Alex Morgan Wins Best Female Athlete | 2019 ESPYS

  • Published on: 11 July 2019
  • Alex Morgan Wins Best Female Athlete | 2019 ESPYS


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  • Stanley Godfrey
    Stanley Godfrey   1 months ago

    My favorite Soccer player ever! Congratulations and you look absolutely stunning, Alex.

  • sysya schaatsen
    sysya schaatsen   2 weeks ago

    I really like Alex but this result is bullshit. It's to bad that the Espy's don't take themselves serious. You can't make Alex win when Simone has the year she had and call it fair. Alex became a world champion but she did that with 22 others, not the reason why she should win, she scored 5 times in one match but that was against a team that lost 13-0 and she didn't have a good club season. In comparison Simone won 6 medals at the world championships, that means she medaled on every event and won 4 out of 6, that is unheard off.

    LEE WALKER   3 weeks ago

    FYI: Rapinoe and Morgan's NWSL salary is paid by the USSF. About $50,000 per year. Funny they never mention that. NWSL salary cap per team was $315,000 now it's 425,000.Some players only make the minimum salary, which is now 15,000. The maximum salary, which nobody makes is $41,700. Rapinoe and Morgan not only make way more money in NWSL than the other women, buy are unfairly paid even more than the maximum player salary.I've never heard their big mouths yelling about the unequal pay she gets in the NWSL. Wow, those poor women on their teams who are treated so unfairly and deserve a portion of Rapino and Morgan's salaries.Rapinoe and Mirgan should willingly agree to share their salary with the other NWSL players and take equal pay.

  • weizhao huang
    weizhao huang   4 weeks ago

    This is my evaluation of Miss Morgan, the American women's soccer team four years ago:A good "Morgan"!Edit deleted reprint 2015-07-19 05:51:53Label: 3652015-07-05 03:13:22Label: 365    In this Women's World Cup, the US team has a team member named Morgan. She wore the "13" jersey that Westerners couldn't avoid. She doesn't lose some models by her body; she doesn't lose some movie stars. However, the whistle of the game sounded, but she greatly subverted the impression people had about her. She is clear-headed, technically comprehensive, and superb in reading ability. In the quarter-finals, the Chinese team started playing only a little more than a minute. She sent a "world wave" to scare the Chinese team into a cold sweat. At that time, the US team re-insert the Chinese team's two central defenders in the middle of the 5th, Morgan directly transmitted from the outside of the foot, the ball's route, weight, and the arc is very accurate. After getting the ball on the 5th, I got rid of all the opponents and faced the goal with a central angle, forming an excellent scoring opportunity. It is a pity that on the 5th, I want to kick the outside of the instep but kick it into the instep and go to the door. But the beautiful passing of Morgan has left a deep impression on everyone. If the ball is passed early, the 5th is not in place; if Morgan is late, the 5th is likely to be offside. It is very commendable to make the right timing. There have been no such wonderful scenes in the 2014 World Cup in Brazil!    When Morgan was in the 1/2 final against the German team, she showed the other side of the style: the courage to forge ahead, the courage to break through, the chic. She broke through the defense of the German team twice and formed a single-handed goal with the other goalkeeper. In another dribble attack, she forced the opponent to invade the foul and got a penalty opportunity, which laid the foundation for the final victory. In football, an enterprising spirit of an outstanding player is indispensable. It is even more rare for female players. .    On the pitch, no matter which aspect, from which point of view the performance of the American women's football team player Morgan, is wonderful and beautiful.    In two days, the championship battle between the US team and the Japanese team will be kicked off, let us once again appreciate the performance of Morgan and everyone!0

  • starsmoon0216
    starsmoon0216   1 months ago

    Alex Morgan is amazing!! Not only is she the best female soccer player in the world, she's strong and confident on and off the pitch!! Great speech. Congrats!

  • Biz Prat
    Biz Prat   1 months ago

    The views of Americans on what is a masculine sport and what is feminine. SMH😤

  • Mutombo
    Mutombo   1 months ago

    So she knew she was winning huh? This is major scripted

  • Kenneth Russell
    Kenneth Russell   1 months ago

    Best looking young lady I've seen in my 62 years of life.

  • Calla Compain
    Calla Compain   1 months ago

    Alex Morgan you expire me so much when I am playing soccer I look up to you so much when I’m on the soccer field I want to do what you’re doing right now when I’m older

  • Justin Evans
    Justin Evans   1 months ago

    You can tell she's reading from something the whole time it's so stupid

  • Rick Matt
    Rick Matt   1 months ago

    She’s beautiful and I love it that she married a Mexican dude! Beautiful babies!

    ENTER NAME   1 months ago

    At the end of the day its a beauty contest

  • Jorge Sajuan
    Jorge Sajuan   1 months ago

    Megan rapino or pepino wherever his last name is should not be there competing with real women

  • MrSmashmouth07
    MrSmashmouth07   1 months ago

    that was some bullshit Simone is awesome none of them girl cant come. close to doing what she can do

  • rooooooby
    rooooooby   1 months ago

    When were women thought of as only athletes?

  • Wm.
    Wm.   1 months ago

    #MeganRapinoe thought she was getting that award. You can see jealousy all over her face. Congratulations Alex Morgan you earned it, enjoy your accomplishments.

  • Google Member
    Google Member   1 months ago

    Wait, I’m confused...wasn’t she in the nyc parade today...and then in LA for the espys?!??!

  • Kin Phillips
    Kin Phillips   1 months ago

    Yessssss Alex Morgan my fave soccer player!!!!❤️❤️Pinoe is such a mom😂 Love every single one of the players on USA Soccer Team!!!!!💕🇺🇸⚽️