When Celebrities Lose Their Cool!

  • Published on: 14 June 2019
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  • Runtime : 13:37
  • foeko taylor swift nicki minaj cardi b ariana grande try not to laugh family friendly clean shawn mendes celebrities funny moments awkward moments fails singers justin bieber kim kardashian interview comedy love ellen show kardashians challenge moments most challenge impossible


  • Foeko
    Foeko   7 months ago

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  • emirac ozar
    emirac ozar   17 minuts ago

    Watched till the end that girl that said no to Justin , cause he left haha " Shawn Mendes

  • kenya gang
    kenya gang   2 hours ago

    I watch till the end but i think you wont see this so i dont know why im doing this cause i know i wont win

  • Keira Rose
    Keira Rose   3 hours ago

    Watched the entire video, liked and subscribed, I’ve been watching for 2 years, love your channel!❤️

  • Eva Ridenour
    Eva Ridenour   8 hours ago

    Cardi B wasn’t losing her cool, she was being herself 😂 🤣 😆

  • R. Jo
    R. Jo   9 hours ago

    What’s the music at 6:46? Anyone?

  • Anisia Rucareanu
    Anisia Rucareanu   10 hours ago

    Shawn Mendes... Honestly, the way these people are treated makes me sick. If it was me, I'd hate it, and so would any other decent human being on the planet

  • Kimberlie Chaw
    Kimberlie Chaw   10 hours ago

    Shawn mendesI need the phone! I'm using an old model phone now plssss 😢

  • Jho Fran
    Jho Fran   10 hours ago

    Im done i never win too

  • Ainara
    Ainara   11 hours ago

    Rihanna ariana and taylor didn’t lose their cool, the questionsand comments were just disgusting, and either selena.

  • Ameliana Goins
    Ameliana Goins   13 hours ago

    Shawn Mendes .I really want to win. I have never one before

  • Kyle Young
    Kyle Young   15 hours ago

    Done! iv never won! but no chance!

  • Raven Cake
    Raven Cake   19 hours ago

    Robert didn’t lose his cool he just walked off

  • Marie Pentney
    Marie Pentney   23 hours ago

    If you become rich and famous,expect the worst

  • Rony 2 Tugojow
    Rony 2 Tugojow   1 days ago

    wtf get Ariana to this video she doesn't lose her cool she's normal. U are idiot Foeko!