Making Beef Jerky With Our Car

  • Published on: 24 September 2019
  • In today's video we're seeing if it's possible to use your car as a dehydrator. Can you leave raw meat in your back seat and have it become beef jerky?

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  • Runtime : 10:39
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  • Carrie Connolly
    Carrie Connolly   3 days ago

    It's nearly 4am. I don't even have a car. Why am I here?

  • William Turner
    William Turner   2 months ago

    BotW is more realistic now.Leaving food out that makes meals.

  • Robert Kelly
    Robert Kelly   3 months ago

    Someone finally found a use for a ford.Does that mean people don’t actually want pets? Are they just putting them in the cars to have on the bone hot dogs? Also does that mean every time you see a dog in a car on a hot day it’s an asian attempting to drive?

  • Adam carpender
    Adam carpender   4 months ago

    how could I get one of those King of Random shirts

  • CCkoolTube
    CCkoolTube   5 months ago

    Its a great reason to put your meat in the car

  • BTF
    BTF   5 months ago

    "...they like to breed...""that does sound like me."excuse me sir, W H A T I N T H E A C T U A L F U C K

  • Superunicorny_ gamer
    Superunicorny_ gamer   5 months ago

    What i took from this video is that you can make beef jerky from people and pets in your car if you leave it out long enough

  • Riley The Gamer!
    Riley The Gamer!   5 months ago

    During the car wash, are they talking about how DELICIOUS food is?

  • Detrick
    Detrick   5 months ago

    I accidently made raisins im my car. I guess i can try this too

  • Brittany Hall
    Brittany Hall   6 months ago

    So would this work in places that have humidity? Or only places with dry heat like arizona? I stay in nc

  • Alfred Schroff
    Alfred Schroff   6 months ago

    Can you determine if you can marinade meat quiet using a vacuum chamber than in a plastic bag?

  • Free Mar
    Free Mar   6 months ago

    Could you sous vide a steak in the car if it holds temp at 130 inside the car

  • Droslay YC
    Droslay YC   6 months ago

    60 years laterCan we make beef jerky with earth atmosphere. Like if you get it

  • HanTing Huang
    HanTing Huang   6 months ago

    Callie: mr Joseph is your car going to smell like beaf jerky?Joseph: oh yes it is

  • Diamondcreeper098
    Diamondcreeper098   6 months ago

    more like our beef making jerky with carhaha am i even trying?

  • Bilbo Ballbag
    Bilbo Ballbag   6 months ago

    Literally in the first 6 seconds, you've stopped all intelligent viewership.

  • Jose Cintron
    Jose Cintron   6 months ago

    Next experiment can you make beef jerky in a fish tank (or some type of plexiglass box) by leaving it in the sun all day

  • Luisa Luna
    Luisa Luna   6 months ago

    Keep thick food coloring on water for about three days

  • Dragon OF Legend
    Dragon OF Legend   6 months ago

    So this guy tells me if i leave my kids in a car for a few days they would turn into a beef jerky?