Flashback Friday: Steve Harvey on Getting Fired

  • Published on: 21 March 2013
  • Steve Harvey talks about getting fired in this #FlashbackFriday clip. This clip is taken from the HBO Platinum Comedy Series Comedy special with permission. Also from the same DVD as One Man HBO Special.


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  • Runtime : 9:2
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  • Adam
    Adam   2 days ago

    Damn this man hasn’t aged a bit. Still looks the same, only less hair! It’s true that Black don’t crack 😂

  • Bruh
    Bruh   5 days ago

    This mans suit😂

  • Metzger jr
    Metzger jr   6 days ago

    This is for sure true I had my boy get fired and boy he was acting a fool, He roasted every person he didn't like at the office and I know it wasn't my old bosses first time firing a black man because my homeboy didn't have to wait no two weeks for his check, Boss man had it ready in hand 😂 and let me tell you ain't nothing funnier when a brotha from the south getting all fired up I'm talking about one line roasts at it's finest "Jameson you diabetic fat fuck yah dick like a turtle it only comes out to spit 😂 I quit that job the following week and ended working with homie as a painter with his uncle shout-out to mah brotha Max you a G in my book

  • Mike OxLong
    Mike OxLong   6 days ago

    If a white comedian impersonates a black guy he's a racist but black people can say whatever about white people and it's just a joke..

  • youreallbrainwashed
    youreallbrainwashed   1 weeks ago

    Shit.. I get fired all the time.. I can't take bullshit. The ass kissing and powertrippin .. I'm white.. I've had over 50 jobs

  • RWAC Gaming
    RWAC Gaming   1 weeks ago

    Fucked up thing is im white and every day im thinking any day now

  • J Mckoy
    J Mckoy   1 weeks ago

    I swear I knew it was coming when they fired me...I won't even shocked or fazed

  • HellhammerSS
    HellhammerSS   1 weeks ago

    I died when he kicked the mike stand. "Naw the fuck you didnt'" lololol

  • John Smith
    John Smith   2 weeks ago

    Fuck this is so true! "Welp.. any day now" I say that shit everyday hahaha

  • Halfxue
    Halfxue   2 weeks ago

    Man, God gave this man the talent of making people laugh! That's for sure!

  • Israel Dillard
    Israel Dillard   2 weeks ago

    😂 The boss ass cheeks start to that was funny, when they be walking.

  • Terri Wright
    Terri Wright   3 weeks ago

    This video never gets old. I am dying😂😂😂😂😂

  • Musically
    Musically   3 weeks ago

    Those pants got me dying...😂😂😂

  • ali biid
    ali biid   3 weeks ago

    woaw steve have big black hair ammezing

  • Jordan
    Jordan   3 weeks ago

    “For pete’s sake” 😭

  • dimitrius sergivius
    dimitrius sergivius   4 weeks ago

    you wont get another job if the yhave to drag you out in hand cuffs lol

  • Ed Monix
    Ed Monix   4 weeks ago

    Funny as it sounds, it's a complete generalization and really puts a bad taste in my mouth about his own peepz

  • Tamilta rocks candle box!!!!

    This my favorite joke I totally can relate,I know idmeditalent when I'm going to be let go,I say it first,I'm outta here

  • William Petersen
    William Petersen   1 months ago

    I prefer this version of Steve Harvey instead of the current "Family Feud / Ask Steve / No Swearing Bitch-Ass" Steve Harvey. He was part of the Original "Kangs" of Comedy Team with Bernie Mac & Cedric The Entertainer. I bet Bernie "If he was alive" would bitch slap his ass to his former self that was see in this video.

  • Tama Doucoure
    Tama Doucoure   1 months ago

    White people want her black joke but not white joke that’s racist

  • MikeDest
    MikeDest   1 months ago

    I worked with a White Willie once that got a police escort out of the office once.