Jonas Brothers - Sucker (Live From Saturday Night Live / 2019)

  • Published on: 12 May 2019
  • Sucker (Live From Saturday Night Live / 2019)

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  • Runtime : 3:14
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  • Jiwon Leem
    Jiwon Leem   3 weeks ago

    I think it’s when he was young

  • Emily Luther
    Emily Luther   1 months ago

    Hey guys! Harry Styles called he wants the outfits back! 🤣

  • beth hull
    beth hull   1 months ago

    My favorite part, "you're my medicine and my pain my tattoo inside my brain..." women make men feel great, then grief-stricken and we are always on their minds.

  • jacktwist
    jacktwist   1 months ago

    If Joe and Nick weren't brothers, would make such a nice couple...

  • candace mcculley
    candace mcculley   1 months ago

    lol feeling left out u guys know all there names and idk any

  • shelley babydriver
    shelley babydriver   1 months ago

    Nicks voice live is unstoppable,,, sounds exactly the same as the recorded version...unreal!!!

  • Rosary Trillo
    Rosary Trillo   1 months ago

    los amo, los amo, los amo, los amo y los amooooooooo!!!!!

  • joon landicho
    joon landicho   1 months ago

    im so proud to jonas brothers.. they full of happiness..

  • joon landicho
    joon landicho   1 months ago

    im so proud to jonas brothers.. they full of happiness..

  • trainhopperz
    trainhopperz   1 months ago

    I don't listen to much pop, but these guys have a fun sound!

  • Sakura Uchiha
    Sakura Uchiha   1 months ago

    Jaja q chafas esto pasa cuando usan tantas cosas para alterar sus voces. En vivo son desepcionantes

  • Shevandy 55
    Shevandy 55   2 months ago

    Were they really playing their instruments? It looked like the real musicians were in the back...

  • SK MisTeriOSa
    SK MisTeriOSa   2 months ago

    I've noticed 2 things in JB performances Joe loves hugging Nick looks like back in 2010's teenager without his three day's stubble . I love Jonas Brothers!!!

  • Emma flannery
    Emma flannery   2 months ago

    Best come back song ever #love the Jonas brothers

  • Rosanna Pragg
    Rosanna Pragg   2 months ago

    Nick is so hott💋💋💋👅👅🎆🎆📞📞📞hit me up at❓❓❓🇹🇹🇹🇹🇹🇹

  • Áine Ella
    Áine Ella   2 months ago

    Kevin is so happy and that’s what gives me life ❤️❤️❤️

  • Eline Wongso
    Eline Wongso   2 months ago

    Isn't that drummer the drummer of DNCE?

    SHEVINE Fan   2 months ago

    Mieke Debloois Loves This Song From Jonas Brothers "Sucker" ! And I Want to Meet you Guys So Badly. Will You Guys Sign My CD'S

  • Dan Klug
    Dan Klug   2 months ago

    First time I heard this song I thought what’s so great about it. Now I’m humming it all day. Nicely crafted.

  • I Tweaks Gaming
    I Tweaks Gaming   2 months ago

    0:29 Kevin starts to sing then suddenly stops cause he realises he isn't supposed to lol his reaction gets me everytime

  • Samaa Zaki
    Samaa Zaki   2 months ago

    Love them I have poster in my room if you Jonas Bothers

  • Mieke Jonas
    Mieke Jonas   2 months ago

    I'm A Joe Girl ! And Joe Jonas Vocals Are So crystal clear When He's Sings So Good