How Aerys II became the Mad King (Game of Thrones)

  • Published on: 13 April 2019
  • How Aerys Targaryen II became the Mad King in
    Game of Thrones / A Song of Ice and Fire

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    Thumbnail art by - Jennifer Drummond
    Wildfire art by -
    House Lannister art by -
    Jaime & Cersei art by -
    Young Tywin, Aerys, Steffon art by - Lumbrineris
    Rhaegar Targaryen art by - Felicia Cano
    Targaryen madness art by -
  • Runtime : 15:51
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  • Chive Chan
    Chive Chan   1 months ago

    Does this mean Aunt Margaret isn't coming?

  • TheModer8ter
    TheModer8ter   1 months ago

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  • One Life Man
    One Life Man   1 months ago

    If that's how Aerys II looked when he was 32, I'd hate to think how Daenerys would look if she made it to the same age.

  • moonlight bae
    moonlight bae   1 months ago

    where's daenerys? wasn't she his daughter??

  • Sean Weir
    Sean Weir   2 months ago

    Your history is wrong. Aerys II Targaryen's father was Aegon V Targaryen aka Egg.

  • Notorious1503
    Notorious1503   2 months ago

    Where u get that dope drawing of the mad king

  • AMellon Keller
    AMellon Keller   2 months ago

    Thank u for ur videos! After season 8, I was so upset but after watching ur video, it reminded me I still have the book coming out!

  • Lilia Ireland
    Lilia Ireland   2 months ago

    this guy sounds like Zuko from Avatar the last Airbender

  • Neel Waghmare
    Neel Waghmare   2 months ago

    I learned things I didn't understand. Like why Aerys wanted Tywin's head and how Robert got to marry cersei

  • Iam Dany
    Iam Dany   2 months ago

    3:21 bruh Sansa is a fucking targaryen !! XD

  • sibirski plavatz
    sibirski plavatz   2 months ago

    0:30 they believe in old and new gods but my dudes Mad King was born after Christ

  • いきすちそ
    いきすちそ   3 months ago

    So who’s Jaehaery’s II parents?In fact, who was the first ever Targaryen?

  • Nafi Ssa
    Nafi Ssa   3 months ago

    This could be q really good movie

  • Christian Flores
    Christian Flores   3 months ago

    Aerys Targeryen is the Walter White of GOT minus the intellectual part.

  • Sizifus
    Sizifus   3 months ago

    Aerys II: became the Mad King in the last years of his reign as paranoia, distrust and his shortcomings slowly eroded his confidence and sanity through the years.Daeneyrs: *won the fight against Cersei and took over the King's Landing* "Guess I'll snap now"

  • Nina Bean
    Nina Bean   3 months ago

    How does all that come from one mind?? GRRM is a genius

  • Lola Dimmedong
    Lola Dimmedong   3 months ago

    Rheagar went out of his way to not mate with a family member and then his sister fucks his son

  • Paradigm Journey
    Paradigm Journey   3 months ago

    [SPOILER ALERT] Thank you, whycreate! You solved something that puzzled me greatly; when someone decided to rain down fire from a dragon, all over a walled city, I noticed small green blooms that seemed to erupt from all over different spots in the city. Yet I thought most if not all the wildfire (sp?) had been used in a certain 'battle of the bay' (where Tyrion led the charge & was injured). 14:28 explained it all to me. Bless you, thank you for this wonderful video!!! Great work, thanks!

  • dummy
    dummy   3 months ago

    there is a reason he is called aerys ARIES people are mad and their element is fire :)

  • Hell Bell
    Hell Bell   3 months ago

    Twyin Lannister was a fascinating man

  • Gen Me
    Gen Me   3 months ago

    am I the only one who cant understand a word this guys saying?

  • 7MGTESupraTurboA
    7MGTESupraTurboA   3 months ago

    Have you ever considered the possibility that there was a grand conspiracy to remove the Targaryens and Dragon Lords and Dragons from Westeros so that the Lannisters via the Barathiens would be able to rule and take over Westeros?Because if you re=watch the television series despite how crappy it is, it is telling you the story from the Lannister perspective while we are somewhat deceived into thinking we are also watching Daenerys or even the Starks perspective... to the point that people or the audience start to sympathize with Jaimie and Cercei as well as Tyrion and his father despite all the massacres and evil acts that the Lannisters call shots on or indirectly and directly call to happen.Plus you had Jaimie's father invading King's Landing, Jaimie "pleading" to the "Mad King" to surrender and then stabs him in the back with a sword... this alone is high treason in a coup via infiltration and betrayals

  • Chenggong Lee
    Chenggong Lee   3 months ago

    He went mad because Bran went to the past and warges into Aerys making him see the future of westeros fall to the night king so he then started to shout.. “burn them all”

  • Spit Turd
    Spit Turd   3 months ago

    What book do you get this information from awesome video btw

  • Melisandre
    Melisandre   3 months ago

    oh Aerys, maybe I should give you one of my necklaces and help take a few years off you...

  • Sophia Wilson
    Sophia Wilson   3 months ago

    Inbreeding is right in books Jaeherys Targaryen and his sister marry they had two children Aerys and Rhaella. Jaeherys Targaryen father Aegon the VI marry a Blackwood. I believe that Rhaegar Targaryen is the father of Dany and that Rhaegar father was Knight Bonifer Hasty.

  • Gareth Knipe
    Gareth Knipe   3 months ago

    15 minutes to detail Aerys' descent into becoming the Mad King. That's a character arc with all the motivation spread over years as he became increasingly paranoid and unstable. The same video for Daenerys would take about a minute: Grows up in exile. Brother is mean. Arranged marriage. Gifted dragons. Roams Essos liberating the downtrodden. Everyone loves her. Heads to Westeros. Gets destracted by Ice zombies and banging her nephew. Loses 2 dragons and some allies. Thinks 'fuck it, I'm mad queen now.' Burns the downtrodden, becomes queen of the ashes and wonders why nobody loves her anymore.

  • tHeWasTeDYouTh
    tHeWasTeDYouTh   3 months ago

    Varys was right, Rhaegar was indeed planning fuck everything up and get them all killed in a war that started because of him