• Published on: 04 February 2020
  • 1:15 Chatterbox
    8:17 Sweet dreams
    9:25 Merciless
    11:20 Liberty
    14:43 Diamondback
    15:48 Nemesis
    21:04 Eagle Bearer
    22:20 Pestilence



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  • Runtime : 24:46
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  • NothingButSkillz
    NothingButSkillz   4 months ago

    Don't forget to use the timestamps in the description for each exotics! Leave a like if you enjoyed this video 1:15 Chatterbox 8:17 Sweet dreams 9:25 Merciless 11:20 Liberty 14:43 Diamondback 15:48 Nemesis 21:04 Eagle Bearer 22:20 Pestilence

  • Ian Heath
    Ian Heath   13 hours ago

    Never been in dz, and have had two drops of pestilence. First one I got is the god role.

  • Tasos S.
    Tasos S.   1 days ago

    I have never been in DZ. I got the pestilence during an invaded mission bank headquarters from a black tusk loot box. Just to verify that this weapon might not be a DZ exclusive.

  • Esdez
    Esdez   3 days ago

    do you need to be at maxed level to get those items?

  • Emiliano Lozano
    Emiliano Lozano   3 days ago

    Can you get the merciless to drop on Jefferson trade center before you beat the capitol?

  • 70xr7Cougar
    70xr7Cougar   3 days ago

    Do you need to be tier 5 before these weapons are available ( such as the merciless?)

  • The Zuera
    The Zuera   3 days ago

    INCREDIBLE!I had to deconstruct my exotic weapons after the season 2 was released. So I decided to start the hunt for the level 40 exotics by the Chatterbox. Can you believe I found the 3 parts I needed EXACTLY at the same places you showed on the video? LOL

  • DeAgleGamer
    DeAgleGamer   4 days ago

    can you get a single exotic weapon multiple times?example: can you get like 3 chatterboxes and 5 merciless?Me as the level 15 player who wants exotic weapons

  • Jared Garcia
    Jared Garcia   5 days ago

    The very first time I got pestilence was from a random group of outcasts outside of the western stronghold. It was random.

  • sadmir sado
    sadmir sado   1 weeks ago

    friend my friend ke got nemesis sniper whole in bank hedwvaters i am a witness because i played with him

  • Alan Bundy
    Alan Bundy   1 weeks ago

    I got the pestilence in open world , not dz.

  • Alan Bundy
    Alan Bundy   1 weeks ago

    Thanks for your vids, they help a lot.👍🏻

  • jakeel newbin
    jakeel newbin   1 weeks ago

    There isn't nearly enough likes on this video for how helpful it is.

  • Coach
    Coach   1 weeks ago

    For the chatterBox how do you get to the third box

  • Indi Vids
    Indi Vids   1 weeks ago

    chatterbox worked like a charm. thanks

  • sadmir sado
    sadmir sado   1 weeks ago

    i have all the parts for sniper nemesis i have no blueprint

  • Abdullah Alhosani
    Abdullah Alhosani   1 weeks ago

    Can you help me plz ? Already I took one of material exotic weapon hyenas key box .. my question is ... Is box retrun back to find parts for carfting weapon??

  • Captain Chaos
    Captain Chaos   1 weeks ago

    There is a exotic kriss vector that is missing.

  • ArtificialMacaroni41
    ArtificialMacaroni41   1 weeks ago

    For the Chatterbox, doing hyena bounties is also a good way to get keys.

  • Erik Mendoza
    Erik Mendoza   1 weeks ago

    lmg exotic this guy was dropping these random items and I picked it up and I got so pumped

  • mark johno
    mark johno   2 weeks ago

    Been to loads of boxs nothing in them ????

  • mark johno
    mark johno   2 weeks ago

    Went the 1st box it has a padlock on it ??

  • Kevin
    Kevin   2 weeks ago

    Guys I kinda need help, I have a question what if I acquired some of these exotics in lvl 30 (500) then I go to NYC? If I deconstruct them will it drop its blueprint or I have to refarm it again? Thanks in advance!

  • Mk Ultra
    Mk Ultra   2 weeks ago

    Thank you so much my dude. I never thought I’d get an exotic, but I followed your instructions and boom- Chatterbox in less than 30 minutes. Subbed.

  • junior JK
    junior JK   2 weeks ago

    Do u have to be a high level to do this

  • Alberto Ramos
    Alberto Ramos   2 weeks ago

    I have a question for the chatterbox farming. Do i have to wait for another 24 hours after i Opened any of the hyena box, or its only after i found one of the exo components? Cheers bro :)

  • TE5LA
    TE5LA   2 weeks ago

    Do you have to be level 30 to get these?

  • CreepyOldMan134
    CreepyOldMan134   2 weeks ago

    When I kill the boss underground in the Civic Center to retrieve the key to unlock the door to get the SHD tech, the key does not drop. Anyone know why? Is it broken? It's been doing it for two days straight on all global difficulties and I have been doing it properly. Hit me up, thnx.

  • Scott Farrand
    Scott Farrand   2 weeks ago

    I had the pestilence drop on the Tanker Mission on challenging - and I didn't have one before that.Also, I've had Merciless drop on two different bosses (on the same run) while running the Union District Arena on Heroic - the first drop was in the mall area, and I'd never had the merciless exotic prior to that run.

  • Simon Said
    Simon Said   2 weeks ago

    I tried to get merciless but it gives me another exotic armor. When I replay, she didnt drop exotic loot

  • Catherine Bye
    Catherine Bye   2 weeks ago

    My friend reckons you cant get any exotics after you go on to invaded. Is that right?? Am fairly new to all this. Have only been playing a couple of weeks. Am currently on World Tier 3.

  • Matt Maksymowicz
    Matt Maksymowicz   2 weeks ago

    Sweet man thanks for this video...I found my pestilence at Wall street mission 1st Diamondback in territory with outcast Sweet dreams I had last night from rouge agents in DC.Thanks for a content budd.