THEORY - History Of Violence [OFFICIAL VIDEO]

  • Published on: 25 September 2019
  • THEORY's music video for the song 'History Of Violence' off the album Say Nothing, available now. Get it at:

    Directed by Sam Sulam
    Produced by Psycho Films / Eric Cook

  • Runtime : 3:52
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  • Jared Carlson
    Jared Carlson   3 hours ago

    This goes perfectly with all the riots going on today.

  • Mick Dundee
    Mick Dundee   16 hours ago

    This song is right on now! 2020 Riot's

  • Desirae Carpenter
    Desirae Carpenter   21 hours ago

    Portraying reality 6 months ago. Is the last comment on my end that shows up... I'm back here Wednesday June 1st... Appreciating the comfort in a heads up... Xo

  • Vikki Ovchinnikov
    Vikki Ovchinnikov   1 days ago

    I Lost my daughter do to drunk guy I ran away from wiping ever day.17 gave myself to the one that was luck I was getting 38 gun sister told Please Do Not Let Her Buy The Gun..

  • David H
    David H   1 days ago

    Insanely coincidental that this song surfaced now while the lyrics are relevant. Great song though!

  • Dave M
    Dave M   5 days ago

    Wow oooh wow thanks for this song

  • Cindy Collins
    Cindy Collins   6 days ago

    This should be the song for George Floyd. No one is safe from that fucker that murdered him

  • Sean The AEW Man
    Sean The AEW Man   6 days ago

    thes is sad noing the world well never be the same but music like thes is a parfait example of 2020 and I hope you all stay seif so we can all get though thes together.

  • Erik Williams
    Erik Williams   1 weeks ago

    It never got to the point of physical violence in my house. Or at least I never saw it or any evidence of it. But I could hear it from their bedroom when I was in high school. It sucks. I’m glad (at the same time disappointed) that I’m not the only one

  • David Graham
    David Graham   1 weeks ago

    Fuck I want to literally beat the living shit out of her "boyfriend's" stupid fucking ass. This is why I said Fuck you to the band. They trigger a lot of feelings out of me... but I love them just the same as well...

  • Lucille Moore
    Lucille Moore   1 weeks ago

    They did such an amazing job on the video. And the girl is just super fucking adorable. Nice drop for the gunshots too. Fucking relatable on both levels.

  • dwighty boy 83
    dwighty boy 83   1 weeks ago

    I'm not a massive fan of the pop type of sound but the messages on these songs from this album are incredible

  • Bella Crozier
    Bella Crozier   2 weeks ago

    I really like this song because my dad showed me this song and I think this song is vary powerful.

  • Madison Davis
    Madison Davis   2 weeks ago

    This song has a lot deeper meaning that what some people can comprehend. Why does our society try to destroy itself 27/7 365. Something has to change.

  • Dr Kirb Kenneth kirby

    Insert sad story that might or might not be true or exaggerated for attention from strangers. Initiate circle jerk comment section.Execute

