FISHING Using Coca Cola and Mentos to Catch Fish

  • Published on: 28 March 2020
  • FISHING using Coca Cola and Mentos to Catch Fish! Today we're looking at a cool fishing experiment involving coke, mentos, and eggs! Leave a Like if you enjoyed! Watch People who got lucky with food Subscribe to join the Wolf Pack and enable notifications!

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  • Runtime : 10:7
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  • Clare Midson
    Clare Midson   1 hours ago

    So when ever there is dirty water their is a BLOODY FISH!!!!!,🐠🐡🐟or snake🐍🐍or crocodiles/alligators🐊🐊🐊🐊🐊

  • Jillian Scott
    Jillian Scott   1 hours ago

    Nobody. Man pours Coke in the hole with Mentos a whole chicken comes out

  • Ld Fish
    Ld Fish   2 hours ago

    Some of the cat fish with babies

  • CydDaKyd
    CydDaKyd   3 hours ago

    There are water bubble underground

  • SVK Switchback
    SVK Switchback   4 hours ago

    In parts of Asia, catfish and eels naturally live in hopes around rice patties and streams

  • Rose Cardin
    Rose Cardin   4 hours ago

    3:54- u best believe in not putting my hands down in a hole, he don’t know what can come out.

  • Hannah Balsmeier
    Hannah Balsmeier   4 hours ago

    Sniperwolf: That’s why you got so many pockets for, just plop em in!Me:🤣

  • Amaris Ng
    Amaris Ng   5 hours ago

    I'm pretty sure he put these animals in the holes before he started filming... There's no way there are THAT MANY animals coming out... 😬😭😡

  • 3 kids gaming
    3 kids gaming   5 hours ago

    Can you please try this to see if it actually works

  • Brenda Wall
    Brenda Wall   6 hours ago

    animals were made for food also they do live in wholes

  • lleafoLyrics
    lleafoLyrics   7 hours ago

    Wheres this dudes adress ima take a 500,000 bottles of coke and fill his whole house up. periodt

  • Denise Santiago
    Denise Santiago   9 hours ago

    Sssniperwolf:I be living ina turkey for a homeMe:i be living a gym to workout

  • Sophia Stone
    Sophia Stone   10 hours ago

    Tbh you know the holes are natural that actually connect to a river so the rest of the hooman drinks go in rivers that lead to the ocean so this will spread FAST

  • XxxAllisa CutexxX
    XxxAllisa CutexxX   11 hours ago


  • Deadly Pup
    Deadly Pup   11 hours ago

    Animals: Im gonna live in peace at this hole no one can find me hereRandom dood: :0 a hole lemme pour cola and put mentos in it then record it to get richAnimals: *Just trying to escape but non of them biting or attacking•Me: Waiting for at least one animal to attackWhen they still dont attackMe again: Yeets tablet out window

  • Freya Dickins
    Freya Dickins   11 hours ago

    U should try it on ur YouTube channel little lia

  • X_creepygirl_X
    X_creepygirl_X   18 hours ago

    The poor animals :( forced to make this man go viral, so selfish >:(

  • Bira Summer
    Bira Summer   20 hours ago

    The oast thing that he caught I was like: BRUH IS THAT A HUGE PEICE OF DOOKY

  • Bira Summer
    Bira Summer   20 hours ago

    You got me weak off them "chickities" XD

  • Forrest Li
    Forrest Li   21 hours ago

    Plz dont make this person viral instead plz report this people who were entertained by this is disgusting.

  • Nak bear Playz
    Nak bear Playz   1 days ago

    Some animals actually do live in the ground and some fish can live out of water for at least a year for example catfish and the snake head fish this fish hibernate in holes and only come out when disturbed or when they need air or when it’s mating season so these videos aren’t trying to trick you they are real.

  • Sookie the Potato cat

    I think the animals just don’t like the food so they try to get away from it

  • Norah Veverka
    Norah Veverka   1 days ago

    Those poor animals! Animals have feelings like humans you wouldn’t like it if someone did this to you! Animals humans they’re not so different so why bother them!? For a dumb YouTube video!? That’s just mean to animals! That dessert one I got so mad cause there’s not many shady spots in desserts! DONT EVER TRY THIS!

  • Kaydence King
    Kaydence King   1 days ago

    Yah there's no problem cause like fish they can breathe water and Coca-Cola and don't forget the fresh eggs

  • Shaun Brady
    Shaun Brady   1 days ago

    When ever the animals come out I jumped

  • Ashlynn McGinity
    Ashlynn McGinity   1 days ago

    Fact : It’s not bait. They run out of the holes because they’re flooding. I heard that it burn some animals too.