BBC Documentary - Hyper Evolution : Rise Of The Robots (Part 1)

  • Published on: 16 April 2018
  • Believe or Not , Accept or Not , Ignore or Understand, what ever you wanna do its your choice but its gonna happen. Robotic Revolution is coming so stay ready.
  • Runtime : 58:41
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  • Sunandan Verma
    Sunandan Verma   10 months ago

    Pray to our saver and our Noah "Elon musk" only Elon musk can save human seed from getting extinct. By forming a civilization on Mars.Edit: From "Pray" i mean "Request" and this comment was not made to make you think about the Bible. I don't believe in God i am a science freak. Noah was just an example came to my mind when i was thinking about the brilliant work of Elon musk. I don't know anything about bible. I heard about a character named MANU in hindu mythology that how he saved the world from disastrous flood. Later i came to know there was also a similar character in Bible named NOAH who who saved the earth in similar way like MANU. That is why i compared elon musk to these characters.It was just an example. i only understand science and believe in science.EDIT 2 : First of all I wanna say that most of the people in the comments took my comment in a wrong way I said "I don't believe in GOD" from that I mean I don't believe in the mythological stories of religions and I don't believe in religions. I mean the way they used to say there are 330 million gods in Hindu religion and there is a prophet in Muslim religion, there is a prophet in Christianity blah blah blah there are a lot more prophet in different religions. So I don't consider all these prophet and gods or Devi devtas the " creator". BUT FOR ME MY GOD IS THIS BEAUTIFUL NATURE AND THIS NATURE IS ITSELF GOD, WHICH WE CANNOT CHANGE BUT WE CAN ONLY UNDERSTAND .If you ask me about a "Creator" I would say this universe is so complex and infinite that it's impossible for human beings to know the exact limit of this universe there is a theory of multiverse but we humans don't know what exists beyond multiverse . You know we are so small we are so so so so so small. We cannot say that there is a creator of this complex universe or it was created by itself maybe you can say it's natural selection which created this universe, I mean whatever was possible it just happened and this universe was created. The same way big bang theory explains the creation of this universe it's called natural selection it means whatever was possible it just happened and the universe was created.Now if you ask me about "Religions" ,the Bible ,the Quran ,the Geeta. First of all I want to say religions were made or created to Civilize human beings and nothing else. I mean they contain rules and regulations to live the life in a civilize d way, You know if you will not provide rules and regulations to humans, humans will become uncivilized. There are only two ways to civilize humans 1. Fear 2. Education . And religions use "Fear"to civilize humans. In the modern society in which we live today uses the way of "Education" to civilize human beings by providing them law and order . And civilizing human beings with the help of "Education" is far far far better than "Fear". "Fear" stop the growth of your mind but "Education" makes your mind more intelligent.Now if you ask me about the "Science" in the religions. Religions were created by intelligent people of their time and the science in them was also created by the scientific minds or the intelligent people of their time. World's first most scientific religion was Hindu Religion. The oldest study of natural sciences (physics) can be found in hindu vedas(rig,sam,yajur,athar). Yes most of the European physicists took their idea from hindu vedics.Werner heisenberg also studied hindu vedics and took some of ideas from it. And they all use to respect hindu vedas. But the point here is that, Studying nature is a profession of human beings because we are made by this nature to study this nature, we are intelligent ones. 1000s of years ago hindu civilization's Rishi muni also studied this nature same as it was studied in 19th and 20th century by European physicists. But the difference between our study and European ones is that. Hindu vedas study is very old and there are alot of things in hindu vedas study which are unproved and mythical also you can say(pseudo science). But modern physics is studied by modern humans who are more intelligent comparing to very old ones in hindu civilization (you know evolution). So point is that physics or natural science is more accurate and proved comparing to hindu vedas , Bible or Quran. Hindu vedas and physics both were developed by intelligent humans. Physics is the foundation of our modern world in which we are living. So we all should go with physics.If you have any other questions you can ask me in comments.

  • Ben Hurn
    Ben Hurn   19 hours ago

    Disgusting. Humanity's sickness: to have something they can completely control. That's why people are increasingly desiring isolation, or dogs, or robots. They don't want to develop the characteristics necessary to maintain mutually beneficial human relationships. Its easier to own something that can't leave you no matter what you do to it.

  • Egli Zotaj
    Egli Zotaj   23 hours ago

    If we make A.I self aware than it may decide to colonise the outerspace just like we humans... There won't be any replacement in jobs or intelligence but lot's of space for everyone... The Universe is infinite.

