Ya gotta have one to pull those big rivets.

  • AAR2VZ
    AAR2VZ   1 days ago

    That'll buff right out.....

  • G Sangha
    G Sangha   1 days ago

    The guy probably got tried of putting oil in it that’s why he probably flipped it

  • S S
    S S   1 days ago

    A little rubbing compound, and you could buff that out....

  • Sire DragonChester
    Sire DragonChester   1 days ago

    Good see you’ll get old girl up and running again. And get her back to trucking :) No turbo gauge? Thought you said in other video. She putting out about 30 pounds of boost?Nice video. Look forward too see you clean her up up and running again :) You have yourself Canadian sub :)Ps hope you show some mechanical work done on her, while being fixed. Few short video be nice. :) thanks

  • Benjamin Frizzell
    Benjamin Frizzell   1 days ago

    I love the fact that you and your friends are not afraid to tackle anything even as young as you are. maybe there is hope for the future.