Tom Clancy’s The Division 2: Episode 3 Story Trailer | Ubisoft [NA]

  • Published on: 28 January 2020
  • The Division 2 Episode 3 takes agents to Coney Island in search of a cure to the virus that started everything. This FREE update is coming in February 2020. Get 1 week early access with the Year 1 Pass.


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    Seven months have passed since a deadly virus hit New York City and the rest of the world, crippling the population. When the virus hit, The Division, a unit of civilian sleeper agents, was activated as the last line of defense. Since then, Division agents have been fighting relentlessly to save what remains.

    For The Division, the stakes are higher than ever. Washington, D.C. – the most heavily protected city on earth – is at risk, leaving the entire nation on the brink of collapse. If Washington, D.C., is lost, then the nation falls. As a Division agent who has been in the field for seven months, you and your team are the last hope to stop the fall of society after the pandemic collapse.

    Developed by Ubisoft Massive and the same teams that brought you Tom Clancy’s The Division®, Tom Clancy’s The Division® 2 is an online open world, action shooter RPG experience set in a collapsing and fractured Washington, D.C. This rich new setting combines a wide variety of beautiful, iconic, and realistic environments where the player will experience the series’ trademark for authenticity in world building, rich RPG systems, and fast-paced action like never before. Play solo or co-op with a team of up to four players to complete a wide range of activities, from the main campaign and adversarial PvP matches to the Dark Zone – where anything can happen.

    In the wake of the virus, storms, flooding, and subsequent chaos have radically transformed Washington, D.C. Explore a living open world full of diverse environments, from flooded urban areas to historic sites and landmarks, during one of the hottest summers in history. The streets have been overrun with enemy factions, each with its own agenda and each vying for control of DC. It will be up to you to liberate the city and protect what remains of society.

    Tom Clancy’s The Division 2 was built with an “endgame-first” mentality, ensuring players always have access to fresh, unique, and diverse activities long after completing the main campaign. Tom Clancy’s The Division 2’s endgame will introduce brand new challenges and progression systems, unique twists and surprises, and for the first time, raids. Players will also be able to access a wealth of post-launch content, including a full year of free additional story-driven missions, map expansions, and gameplay modes.

    After completing the main campaign, gain access to new specializations such as demolitionist, sharpshooter, and survivalist. Each specialization will open up an entire new progression system with new skills, mods, and unique talents to acquire and maximize your agent efficiency in your chosen role.

    Civilians and enemy factions are constantly striving to survive, vying for necessities such as food, medicine, and ammunition. As the factions face off against each other in a ravaged DC, they will fight to seize control of resources and locations – and for their very survival. The various needs and motivations from each faction will collide, triggering different encounters between enemy and friendly factions, civilians, and ultimately you as an Agent, creating a dynamic living world full of surprises.

    Civilians have banded together in settlements to rebuild their society, but their very existence is threatened. Work closely with them to keep them safe and in turn, they will come to your aid and provide supplies and assistance to build up your base of operations, giving a deeper meaning to the people and the world around you.

    The Dark Zone is an untamed area of the map with some of the best loot in the game. The Dark Zone is also the most dangerous area in the game, where fear, betrayal, and tension are high, as any other agent can turn against you and steal your hard-earned loot. In Tom Clancy’s The Division 2, this playground was designed to provide a fair and exciting experience to all players, regardless of their level of progression.

    Tom Clancy’s The Division 2: Episode 3 Story Trailer | Ubisoft [NA]
  • Runtime : 1:41
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  • Joeki11a
    Joeki11a   2 weeks ago

    Where is this Coney Island Mission?

  • Catnip Boi
    Catnip Boi   1 months ago

    Coney Island as in... Singapore Coney Island?

