x3 Gingerbread House Challenge (10,500+ calories)

  • Published on: 22 December 2018
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    Merry Christmas!! Bringing this years holiday theme'd challenge with a pretty massive challenge. 6lbs & over 10,000 calories of Gingerbread Houses!!
    Honestly one of the hardest ends to a challenge I've had in a long time...

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  • Runtime : 11:34
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  • Crystal Lau
    Crystal Lau   2 days ago

    Why not taking some time to appreciate his work on those pretty houses?

  • Kenneth Salyers
    Kenneth Salyers   5 days ago

    you could see something in your face like this gingerbread sucks

  • The Memest
    The Memest   1 weeks ago

    Well he just did the 10 000 calories challenge

  • Anchit Chakrabarti
    Anchit Chakrabarti   2 weeks ago

    Santa Claus: Ho Ho what do you want for this Christmas kiddo?Me: I want money like Jeff BezosStrength like Brian ShawStomach like Matt StoniePubg account like Fatal FragSanta Claus: Nikal laure peheli fursat me nikal

  • T. Harris
    T. Harris   2 weeks ago

    His teeth have left the chat.

  • John Horning
    John Horning   2 weeks ago

    Damn, stop... just STOP!! Here we go again... another made-up challenge served to feed his EGO. Eating 3 houses!? How about eating 3 COCKS you lousy hump. You could always put icing and candy on them to make it taste sweeter... but then I'm sure you're aware how sweet man meat already is. Chestnut wouldn't be caught dead doing this, so stick to something you're good at... eating man-pipe!!#Cockitswhatsfordinner!!

  • Christe
    Christe   3 weeks ago

    Shrek’s gonna look at gingerbread mans differently

  • Christe
    Christe   3 weeks ago

    Matt Stonie arrives:Food: It’s him again

  • Rose Thorn
    Rose Thorn   3 weeks ago

    Ah yes, edible cardboard, my favorite. 😂😂💜💜🌹🌹

  • Scope X
    Scope X   3 weeks ago

    Me trying to peak to see who picked me in heads downthumps up 5:12

  • Scope X
    Scope X   3 weeks ago

    Me: this shouldnt be so hard lime come onAlso me: seeing stonie struggle. Ok it might be harder then i thought

  • Fritz Hu
    Fritz Hu   3 weeks ago

    Coronavirus 20/20 anybody

  • Benjamin Drew
    Benjamin Drew   3 weeks ago

    It saddens me whenever he doesn't like the food.

  • Nosotros Flores
    Nosotros Flores   1 months ago

    Gingerbread : do you know the muffin man ? The muffin man ?! Muffin man: Matt Stonie

  • Ninja Says
    Ninja Says   1 months ago

    (Intestines) has left the chat.

  • NawidNotFound
    NawidNotFound   1 months ago

    matt:spends two hours making the gingerbread housesalso matt:destroying it with a hammer on a glass table

  • Freak Nasty
    Freak Nasty   1 months ago

    There you go complaining again you fucking cry baby lmao your weak

  • Christa Todd
    Christa Todd   1 months ago

    How about Matt eats a pound of straight icing?

  • Duy Le
    Duy Le   1 months ago

    How does he not have diabetes

  • Devin Lei
    Devin Lei   1 months ago

    Matt stonie: builds gingerbread houseCandy people:UGH HAPPENS EVERY YEAR HE DONT EVEN LIKE USMatt stonie:What’s up guys! Today we will be eating gingerbread houses!

  • Andrea Jasyl
    Andrea Jasyl   1 months ago

    7:45 I wonder what he was going through, like what feeling was preventing him to swallow

  • jelani awes
    jelani awes   1 months ago

    Matthew stonie the man with a black hole in his stomach.

    SWEATYBOI 100   1 months ago

    Brush I have the same birthday as Matt stonie May24th

  • Edwin Ornelas
    Edwin Ornelas   2 months ago

    Bruh, when I eat those, my teeth literally hurt so bad. It is rather matt has really hard teeth or that Walmart gingerbread houses are little pieces of shiiiiiiiiiiiiii. Please stand by, ( music plays)

  • Syeda Maha Javed
    Syeda Maha Javed   2 months ago

    He's not afarid of diabetes. But diabetes must be afraid of Matt Stonie

  • KAL3VI5
    KAL3VI5   2 months ago

    eks osaa nyyppäisy