Is Gorilla Hot Glue the Best? Let's find out!

  • Published on: 27 May 2019
  • Is Gorilla hot glue stick is best? Gorilla, Stanley, Arrow, Folote, Elmers, Ad Tech, and Surebonder all get put to the test for tensile and shear strength on wood and tensile strength on PVC/plastic. The PVC was left unsanded to help represent how well these glues stick to a smooth surfaces, such as glass, plastic, high gloss painted surfaces. I'm not sponsored by any of these brands and I purchased all the products tested. Thank you very much for supporting the channel by watching the commercials and through Patreon support.

    This video is only for entertainment purposes. If you rely on the information portrayed in this video, you assume the responsibility for the results. Project Farm LLC
  • Runtime : 14:2
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  • Beau Mancini
    Beau Mancini   10 hours ago

    I wish this guy was my neighbor honestly.

  • Beau Mancini
    Beau Mancini   10 hours ago

    I literally watch every episode I don't know why..."Next episode, I'll compare the absorbance of female hygiene products. Keep those recommendations coming!"Me: "You weirdo."Grabs pretzels..."This brand boasts 4X absorbency of leading brands. let's see how well this works against the previous brand since this one does not have nylon absorbency paneled compartments modeled after the Titanic"

  • pyrath
    pyrath   1 days ago

    You didn't mention anything about how much glue you used for each or how you kept it constant

  • plasmathunderdx
    plasmathunderdx   1 days ago

    I got nervous for his hands because I thought he was gonna cut his fingers off using the saw so fast. ThEn My BrAiN tUrNeD oN and realized it was sped up.

  • Brian Park
    Brian Park   2 days ago

    These tests are interesting, but hot glue can not be considered a "real bonding material". All of them age and crumble. That is not addressed in the testing (and would not be practical to be). Common use is holding crafts together, such as pinecones or ornaments on a wreath, and securing wires inside an appliance. If you have any of these and used them, they all fall apart (versus the hand-tied ones). HOT GLUE SHOULD NEVER BE USED FOR ANYTHING OTHER TEMPORARY FIXTURING. It is a mixture of polyethylene and wax. This stuff has corrupted the craft and MakerSpace industry!

  • Larry B
    Larry B   2 days ago

    Once again, Gorilla is "All hat and no cattle". Incredible how their marketing has convinced people that this average to sub-average product line is "premium"!

  • Insolentish
    Insolentish   3 days ago

    This was never a question in my mind until I saw this title

  • Gristle Von Raben
    Gristle Von Raben   3 days ago

    This was great! I never even knew Stanley made glues. I watch a few craft videos from time to time and the ladies like E3000. I wonder if you can do a test on craft store glue sticks? By the way, I hope your year is going well so far?

  • deesine
    deesine   4 days ago

    Makes me want to buy a glue gun and some Stanley glue...just in case, lol.

  • Eric Marriott
    Eric Marriott   4 days ago


  • BazilRat
    BazilRat   5 days ago

    I wonder if the products are the same outside of the US... that'd be something interesting to test.

  • MistaLOD
    MistaLOD   6 days ago

    5:25 - Stanley hot glue lasted for 1688 before breaking but video says 1678. Honestly not that but a deal but I feel it needs to be said.

  • TK Mo
    TK Mo   1 weeks ago

    I wanted to complement you on your videos. They are done very well, you are objective and you do a great job of maintaining a controled consistent environment and you do an excellent job of editing. I would like to ask you if you might consider adding plastics to the mix when appropriate. I am in the RC Hobby and I've purchased some of your recommended products. I'd love to see things like Super glue, loctite, JB Weld/ epoxy, these glue sticks, maybe nitro engine products etc. But testing plastic to plastic as well as metal to plastic including metal screws into plastic and stripped plastic hole repair. I think RC Hobbiests would really benefit from your knowledge/tests. Another awesome test would be tire glues, CA glue for mounting the tire to the rim. I've heard great things about Starbond but wonder if it is worth the cost. Removal is also a good thing with RC wheels, heat works with normal CA glue but I find Acitone vapers to do the best. It take time, days but the tire and rim come out clean if you have patience.Don't put yourself out, but if you're interested, I would watch.