  • Ali Mahjoub
    Ali Mahjoub   1 months ago

    If any one will buy this game on ps4 please send me an invite on ubisoft Club or psn befor he buy it i can help you to Level up and in return i can get the hunter outfit please Tell me befor you buy the game thanks and have a good day 😉

  • dknight xs
    dknight xs   1 months ago

    Cleaners were the most annoying faction in d1

  • L mor
    L mor   1 months ago

    sees new specialization Uno reverse card against cleaners

  • Hani Tablet
    Hani Tablet   1 months ago

    Wow. 8 months after the outbreak. New york city is now a jungle city.

  • Isaiah Hackshaw
    Isaiah Hackshaw   1 months ago

    Words cannot describe the agita I get from seeing "Solar Park" instead of "Luna Park", and "Whirlwinds" instead of "Cyclones". It was funny to notice, though.

  • terry mcginnis
    terry mcginnis   1 months ago

    more cutscenes in this video then the whole game

  • Adam House
    Adam House   1 months ago

    All I saw was about two magazines (maybe 3) worth of marksman build headshots walking around :p

  • Keith Davis
    Keith Davis   1 months ago

    0:35 nice touch using the breathing effect as part of the music

  • Condemnedya
    Condemnedya   1 months ago

    aren't they selling this game for like 5 dollars now >_>

  • AWeebPilot WithNoLife
    AWeebPilot WithNoLife   1 months ago

    Are we also gonna get information on the Hunters? I really want to know what this faction's place in all of this mess.

  • Eclipse
    Eclipse   1 months ago

    Legend said: after 100 years, the second raid still not release

  • Everything Channel
    Everything Channel   1 months ago

    There was a leaked on this it's coming march 3 search on reddit for warlords of new York for the division 2

  • King Calcium
    King Calcium   1 months ago

    Virus: Gets to D.C.Cleaners: "Now this looks like a job for me!"

  • Kai Akarsu
    Kai Akarsu   1 months ago

    How about fixing the game before releasing more dlcs eh?

  • usscushing
    usscushing   1 months ago

    Another Aaron Keener monologue incoming oh joy

  • Jim Roxbury
    Jim Roxbury   1 months ago

    I hope fighting Keener is like fighting a hunter on steroids

  • 阿謙
    阿謙   1 months ago

    1:01 Fullauto LVOA-C PLZ!

  • Indie Kun
    Indie Kun   1 months ago

    They just couldn’t leave it original and just needed to bring black tusk to NY. 😒..

  • stephane matis
    stephane matis   1 months ago

    Love the story, not a fan of the mechanics. Got into Div 1 after Div 2, although confusing at first, far more feeling of dread and more nuanced mechanics. We need something that take the best of both Div 1 and Div 2. Heck, maybe just give us Div 1 content in Div 2 with less RNG*RNG*RNG.

  • Derp KG
    Derp KG   2 months ago

    "The Geneva Convention is overrated" -Random Second Wave Agent

  • Pure Faith
    Pure Faith   2 months ago

    Cleaners : only through the power of fire can we be free !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Wontmare The Nightmare
    Wontmare The Nightmare   2 months ago

    Maybe could be Outcast too XD. I always compare Cleaners and Outcast because they have similarities.

  • xIndicaxHigh
    xIndicaxHigh   2 months ago

    At the end of the tailer! Anyone notice?.....The red Blurred Agent!Yeah BOI WE HUNTING KEENER MOTHERFUCKAS YEAH BUD-AYYYYYY

  • Against all ads games
    Against all ads games   2 months ago

    Fix the damn dark zones. The Division 1 had longer legs because of D1 dark zone. You could fight in huge 24 man servers and the map was big enough to avoid people when you wanted to farm. New dz 12 man server 3 tiny areas. Super boring.

    VIGONI   2 months ago

    I wonder who is the end boss 1:20

  • motley17cru
    motley17cru   2 months ago

    Can you play these episodes without xbox live?? I know the dark zones are only accessible for paid online but what about these?

  • Killer Joy
    Killer Joy   2 months ago

    They can’t kill Keener yet. He is one of the biggest reasons I’m still playing this franchise! I want to him to be ingrained into a game as a final boss not a dlc!