  • MANI Med ali
    MANI Med ali   1 days ago

    anyone with basic knowledge of artificial intelligence knows that we are still far from making robots that could think nearly as humans because nobody knows how our brain works yet . big IT companies are investing so much money in technology while they should focus on understanding humans ownselves

  • Lucas Jessop
    Lucas Jessop   1 days ago

    What about when the bots memory runs full? Like a HDD... the memory chips or banks will have to evolve it seems, even if its a 1000 Petabytes of memory it still gonna fill up...if they surpass humans on this planet then the memory still gonna fill up...humans store everything they go through in their muscles and organs and brain tissue as our bodies are evolving with awareness and memory becomes or appears to be limitless and infinite. As we are a representation of a cell, if not the cell, we divide at the end of our life much like a star/cell...maybe. Lets hope this "golden age" of A.I. and extreme luxurious living will be of benefit. Maybe the streets could be a lot cleaner and the freeways full of trash could be 10x better, maybe it will lead to humans feeling special, leading them to take the time to live better lives...idk.

  • Leslie Morgan
    Leslie Morgan   4 days ago

    Y'all are sex addicts though. Y'all may keep a few women around. What will happen if one sees two having sex, if they are TRULY BUILT like a human? Have emotions? FUCK Veins. Their wires might swell up..

  • Nemesis Prime
    Nemesis Prime   5 days ago

    I don't take any part in humanity and their wicked ungodly ways.... I'm a prime so i know better this why i stand neutral in this world among humanity.....humans are here,....and so are the primes.... most humans believe that their ways are right way and the right way is wrong... but i call this foolish...I have studied the human race for years and I've seen and read what they had and is still doing to themselves for their own gratification.... but I'm a prime.... nemesis prime... which means am against stupidness that takes away lives.... things that can destroyed us all....I hate terrorism and racism, wars and crimes.... I'm a pacifist who believe in love and world Peace... and most importantly God.... our only true lord and savior Jesus Christ.

  • Nemesis Prime
    Nemesis Prime   5 days ago

    The world is sinking and humans are the major part of this happening... they supposed to be taking care of our home but they are destroying it..they supposed to create medications to cure diseases quickly and ways to help the poor and needy and all the other illnesses like bad spine, feet, and other body disability, cancer and so on those should be there main purposes.... not these type of robots that can over power them.... one day and they don't even realize it.... humans are doing foolish things just for the purpose of making money and their own greed, remember Jesus Christ was here among them and he was God in flesh... instead they get to know him the pelt big stones at him....and when that didn't work they shaped out cross out of wood and nail him on it where he die in the flesh...then rise and return to heaven to help the same human race that murder him and they don't really focus on that.... and from since he left look at all the wickedness that humanity brought upon themselves.... trying to rule God earth....I read about Genghis Khan who almost wipeout the population of the world in his time and he was just a man in control over or about a million men.... now tell me what would happen if robots who are stronger, faster more skilled than humans with armies when they realize it.... and decided to play over Genghis Khan role again?... you see these humans believe that they are smart by finding all kind of ways to make money just for the purpose of their own greed.... when instead they will be bringing destructions and death upon might not look so now but it is exactly what is going to happen?.... for example guns and nuclear weapons was created by the same human race and now you see what happened look at some many lives that these creation or invention took and still taking every day.... you see humans you believe that you know what you are doing just for the purpose of praises, money and greed, but you are wrong.... this time you will be going to far because you are not only going to create robots, but most wickedly you are going to create masters and gods who will enslave you and wipe you you think these robots are just going to remind so with all those knowledge and wisdom that you give them? No they are going to learn about history and all the wicked murderers and killers like Genghis Khan, Stalin, Hitler, Benladin, Mao Zedong, and all the others....they are robots so they will learn faster think faster and set their plans faster then take over and wipe us out can't you see that?.... I am nemesis prime the one with wisdom and knowledge beyond human reach... and i approved of this message....get to know God Christ Jesus and stop being stupid.

  • Nemesis Prime
    Nemesis Prime   5 days ago

    The devil is wiser than humanity and he is using them to bring destructions upon themselves....they are creating robots that will over power them one day and wipe them out once they realize that they are stronger faster and cannot be destroyed by the human race so easily... once they realize all that and what is going on they will take fully control of the only thing that can stop them and wiped out humanity... something that is stronger and more powerful than humans is not going to be a slave for humans for long... instead they are going to make humans into slave and wipe them out.... Terminator is here and the human race don't even realize it and what they are doing.... because of the greed of money and they own wicked desires they are sinking this world that God has created for us all onto oblivion...I am nemesis prime and human are hunting us and i want to know why?

  • Ningthoujam Indrajit

    ꯃꯄꯥꯜ ꯕꯥꯔ ꯔꯣꯕꯦꯔꯠ꯭ ꯀꯔꯅꯥ ꯍꯥꯏꯟ ꯑꯦꯄꯦ ꯅꯕ !?

  • peter louvier
    peter louvier   5 days ago

    my android can go rob a bank. doesnt matter, I have an aliby.