  • John Rodrigues
    John Rodrigues   1 weeks ago

    That was a good test. Personally if I was gluing PVC and to end like that I would have left the caps with some sandpaper maybe some 120 Grit. I wonder if roughing the caps would dramatically change the results of the test?

  • Vasik Holy
    Vasik Holy   1 weeks ago

    Surprised to see that Stanley hot glue outperforms most construction adhesives, I would be intrested to see a direct comparison to JB Weld.

  • Phil Indeblanc
    Phil Indeblanc   1 weeks ago

    I tried hot glue Hi Temp Yellow stick by Stanley, as well as super glue, and they do not stick to silicone material. Any ideas besides goopy epoxy? Its a rather small and detailed area.

  • Thomas James
    Thomas James   1 weeks ago

    Can’t find Folote glue sticks anywhere

  • Marisa Leong
    Marisa Leong   1 weeks ago

    Great! Thank you for the hot glue test. Have done testing on different velcro brands? All velco is not created equal.

  • Ethan Chrin
    Ethan Chrin   1 weeks ago

    Gorilla hot glue must be 10x more dangerous than just dollar store glue

  • Pheelix
    Pheelix   1 weeks ago

    Got a product test idea for you. Polishes, like spray on or liquid, wax compounds. I have been using a spray on plastic polish called Plexus for years and I use it on everything. You can try tests on plastic, metal, glass, etc. I am not sure what other brands you can compare it to. Maybe armor-all or turtle wax etc.

  • slum
    slum   1 weeks ago

    I tried using the gorilla hot glue on a Mason jar with a candle stick and it did not work lol...we ended up using gorilla glue epoxy and man you can not separate them at all!

  • Jake Jake
    Jake Jake   1 weeks ago

    I bet your science teachers love you 👍🏻 keep it up man

  • Gregory Londos
    Gregory Londos   1 weeks ago

    Great Video... Now we need to do a Test on Glue Guns... Plug in vs Cordless... depending on the Glue Gun would determine what size Glue stick to buy... I was going to start my quest for Glue stick shopping but must wait for the next video... LoL Greg

  • Sean Boyle
    Sean Boyle   1 weeks ago

    I've been looking for high strength hot glue. I ran across a couple of possibilities: Fastenmaster FMFLEX180, and Infinity PUR WW60. These are in a different class than the glue sticks which you tested, or are they?

  • james83925
    james83925   1 weeks ago

    The Leonardo da Vinci of destructive testing.

  • Mohammed
    Mohammed   1 weeks ago

    Most of them failed cuz of bad quality Wood get some higher quality Wood bro I love your videos plz make it better

  • Colin Gee
    Colin Gee   2 weeks ago

    The problem is that hardware stores will carry only one or two brands of hot glue sticks, and you have no choice to buy what is available.

  • Steve
    Steve   2 weeks ago

    What amazed me was how strong hot melt glue was compared to wood glue!

  • jethrowomber
    jethrowomber   2 weeks ago

    hot glue is my duct tape..Stanley will now be my go too when I need glue. Thanks for taking the time.

  • Gunner Detra
    Gunner Detra   2 weeks ago

    Did you ever do a comparison for Allen wrenches? Ive noticed some seem better than others. Some will round off really easy And others wont. I think it would be a neat video.

  • Beardy McManbun
    Beardy McManbun   2 weeks ago

    Wow! Another great video. I was very supprised by the results; what great fun.

  • Blaze Psi
    Blaze Psi   2 weeks ago

    Today I just made myself your Patreon supporter. Your projects are worth it. Thank You for your time...

  • Huang Xuxi
    Huang Xuxi   2 weeks ago

    I use a brand thats from the dollar store, it works just fine-

  • Dawn B
    Dawn B   2 weeks ago

    Have you tried an adhesive called screwfix and ge iron grip