49ers vs. Saints Week 14 Highlights | NFL 2019

  • Published on: 08 December 2019
  • The San Francisco 49ers take on the New Orleans Saints during Week 14 of the 2019 NFL season.

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  • Runtime : 14:15
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  • vudujl83
    vudujl83   1 weeks ago

    rematch is already set for the 2020 season

  • Greg Homan
    Greg Homan   1 weeks ago

    Smart play by SF #33 on the fake punt. In a punt formation, gunners can be interfered with even when a pass is thrown. That was why there weren't any flags.

  • MrSuperFly87
    MrSuperFly87   1 weeks ago

    Is anyone watching after finding out these two teams have to play again in 2020? Oml I don’t want another emotional roller coaster game like this😦

  • Michael Morin
    Michael Morin   1 weeks ago

    This was probably the one of the greatest games over ever seen in my life this to me was game of the year

  • Ashton A
    Ashton A   2 weeks ago

    As a saints fan I’m happy because I thought we where gonna get blown out

  • Rhezii
    Rhezii   2 weeks ago

    I feel so bad for the saints they get snubbed all the time and never get flags for the things they should like that 4th and 18 pass from tats on hill that was the most blatant pass interference I’ve ever seen

  • chad rashall
    chad rashall   2 weeks ago

    Saints beat theirself, and that BS play on the fake punt,hell they just said its OK to hold, pass interference on Defense, so WTH is the purpose to even try a fake punt if you can grab the Offensive Player ,hold him, etc, cause that was pass interference the NFL is turning closer into the WWE everyday , NFL entertainment , just what the WWE , s logo is Entertainment

  • Jeffy D
    Jeffy D   2 weeks ago

    Is it just me or does it look like Taysom Hill straight up slugged a dude at 8:20

  • Jay 7
    Jay 7   2 weeks ago

    can't wait for the rematch next season ⚜️

  • Jay C
    Jay C   2 weeks ago

    Wow, I forgot about how screwed the Saints were by the refs in this one.

  • Strawberry Jan
    Strawberry Jan   2 weeks ago

    am i the only one that noticed the camera man get dropped at 6:10?

  • Jiro An!mates AnEthing

    I didn't mind that we lose. I mean, THAT WAS A GOOD GAME MAN HOW COULD YOU GET MAD

  • Rayzor
    Rayzor   3 weeks ago

    This was my favorite game this season

  • ushan arif
    ushan arif   3 weeks ago

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  • TMT 1
    TMT 1   3 weeks ago

    This is the Jimmy G and Sanders we want to see against KC this is the ability him and his team have to air it when they have to!

  • TMT 1
    TMT 1   3 weeks ago

    Probably the best game of the year! Reminds me of last years Rams vs Chiefs ketchup vs mustard game!

  • TMT 1
    TMT 1   3 weeks ago

    If that fake punt had a flag good chance the Saints get a bye and don’t get eliminated by the Vikings... again!

  • TMT 1
    TMT 1   3 weeks ago

    This shoulda been the game to go to the Bowl! For whatever reason Saints are choke artists in the playoff weather it’s bad calls or Breese fumbling or throwing picks in key moments late they just can’t get it done and have a championship team! Brady Breese and Rodgers are all chasing time and Breese by far has had the most weapons.

  • Y a
    Y a   3 weeks ago

    Game . Of the year

  • Scott Peterson
    Scott Peterson   3 weeks ago

    Cooper Kupp and George Kittle are the legal parents of the New Orleans Saints' secondary

  • Antonio Porras
    Antonio Porras   3 weeks ago

    Best game that I watched all year. And the 49ers are wearing these same uniforms in the Super Bowl. Not superstitious, just saying.

  • dany villon
    dany villon   3 weeks ago

    best game of the season by a long shot man! Both teams were amazing

  • BoyMom72
    BoyMom72   3 weeks ago

    Let’s face it,the saints are better than 49ers.

  • James Pappas
    James Pappas   3 weeks ago

    Got to be one of the best games of the year.

  • Spence
    Spence   3 weeks ago

    this has to be the dopest play of the season, no? jesus christ.

  • TilerP
    TilerP   3 weeks ago

    I know there’s a lot of niners fans in the comments but I mean come on there’s so many mis calls by the referee’s for the niners

  • Richie V.
    Richie V.   3 weeks ago

    I think everybody became a kittle fan on that play, even saints fans.