Driving Through Russia Without A Visa: The Saatse Boot

  • Published on: 07 March 2016
  • In the south-east of Estonia, there's 800m of road where you can drive through Russia without a visa. We drove it. BONUS PARK BENCH: We Got Pulled Over By The Estonian Military: https://youtu.be/KCR2kHrr4oA

    This video has a correction: Further research revealed that the camera tower Matt spots is, almost certainly, just a regular cell tower. Or, at least, that's what they want us to think. For all corrections on this channel, see https://www.tomscott.com/corrections/

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  • Tom Scott
    Tom Scott   4 months ago

    This video has a correction: Further research revealed that the camera tower Matt spots is, almost certainly, just a regular cell tower. Or, at least, that's what they want us to think. For all corrections on this channel, see https://www.tomscott.com/corrections/

  • Mikedeela
    Mikedeela   6 days ago

    If you ever have a question about Russia, the shortest answer is don't screw with them. They say don't stop, then don't freaking stop, or look like you are stopping, or pretend you are stopping, or yell out the window that you are stopping.

  • Warren Wilkins
    Warren Wilkins   4 weeks ago

    You are dramatizing the difficulty of getting a visa for Russia at least from the US. Fill out the application correctly and honestly. Follow the directions. Nowadays you can get an "invitation" over the internet easily. I usually stay at hotels and they register the passport for you. But give the process plenty of time. There is now a three year visa which works perfectly.

  • tyoma_14
    tyoma_14   4 weeks ago

    The problem isn't driving into Russia, is driving OUT of Russia

  • 2prize
    2prize   1 months ago

    You guys acting like as soon as you cross the border you gonna get ambushed by bears with rpgs

  • UserName
    UserName   2 months ago

    I'm next episode : We put to much salt in the sandwich.

  • Andro A
    Andro A   2 months ago

    Aren't Finnish people also allowed to use the Saimaa canal without a visa because Russia leases it to Finland?

  • Tkn
    Tkn   2 months ago

    Inbetweeners, series 4.

  • Joel H
    Joel H   2 months ago

    57.8 degrees North. I live in Northern Scotland at the same latitude and it's crazy how much more Artic it is in Estonia.

  • Moritz Wolle
    Moritz Wolle   3 months ago

    What happens in a case of an car accident? :D

  • Aaron Higgins
    Aaron Higgins   3 months ago

    Drive slowly through Russia? GulagBreak down in Russia? GulagPlay village people? Definitely off to the gulag

  • The Teuton King
    The Teuton King   3 months ago

    What if you drive into the boot, all but the driver gets out, and both parties continue as normal?

  • bioLarzen
    bioLarzen   3 months ago

    Haha, it's like the Berlin underground in the communist era that ran under West Berlin - just never stopped at the West-Berlin stops (that used to be in use before WWII) - on which the people of East Berlin could legally cross the East German / West German border without any kind of document or visa - and, also, any chance to exit the metro car of course :)

  • lewisdean22
    lewisdean22   3 months ago

    And yet these rude drunks are allowed to travel the rest of the world.

  • Jay Editz
    Jay Editz   3 months ago

    i doubt they arrest you if you break down

  • Wooden Floor
    Wooden Floor   3 months ago

    It's just weird that you get arrested if your car breaks down.

  • TheTechfo
    TheTechfo   3 months ago

    Is this some joke I'm too Russian to understand?

  • a capitalist
    a capitalist   3 months ago

    To anybody reading this, can you spot any cameras in the boot? I really don’t want to post this to 4chan

  • rocknrolla
    rocknrolla   3 months ago

    Охуеть, Том Скотт был в России.

  • Raskolnikov1989
    Raskolnikov1989   3 months ago

    It's very funny to see you guys shitting your pants, Russians don't bite.

  • LOL Science
    LOL Science   4 months ago

    I can walk, drive through and even live in Russia without a visa!I have a Russian passport!

  • rollcake
    rollcake   4 months ago

    It is weird how Russia is getting more western each day.And somehow, for some reason, North America seems to get less western. Now, i'm not an expert (by any means) but nowdays, most i see from the NA compared to other 'better hald of the world, is that seems most keen on keeping secrets, violence, hiding weapons, ignorant stuff like abortion laws, stupid healthcare systems, racism & just really weird social structre...... Not to mention the religious nuts "over there" & the "i got a right to bear arms!"-nut cases.It's a silly place.*

  • Panya K
    Panya K   5 months ago

    I can enter Russia without a visa cause I am russian

  • Ms. Daniela M. Delyusto

    This was before brexit so you could just go there because you can basically go anywhere in europe

  • I am the Cat Human
    I am the Cat Human   5 months ago

    Wait, so we have to be invited in?Buffy the Vampire Slayer anyone?

  • ZuTu
    ZuTu   6 months ago

    Wow Tom you founded a Bugcool

  • Joshua R
    Joshua R   7 months ago

    0:46 The Inbetweeners drive through Russia (Without Jay)

  • Crimson DE4TH
    Crimson DE4TH   7 months ago

    Hello from a British Russian personПривет от английского русского человека

  • MadJeff62
    MadJeff62   7 months ago

    You can't drive in Russia, Russia drives you

  • Smotan
    Smotan   9 months ago

    I got stuck in Moscow because i didnt have a visa, it was a fun couple of days.I can stay in russia for 30 days without a visa, and i stayed for 33 days.

  • Fedor Cherp
    Fedor Cherp   9 months ago

    Knowing russians the guard probably wasn't even there

  • Pulmig
    Pulmig   9 months ago

    The hardest part is not starving

  • sonicwifi40
    sonicwifi40   10 months ago

    I can drive through any bit of Russia I want! Without a visa! Because I'm Russian citizen

  • jappie jappo
    jappie jappo   10 months ago

    Russians are ridiculously brutal racists they will shoot us immediately if we cross the border in the sea between Hokkaido and Kuril. They do let you go and they dont shoot you because you are whites thats all. We really hate Russia.