Is Liquid Nails as good as Loctite? Let's find out!

  • Published on: 15 July 2019
  • Which construction adhesive is best (part 2)? A total of 10 construction adhesives tested in 2 videos. This video: Liquid Nails Heavy Duty, Liquid Nails Fuze It, Loctite PL 8X, Loctite PL 3X, and DAP Dyna Grip. Previous Episode: Flex Seal, Gorilla, 3M 5200, F-26, and Red Devil (not designed for continuous water exposure) and JB Weld tested in 2 out of 4 events. Unsponsored content 100% of the time to ensure unbiased testing to help consumers select the best products, saving them time and money! Thank you VERY much for all the video ideas you all suggest, including this one and thanks for all of the positive comments as well!

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  • Runtime : 12:21
  • Liquid nails loctite loctite 3x loctite 8x loctite pl 8x loctite pl 3x dyna grip DAP Dyna Grip Flex Flex Seal Red Devil 3M 3M adhesive sealant 3M 5200 F-26 F26 Gorilla Loctite Fuze It Project Farm JB Weld JB Weld Original Lets find out! Let's find out!


  • TK Skagen
    TK Skagen   16 hours ago

    As a "Hardscaper" I would DEFINITELY choose the 8X!Why no Concrete Block Tests?As a Hardscaper, I'm looking to protect my family & customers!Maybe another ROUND of testing is required...Thanks!Take care,🤓 -ThomasWestern Washington State

  • Iran Hernandez
    Iran Hernandez   2 days ago

    I live in Mexico, the only adhesive can I get is dap dynagrip through home Depot and based in this video I think it is good enough. Thanks.

  • Sam
    Sam   3 days ago

    The 3m stuff is great...just don't get it on any arm hair while using takes a while for it to come off.

  • Colt O'Dell
    Colt O'Dell   3 days ago

    Hey huge flaw in your methodology when you glue the boards you have to make sure you are applying the exact same downward pressure to keep everything exactly the same

  • Colt O'Dell
    Colt O'Dell   3 days ago

    How many pounds of pressure did you apply when you glued

  • Bryan Masis
    Bryan Masis   4 days ago

    I'm sure they put the incorrect material in the "heavy duty" liquid nail....has to be incorrect.

  • Des Deutschen
    Des Deutschen   4 days ago

    Awesome video! In future can you possibly test for concrete bonding strength.

  • Faris Al-Salihi
    Faris Al-Salihi   4 days ago

    Great video nothing less that we came to expect from your excellent evaluations. What would be the appropriate adhesive for gluing wood to concrete. Thank you.

  • Buddy Taylor
    Buddy Taylor   4 days ago

    What about testing different jumper packs? That would be an idea, maybe to expensive?

  • CdnWoodsMan
    CdnWoodsMan   4 days ago

    Yeah PL premium is what you want when you want to glue dirt to dirt and make rocks

  • MDG MasterChief
    MDG MasterChief   6 days ago

    Alright I'm impressed but I wouldn't build a house with it 😂

  • darthvader4hire
    darthvader4hire   6 days ago

    need advice, gluing vinyl siding trim pieces over hail product suggestion? keeping in mind temp swings here are like -20F to +110F. thanks liked both vids on this

  • xngdestini
    xngdestini   1 weeks ago

    Do you know if pl8x will work on a pelican case?

  • Jeff S.
    Jeff S.   1 weeks ago

    A great and very informative video.

  • Sienna Hyena
    Sienna Hyena   1 weeks ago

    You should pit the top ones against each other in a more rigorous test.

  • justinhamill954
    justinhamill954   1 weeks ago

    I don't know if you have done this video yet what can you do one on jumper cables????

  • Scarlet
    Scarlet   1 weeks ago

    By any chance could you brace/reinforce the wood to assist in testing the bonding material versus testing and having the wood itself fail? It is neat to see that the bonding material held up, but now I am curious just how much strength it would take to break that bond, lol.Fun video as usual. I watch a lot of your content even though I don’t normally comment. Keep up the good work.

  • Blzt
    Blzt   1 weeks ago

    dude these standard deviations are all over the place

  • Fraggle Fkn Rock
    Fraggle Fkn Rock   1 weeks ago

    man in walmart. loctite and liquid nails were right next to eachother....... not a big price difference either... i got a tube of liquid nails fuze it glue instead of loctite outdoor glue. Used it for my side mirror on my car, both said they were good for all weather.. should of got the loctite. Wonder if the glue is any different.

  • phillip smith
    phillip smith   1 weeks ago

    I would like to see a showdown between the top glue from each category vs other types of adhesives (hot glue, Wood Glue, Super glue, Constucion adhesive, Epoxy) testing on shear and tensile on wood metal and pvc. Thanks again for a great video.

  • 22bucki
    22bucki   1 weeks ago

    What brand, model is the force gauge???

  • Supertramp
    Supertramp   1 weeks ago

    Well shit, I bought a couple tubes of Liquid Nails HD before seeing this video. I guess it'll be fine though since i'm using it for a floor that won't likely be experiencing over 200lbs of pressure lmao

  • M Lambert
    M Lambert   1 weeks ago

    I always buy Liquid Nails Heavy Duty because I expect top quality That was before I saw this video.

  • Lane Dexter
    Lane Dexter   1 weeks ago

    Really appreciate the video, just as I was thinking about glue for a barn door project.

  • jwo7777777
    jwo7777777   1 weeks ago

    If you are relying on construction adhesive for anything other than holding something in place temporarily until you can get enough nails, screws or bolts in it, then you are doing it wrong.

  • arborcidal maniac
    arborcidal maniac   2 weeks ago

    Chainsaw season is here, 2cycle oil test, klotz r50 vs cerma vs amsoil, let me know what i need to send you to get you to do it.

  • Caleb M
    Caleb M   2 weeks ago

    It's worth noting that all of these (except maybe liquid nails heavy duty MAYBE but probably still) are plenty strong enough for anything you should be using construction adhesive for. I installed a granite surround in a shower today using the dynagrip HD as seen in the vid and honestly I could've done it with something far weaker and not had problems for the lifetime of the house's foundation. These are all very impressive engineering.

  • Azazel
    Azazel   2 weeks ago

    You should do a wood to plastic or metal to wood to see if it affects the bond

  • No Name
    No Name   2 weeks ago

    Hold a cylinder head on with pl 8x

  • Ian McDonald
    Ian McDonald   2 weeks ago

    This guy just subtly yells almost everything I admire it greatly

  • PinBallReviewer
    PinBallReviewer   3 weeks ago

    Yeah I am gonna go with Loctite 8X it might be more then the others but I like the consistent breaking tensile strength of the product.

  • 7GEREZ
    7GEREZ   3 weeks ago

    Next time I build anything I’m using 8x in addition to screws. The screws will be strictly to keep the joint tight while the 8x cures. Lol. Then I can take the screws out and use them for another project.

  • 30minforasn
    30minforasn   3 weeks ago

    Now can you compare these products to actually nails?!

  • Joseph Storms
    Joseph Storms   3 weeks ago

    Hey i work for a construction company and we use F26 if you can find it test it man

  • Ben Heeson
    Ben Heeson   3 weeks ago

    Hey. Can you try the 3x and 8x and strong adhesives on metal. Lets see how much they can handle. The metal shouldnt fail like the wood. great vids

  • xXRoZoRXx
    xXRoZoRXx   3 weeks ago

    I really wish SB 190 was tested, it is one of my favorite adhesives.