Is Liquid Nails as good as Loctite? Let's find out! Construction Adhesive Episode 2

  • Published on: 15 July 2019
  • Liquid nails as good as Loctite? Which construction adhesive is best (part 2)? A total of 10 construction adhesives tested in 2 videos. This video: Liquid Nails Heavy Duty, Liquid Nails Fuze It, Loctite PL 8X, Loctite PL 3X, and DAP Dyna Grip. Previous Episode: Flex Seal, Gorilla, 3M 5200, F-26, and Red Devil (not designed for continuous water exposure) and JB Weld tested in 2 out of 4 events. Unsponsored content 100% of the time to ensure unbiased testing to help consumers select the best products, saving them time and money! Thank you VERY much for all the video ideas you all suggest, including this one and thanks for all of the positive comments as well!

    Part 1 of the series:

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  • Runtime : 12:21
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  • Crazy Russian Bot
    Crazy Russian Bot   12 hours ago

    watching you test things is like watching an exciting race, lol.

  • Zeroth0x
    Zeroth0x   1 days ago

    Great work! Very nice to see the summarised charts at the end. An idea would be to help compare adhesion across different materials would be to calculate the force per area, eg 400lbs on a 2"*4" on wood would be 50lb/sqin and repeat for other materials, plastic 50lbs on a 1.25sqin area being 40lb/sqin showing it has better adhesion on wood

    JOHN Q PUBLIC   2 days ago

    I thank you for opening my eyes, I've always went for liquid nails out of habit, but will now buy loctite

  • Working Tools
    Working Tools   2 days ago

    They used a drop of Chuck Norris's tears on PL 8X.

  • T M
    T M   2 days ago

    Very impressive test, and thought liquid nails would be just as good.

  • Omar Garcia
    Omar Garcia   2 days ago

    I used loctite , amazing product 👌🏽

  • Felix C
    Felix C   4 days ago

    Im not completely sure but I think the PLX 3 and PLX 8 cure better if you spray water on it to cure it

  • geir kleven
    geir kleven   4 days ago

    I wonder how much stronger epoxy would be on this test

  • Slyder695
    Slyder695   4 days ago

    Awesome videos! Can you do a test on the power grab glues?

  • Peter Savage
    Peter Savage   4 days ago

    I’m only a thing this (again) as I’m waiting for tomorrow ( Monday ) 😂😂

  • Anthony Smith
    Anthony Smith   4 days ago

    Can you do this test with wood joined to steel or aluminum square tubing?

  • Travis Long
    Travis Long   4 days ago

    Since you're not sponsored, do you ever call any of these companies out on their "results guaranteed" or "money back promises"?

  • Dan Koning
    Dan Koning   5 days ago

    Can you please put some of this on Nancy Pelosi, Adam Schiff, and Jerry Nadler's mouths? Might as well do every democrats mouth.

  • seankkg
    seankkg   5 days ago

    Watching the second test I noticed the bolt and said "it'd be crazy if the bolt pulled through the wood instead of the glue breaking," and yeah.

  • dew user
    dew user   6 days ago

    Another EPIC review. Thanks for making hundreds of thousand’s of projects better, because of your thorough evaluation.

  • Dan Wipper
    Dan Wipper   1 weeks ago

    To be noted; I was told not all the formulations are the same in every area due to regulations. Here in IL they changed liquid nails and now it seems to suck, ten minutes away in Wisconsin they have the real deal. Wonder if you knew of this, considered it or might be able to get the various formulas from the same manufacture?

  • thomas abel
    thomas abel   1 weeks ago

    PL is what real contractors use. It cost more but as you see it's worth it.

  • R F
    R F   1 weeks ago

    You should drill your holes in the test pieces further from the edge so you don't get pull through failures. Either that or fashion a new jig that clamps down onto the piece to better distribute the load.

  • Kevr
    Kevr   1 weeks ago

    Pl 8x is about $3 more a tube. If your buying a decent number of tubes it can add up. Plus, if your relying on a glue to have that much more holding power, maybe that’s a mistake. Glues should HELP mechanical fasteners like screws, not replace them.

  • Just a thing
    Just a thing   1 weeks ago

    If 3x and 8x were people, they'd be the type to bring a missile barrage on a deer hunt.

  • Somar Jela
    Somar Jela   1 weeks ago

    Would love to see these on steel to see the true glue strength alongside wood

  • Cod's head
    Cod's head   1 weeks ago don't know if you sell this adhesive in the USA, its called sticks like shit, and it really does stick like shit to a nappy aka diaper to Americans. I think this will make your strongest adhesive preform like chewing gum in comparison.Maybe you could order a tube and see who wins the heavy weight champion of adhesives. £ to $ $9.70 a tube..

  • Burrito666666
    Burrito666666   1 weeks ago

    Based on personal experience liquid nails fully cured are or is a pain in the a@#$

  • Jesse Dover
    Jesse Dover   2 weeks ago

    Liquid Nails is CRAP!!!!!😡💩👎 That comes from years of experience with that garbage. It has always been a big frustrating disappointment, and I steer clear from that junk at all expense.👉😫

  • Jean-Luc Huynh
    Jean-Luc Huynh   2 weeks ago

    Can you compare how actual nails would compare and PVC glue (fit for purpose product) as a control maybe as the adhesives are used as an alternative where nails and PVC glue cant be used???

  • David Boson
    David Boson   2 weeks ago

    seems that what is written on the container is irrelevant

  • Dan L.
    Dan L.   2 weeks ago

    Would have been nice to see how it glues metals. The wood broke before the glue on some of these tests.

  • Dan L.
    Dan L.   2 weeks ago

    I am somewhat disappointed. I was thinking this is going to be the cosmetic liquid nail (nail repair thingy that women use), vs Locktite for screws. That Locktite price is more like liquid gold price.

  • mad max
    mad max   2 weeks ago

    What's the best alternative fuels for a kerosene torpedo heater

  • John Erwin
    John Erwin   3 weeks ago

    I used liquid nail on installing a mirror and it started to turn black and called a local mirror company and they told me I should never use that stuff for mirrors an told me what to use, hope this helps people.

  • t00 sp00ky
    t00 sp00ky   3 weeks ago

    Who's ever glued something together perfectly and thought it was dried and solid and you thought perfect! Then it broke immediately?!? Me!!! And you!!! 😂

  • donnie snyder
    donnie snyder   3 weeks ago

    Very impressive set of two videos ..I personally made a mistake listening to Home Depot and bought the tube of Gorilla Max Strength adhesive ( HD has new product Gorilla Heavy Duty Ultimate (in an orange tube)) when I should’ve bought the Loctite 8X fact Loctite came out with a Loctite 9X , and I bought it based on your video.. that is by far the best product I have ever used !!Thank you ever so much for this pair of videos

  • Andrey M
    Andrey M   3 weeks ago

    Big factor is the wood quality

  • CSavage
    CSavage   3 weeks ago

    I wish I had a tube of PL8X for my wife's lips some days. That garbage liquid nails didn't hold them! 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Wayne Butler
    Wayne Butler   3 weeks ago

    I would like to see a video on CAULK. What is the best for durability, paintability, and mold resistance.

  • server075
    server075   3 weeks ago

    Maybe use a hardwood next time so the wood last longer than the glue. I know house construction is not made with it but in the garden most things are 👷