• Published on: 07 November 2019
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  • Runtime : 15:7
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  • Ariel Buerge
    Ariel Buerge   20 hours ago

    getting rid of shoes hurts my heart. i can get rid of anything other than shoes. i love my shoes

  • -dooly the creative-

    Nobody;literally nobody;me;why are her hangers not matching, I fricking threw away my blue ones just so I could keep my black ones only.

  • Rachel Flint
    Rachel Flint   1 days ago

    i loved this vid and i hope other people to

  • Goda Dami
    Goda Dami   3 days ago

    People in america are so lucky to have walk in closets even if it’s literally like a 2 step walk in clostet I literally have a wardorobe

  • Jasmine Welker
    Jasmine Welker   4 days ago

    I only liked this video because you were struggling love you coleen

  • Brennley Reif
    Brennley Reif   4 days ago

    If you know Rebecca Zamolo you will know that her closet looks like Coleen’s closet

  • Tarnveer Bassi
    Tarnveer Bassi   4 days ago

    Colleen I think it’s time you came out of the closetBecause you were having to clean all the clothes yourself

  • Marz May
    Marz May   4 days ago

    Marie kendo is shaking ...

  • Alex Moons
    Alex Moons   5 days ago

    collen:Three things i’m keeping threeeveryone in the comments: its actually four...

  • Claire Huster
    Claire Huster   1 weeks ago

    Colleen-“I literally have never seen these in my life” as she is looking at them

  • Briarly h
    Briarly h   1 weeks ago

    Oddly I love watching closet cleaning

  • Panda Janga
    Panda Janga   1 weeks ago


  • Alyssa Pugh
    Alyssa Pugh   1 weeks ago

    Colleen can not count, she said there was 3 but there was 4

  • Noosa Noosa
    Noosa Noosa   1 weeks ago

    Omg it looks exactly like Rebecca zamolos closet do u live close to her?

  • Gwen F
    Gwen F   1 weeks ago

    I want a closet that big.....mine is like 1/12th the size of yours 😭

  • Avery Mcpherson
    Avery Mcpherson   1 weeks ago

    Not trying to be mean but with all respect Eric has no sense of style

  • •Sunrise Sky•
    •Sunrise Sky•   1 weeks ago

    Like is anyone else like shook by it's the size of that closet?!

  • Payton Loves Yellow
    Payton Loves Yellow   1 weeks ago

    8:35: Colleen: I just got rid of so many things! I'm so proud of myself! I gotta poop.😂🤣

  • Aleah Sexton
    Aleah Sexton   1 weeks ago

    Colleen- 2 weeks later but I did it!!!! Me- Girl it’s about time!!💗

  • Spooks M
    Spooks M   1 weeks ago

    Not gonna lie the closet looks like the coreys closet Sam and Colbys old trap house

  • Russ George
    Russ George   1 weeks ago

    You look like an Amanda sings Miranda Sings I mean if you acting like her and going to try to do her voice peep you could totally full people that you were her

    DEVONNA KEY   2 weeks ago

    Watchibg this while cleaning my closet:D

  • Marjorie Bunch
    Marjorie Bunch   2 weeks ago

    she wore that jacket from flav a flav or whatever (i have never heard of him i'm sorry lol) like two weeks ago on a walk with Flynn

  • Jillian Kate
    Jillian Kate   2 weeks ago

    (Me talking)Colleen: shut up!me: okay......