Driving Through Russia Without A Visa: The Saatse Boot

  • Published on: 07 March 2016
  • In the south-east of Estonia, there's 800m of road where you can drive through Russia without a visa. We drove it. BONUS PARK BENCH: We Got Pulled Over By The Estonian Military: https://youtu.be/KCR2kHrr4oA

    This video has a correction: Further research revealed that the camera tower Matt spots is, almost certainly, just a regular cell tower. Or, at least, that's what they want us to think. For all corrections on this channel, see https://www.tomscott.com/corrections/

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  • Tom Scott
    Tom Scott   11 months ago

    This video has a correction: Further research revealed that the camera tower Matt spots is, almost certainly, just a regular cell tower. Or, at least, that's what they want us to think. For all corrections on this channel, see https://www.tomscott.com/corrections/

  • Rev. James C
    Rev. James C   2 days ago

    Why do you have to make a point about Russia's conservative law against the promotion of homosexuality?

  • Mandeep Nickam
    Mandeep Nickam   1 weeks ago

    Don't know how you convinced Larry Page and Sergey Brin to drive across Russia with you.

  • Lynxxsen
    Lynxxsen   2 weeks ago

    I was in Russia without a visa, just depends on where you're from, I'm Swedish so :)

  • Bobspineable
    Bobspineable   2 weeks ago

    Won't it be easier to just give that tiny bit of land over to Estonia

  • Rowan Smith
    Rowan Smith   2 weeks ago

    "we just drove thru a bit of russia without a visa"... then got stopped by Estonian military

  • Eric Stevenson
    Eric Stevenson   4 weeks ago

    It's called boot, even though boots are unnecessary. How ironic!

  • Crazy_Lew 90
    Crazy_Lew 90   1 months ago

    Why do you think the guards would be so angry, there bored and find this crap funny. Russia this russia that russia 🙄 russia... russia......... old british joke. Youd be worse off travelling through brazils forests as a tourist and walking right into a coke farm... or what if you visited west Africa far continent and fancied meeting some real life pirates or.... you could just go to paris shanty towns around 10pm and ask a beggar wheres a mick.. these places youd be worse off than being stopped by a russian police officer (whom by the way are very corrupt) which doesnt particularly help my argument oh well.

  • Stefan E
    Stefan E   1 months ago

    My ultimate goal in life is now to drive through the Saatse Boot blasting You Spin Me Round (Like a Record) and the Village People out of my car at full volume.

  • Teeveepicksures
    Teeveepicksures   1 months ago

    I have a bizarre intense desire to move there and buy a farm. I'd start clearing timber then spend my days trying to launch contraband into Russia via catapult.

  • domkennedy6
    domkennedy6   1 months ago

    The Russian police, stern, stern but fair

  • cmilla111
    cmilla111   1 months ago

    I can just imagine the Russians asking why you’re there.“Oh the three of us just decided to to get in the car and film this little stretch of road. It’s foryoutube.”“Who would watch such mundane things? You British spies think you can fool me?!”

  • Arieh Marks
    Arieh Marks   2 months ago

    I think maybe Tom gets bored easily.

  • Biess
    Biess   2 months ago

    Just drive.

  • NULL
    NULL   2 months ago

    I thought mat was twice in this video, the front guy confused me :D

  • Sam Marsh
    Sam Marsh   2 months ago

    I noticed a slight Russian accent when you entered Russia....

  • Mbadly
    Mbadly   3 months ago

    How does bald and bancrupt do it?

  • Pepsi J
    Pepsi J   3 months ago

    Wow this is so cringey

  • antipoti
    antipoti   3 months ago

    "It is a really really bad idea to mess with Russia at all" 😅

  • Google User
    Google User   3 months ago

    Get a visa then try all that stuff. You won't be arrested as you have a visa :)

  • Whatisreal? Knowtheformula

    Though this is 3 years old, I am a little disappointed in Tom not pointing out the more obvious, human point that it is just another dirt road through a forrest of trees that a bunch of politics makes it okay for one group of people, and not another, to use. It’s stupid and short-sighted. One day, hopefully, everyone will use it and not have to think twice about it.

  • Adi Livshits
    Adi Livshits   4 months ago

    Meanwhile I can enter Russia without a visa and not using this weird land thing

  • Blessing Matadi
    Blessing Matadi   6 months ago

    This is how much ppl are watching this video and want to go thereIIV

  • Mikedeela
    Mikedeela   6 months ago

    If you ever have a question about Russia, the shortest answer is don't screw with them. They say don't stop, then don't freaking stop, or look like you are stopping, or pretend you are stopping, or yell out the window that you are stopping.

  • Warren Wilkins
    Warren Wilkins   7 months ago

    You are dramatizing the difficulty of getting a visa for Russia at least from the US. Fill out the application correctly and honestly. Follow the directions. Nowadays you can get an "invitation" over the internet easily. I usually stay at hotels and they register the passport for you. But give the process plenty of time. There is now a three year visa which works perfectly.

  • tyoma_14
    tyoma_14   7 months ago

    The problem isn't driving into Russia, is driving OUT of Russia

  • 2prize
    2prize   8 months ago

    You guys acting like as soon as you cross the border you gonna get ambushed by bears with rpgs

  • UserName
    UserName   8 months ago

    I'm next episode : We put to much salt in the sandwich.

  • Andro A
    Andro A   8 months ago

    Aren't Finnish people also allowed to use the Saimaa canal without a visa because Russia leases it to Finland?

  • T F
    T F   9 months ago

    Inbetweeners, series 4.