  • Srijana McMillen
    Srijana McMillen   3 weeks ago

    After listening to most of the songs, I decided to write why do I keep inclined towards the " Theory of dead man" even though there are many great Christian alternative bands. With my honest feedback on the team as an audience. In comparison to the Lyrics, the video could have been done more better. I never knew about domestic violence even-though; I saw it repeatedly until I started realizing myself that something isn't right with my choices or with the modesty that I let them go for free as I believe more in Karma. Nevertheless, I Enjoy the lyrics and song from the core of my heart. Some of the songs by the team make me smile with the truth. I did not like a female being in such a position, and I felt there should be more than why she killed him in the video? I firmly believe that being in a relationship is a responsibility and WIP, even if it is full of mess and argument, which is normal and not violence. No relationship can go without argument, and if there are no arguments, that means there is something wrong with the relationship. The argument should be taken as a positive sign to find the likes and dislikes, which would give a strong foundation to a relationship, and it's not always domestic violence. Everyone reacts differently to different situations to what they hear, feel, and see. Many times enablers are never recognized for their contributions due to bullying, and weaker are targeted while getting away with privileges. I thought singers are categorized as a leader due to popularity? For example: if we were given a mission to make money out of the tour, that means the message out of song should give a clear picture of what kind of audience would you expect to have? The music industry isn't only for entertainment but to able to send out the correct message to the audience. And if the messages are making a female sad, that means the "Theory of Deadman" is inconsiderate to what are they send out the message on females even though there are many truths within the song. When the programs, advertising, video are given tools and funding to create a band due to the ability and skill, that doesn't mean any female has given right on portraying a false image of God giving a sign for her to kill? How can that be a specialized skill? As far as I know, into lyrics and poems, rhyme with the articulate phrase usually has deep meaning although the video and the message and lyrics seem out of context and why would "no one be safe." Even though the female is the prison? I believe everyone's time, commitment, and comment are essential as a fan to make the" theory of dead man "famous." It would be nice to have explanations on the official site and YouTube rather than lyrics for a fan to give them more ideas with write concepts to what to look for, direction, and what do they think? Rather than just to expect likes without a meaningful outcome of the music. Let assume, If I was the investor or even a future audience and if I am getting a lot of positive or negative message through entertainment then, what are the bases for "theory of Deadman "being popular with different age range would be the question? And how did they contribute to attention and drama craving society? It can be fun to be famous with a 3.5 M audience and to read the comment, but without explanation on the song can only conclude with the wrong audience of how do they understand the basic problem of Americans. Isn't it easy to have wealthy or college students as an audience with the revenue generated in the bank portfolio? Although finding the expenses for the right cause can be difficult? As an audience, what are the message and songs are? How did the "Theory of Deadman" contribute to female, domestic violence, substance abuse, and mental problems in America. I love alternative rock, pop music for motivating to do my daily task, although it would be nice to know that the charity by write check isn't applicable without their message being applied. At the same time, the message sending out should have a meaningful outcome of the individual contribution of how much do the empathizes with these victims or people with life problems. The tour and the income isn't only for entertainment or to write a check as a Philanthropy program what have the team done with their initiative rather than doing exactly as any other celebrity does?

  • RottingC CZ
    RottingC CZ   3 weeks ago

    This song I listen to every fcking hour on czech radio RockZone

  • Jasmyn Santangelo
    Jasmyn Santangelo   3 weeks ago

    I just started hearing this when I was about a month into my new relationship. I had noticed things here and there with him. He was extremely jealous. Questioning everything. As time progressed more things starting happening. I got scared when he was angry. He gets angry a lot. I've had to hold back a lot of things so that he didn't lose it. I broke up with him 2 weeks ago and the it all went downhill. Some of his exes started telling me their story. My ex has a history of violence and that's his cycle. It's one of the hardest breakups and it's the most painful. I thought we were perfect together.

  • Jadson
    Jadson   3 weeks ago

    Musica simplesmente incrivel !!!ouvindo em 2020 !!!

  • Lucid Summers
    Lucid Summers   4 weeks ago

    History tends to repeat itself I've seen this for years...

  • Samir Mohammed
    Samir Mohammed   1 months ago

    A deep, cold, vivid story from a couple lyrics... thats what music is supposed to be

  • ketxxx1
    ketxxx1   1 months ago

    What the fuck has happened to Theory of a Deadman! If I want inspiration to slit my own wrists I just have to go outside.

  • 300game
    300game   1 months ago

    I could see Red hot Chili Peppers doing this same song

  • inkyboi101 !
    inkyboi101 !   1 months ago

    i love this i listen to this when i go to sleep and if i wanna play a song!! bye! keep up the content!

  • Seeingwhat Dude10256
    Seeingwhat Dude10256   1 months ago

    My girlfriend killed her self because she felt like she had no meaning everyone say “It’s not your fault” but it feel like it is

  • Jon Gibson
    Jon Gibson   1 months ago

    I felt this shit in my bones....

  • Jenn D
    Jenn D   1 months ago

    My old life. Glad I escaped before this.

  • deadpool 420
    deadpool 420   1 months ago

    2:43 he fed her to the lions shouldn't it be she fed him to the tigers. God damn it Corole Baskin.