RAD - Launch Trailer - Nintendo Switch

  • Published on: 19 August 2019
  • Rise and be remade to win! You are the chosen one, now it’s time to begin. Who among you will make this sacrifice?

    RAD comes Nintendo Switch on August 20th.

    Pre-Order your copy today: https://bit.ly/2Mq3ZXl

    #RAD #NintendoSwitch

    Learn More About RAD! https://bit.ly/33CUM3c

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  • Runtime : 2:22
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  • Takimeko and his Random Channal

    Legit I randomly stumbled onto this game on the PS4, and I saw the trailer and thought it looked cool, so I went and checked the Eshop to see if it was on Switch, and as soon as I heard this song I was convinced I must get it on Switch.

  • deftones 456
    deftones 456   4 months ago

    The gameplay graphics look really cool... Though im seeing a lot of comments saying the graphics suck on the switch version..and that the PC version is the way to go... Whatever style they portray in this video looks awesome though

  • Jonathan N.
    Jonathan N.   5 months ago

    I cant' see Double Fine without Jack Black screaming it in my head lol

  • pedro A.P
    pedro A.P   5 months ago

    I want RAD kid to be in smash bros nowSoo mutch pontecial of a moveset

  • Tsuki:3
    Tsuki:3   5 months ago

    I want that resolution.

  • Big Tomato
    Big Tomato   5 months ago

    Okay, this game looks seriously rad

  • Lord Enzo
    Lord Enzo   5 months ago

    Well that's what I call a nice looking indie game

  • Darkozl
    Darkozl   5 months ago

    Noooooo, I thought it was a reboot of Robot Alchemic Drive :(

  • Innertuber40
    Innertuber40   5 months ago

    Don't get this!Look, I love Nintendo, and I do everything I can to support them, but the Switch version looks TERRIBLE. It's embarrassing, really.Get the PC version, of you really want this game. That, or wait and hope Bandai-Namco fixes the graphics.

  • Conqfan ForHonor
    Conqfan ForHonor   6 months ago

    The song is the reason I’ve downloaded the game hahaha

  • FaZe_Swift
    FaZe_Swift   6 months ago

    Nintendo cmon just put super mario 3d wolrd for the switcch

  • Marrionne Neri
    Marrionne Neri   6 months ago

    The graphics on switch dosnt look like what the trailer shows, its ugly. Its blurred and poorly optimized. Smh

  • Happymonday
    Happymonday   6 months ago

    The 80s vibes radiating off this song is making my ears dance.

  • Gishinlok: Placer of cups upon edges

    Chair physics are a bit wonky. If you jump on one at just the right angle you can almost clear an entire chasm from a sudden boost in speed.

  • Tombstoner
    Tombstoner   6 months ago

    How quickly Doublefine went from making me excited, to making my eyes roll

  • D Prototype
    D Prototype   6 months ago

    Looking forward to the inevitable Nitro Rad review.

  • Bernadetta von Varley
    Bernadetta von Varley   6 months ago

    I've played the Switch version today and the graphic at this point is absolutely atrocious with lots of blur and artifacting. It looks like a DS or PSP-game at this point. I hope the developers are going to patch it, because looking at graphically similar titles as Bastion or Hob the game shouldn't look this much worse then the other versions.

  • the5shieldagents
    the5shieldagents   6 months ago

    mii mii mii mii mii mii mii mii mii mii mii mii mii mii mii mii mii mii

  • John Ibarzabal
    John Ibarzabal   6 months ago

    I would buy the game only based on the music, it is awsome hehe

  • Loy Turns
    Loy Turns   6 months ago

    The 80s never died, they just...mutated.

  • Cade Billingsley
    Cade Billingsley   6 months ago

    The main character in the beginning looked like Bonnie from Toy Story

  • SexiTRfan
    SexiTRfan   6 months ago

    I shall download this today... 😊