Try To Eat in 1 Second Challenge (Competitive Eating)

  • Published on: 25 July 2019
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    Try To Eat in 1 Second Challenge (Competitive Eating)
  • Runtime : 13:18
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    REACT   10 months ago

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  • AnonymousAssasin
    AnonymousAssasin   2 days ago

    "That's So many f*****g wings that's the whole cast of chicken run"-Eric 2019I laughed so fricking hard😂

  • phong lam
    phong lam   5 days ago

    The egg is much better because the raw egg thing in the video is really healthy

  • Nipp_ Draws
    Nipp_ Draws   1 weeks ago

    Bring me to this challenge I'll wipe that egg out

  • PumpkinBerryPie
    PumpkinBerryPie   1 weeks ago

    This is honestly sad. Maybe it's the household I grew up in but honestly 1 minute to eat isn't that hard. When you want seconds you have to stuff your face in before someone else can get it. And you enjoy the seconds more than the first.

  • Y&R girls
    Y&R girls   1 weeks ago

    Them:eat egg with 2 bites Me:eats the egg in 1 bite

  • Anonymous
    Anonymous   1 weeks ago

    Bruh come on I can do a wing in like 7 seconds

  • Uncharted Zelo
    Uncharted Zelo   1 weeks ago

    I died when he said “you could fly with those” “that’s the whole cast of chicken run”

  • Boss Gee Gaming
    Boss Gee Gaming   2 weeks ago

    Italian spaghetti are kinda hard to swallow that's why.Filipino spaghetti is much more appetizing reason why it's much easier than italian spaghetti.

  • Mireia Requena ruiZ
    Mireia Requena ruiZ   2 weeks ago

    Ninguno se esfuerza de verdad en intentar hacerlo bien xd a ver si cambian de gente y busca gente que esté realmente interesada porque vamosss

  • Khyla D
    Khyla D   2 weeks ago

    The egg one 🤢🤮

  • AROKUMi_
    AROKUMi_   2 weeks ago

    why these people so slow tho

  • ZF Morgz
    ZF Morgz   2 weeks ago

    If they didnt talk so much maybe they could eat quicker lol

  • billie fan
    billie fan   3 weeks ago

    👍 👎 62k ↔ 1,6k Should that be?

  • Jesse Leos
    Jesse Leos   3 weeks ago

    Y’all are weenies lol. Pickles are AMAZING.

  • Mateo Guevara
    Mateo Guevara   3 weeks ago

    That guy that drank raw eggs can get salmonella

    GAMINGLAK   3 weeks ago

    If I was in that show I will throw the pickle from my face

  • tigerlynn
    tigerlynn   3 weeks ago

    The disrespect to the pickle 🙄🙄🙄 I can down hot pickles like nothing.

  • -__-
    -__-   4 weeks ago

    You all suck🤦🏾‍♂️

  • Howie Tse
    Howie Tse   4 weeks ago

    i cant stand this alberto dude he has no clue how to eat

  • Souvlaki Wikipedia
    Souvlaki Wikipedia   4 weeks ago

    Either i eat way too fast to the point it's unhealthy or these people are really slow eaters

  • SuGa 7
    SuGa 7   4 weeks ago

    i couldve ate everything under a minute besides the pickle.

  • Sunny Bunny
    Sunny Bunny   1 months ago

    But they didn’t give them water when in the competitions they had water

  • Turner Lott
    Turner Lott   1 months ago

    The only ones Matt stonie didn’t win were the ones he wasn’t in

  • Adrianna Lopez
    Adrianna Lopez   1 months ago

    Sad day for Sabrina to wear a white shirt while eating spaghetti smh