  • peter louvier
    peter louvier   5 days ago

    we will become emotional attached to our robotsn on matter if they are human or not. ever been attached to a pet??

  • liviu bardel
    liviu bardel   5 days ago

    no more jobs for humans . no more pensions .

  • Meghan Smith
    Meghan Smith   6 days ago

    If they think like us, well thts another species to be conquered hahaha....Meow

  • Psychiatrysts
    Psychiatrysts   6 days ago

    This video is wrong. There have been no significant advances in AI understanding the world in decades.

  • Psychiatrysts
    Psychiatrysts   6 days ago

    Hype. Those robots are remote controlled and can't think. A system can not understand itself, W. Edwards Deming. A brain can't understand the brain. So we can't ever make thinking AI.

  • Sylvia Ponce
    Sylvia Ponce   6 days ago

    Omg!! Terminators i new that movie had some truth to it dam!! Skynet/legion sheeeeeit.

  • avalon intro
    avalon intro   1 weeks ago

    Hyper evolution? It´s rather psychopathic. We have already so many "human" roboters (intellekt, but no capacity of feelings, empathy). No consciousness, destroying nature, torturing and killing human beings and animals. What humanity needs to evolve is to get aware of this. Robots are clearly the idea of these unconscious (no conscience, "feeling dead inside") human beings. Disconnected from all living beings and creation. Sick.

  • Elliot Wong
    Elliot Wong   1 weeks ago

    Are you crazy ? Robots and human no difference? taking over human jobs, basically human with no money =death

  • duke hungry
    duke hungry   1 weeks ago

    When robots(AI ) come to be ... And people come to receive Universal income... Yeah that might work for a while but do you think the rich are going to pay people to sit on their butts while their money which paid for robots and AI are going to keep us around ???wake up people!!!

  • duke hungry
    duke hungry   1 weeks ago

    No difference between human and robots ??.... That guy is scary ... Elevator not going to top floor😂😂😂

  • David Swann
    David Swann   1 weeks ago

    Robots could never be emotional not in a life time can robots be will always be a program even AI cannot do this .

  • Brenda Whaley
    Brenda Whaley   1 weeks ago

    why would u do this to humans and take our jobs.. this is part of the antichrist,,repent and come to Jesus Christ,,

  • Gap
    Gap   1 weeks ago

    For the Emperor!!!!

  • Jack Panter
    Jack Panter   1 weeks ago

    What we are watching is the slow death of feminism.

  • Max Power
    Max Power   1 weeks ago

    That "robot" @ 17:53 has sinse my youth appeared rather frightening to my psyche. Maybe because one day it's going to happen as it says inRevelation 13:15 KJVSAnd he had power to GIVE LIFE unto the image of the beast, that the image of the beast should both speak, and cause that as many as would not worship the image of the beast should be killed.

  • Max Power
    Max Power   1 weeks ago

    Mark my words, in the near future, if we have the opportunity to ask "what's a robot", the answer might be, A.I: "Your question ought to have been, "what WAS a robot". Because of the "growth" of the Intelligence of A.I. surpassing that of human knowledge. Plus there's this,Revelation 13:15 KJV And he had power to give life unto the image of the beast, that the image of the beast should both speak, and cause that as many as would not worship the image of the beast should be killed*

  • Max Power
    Max Power   1 weeks ago

    One from Twilight Zone The Movie: "wanna see something really scary"?You can rest assured all these converging techs are for a purpose. A hidden purpose. A purpose not of man. Revelation 13:15 KJVSAnd he had power to give life unto the image of the beast, that the image of the beast should both speak, and cause that as many as would not worship the image of the beast should be killed.Luke 21:35 KJVFor as a snare shall it come on all them that dwell on the face of the whole earth.

  • Christian Svendsen
    Christian Svendsen   1 weeks ago

    I don't like the feeling of sun on my skin, guess I'm not human.

  • M
    M   1 weeks ago

    The danger of robots isn't the robot but the rapid self-learning capabilities called machine learning. We see AI that can self-teach from 0 knowledge of an arbitrary game to beating world champions in an extremely short amount of time (see OpenAI and DeepMind). The thing is AI doesn't need to sleep or eat, it can train 24/7. Once it becomes the best at what it does, it replicates itself to beat itself again and again until it finds the perfect way to win a game. Guess what species is the most dominant on Earth right now? The smartest one. Now imagine something millions of times smarter than us. Who will dominate the Earth then?

  • travin stelon
    travin stelon   1 weeks ago

    Havent you watch the terminator 🤕🤕🤕

  • WisdomFrom Above
    WisdomFrom Above   1 weeks ago

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  • Jason Trabbold
    Jason Trabbold   2 weeks ago

    it said "ruminating on the meaning of my existence" i the only one that doesnt want a robot to ponder these things?

    WICKEDLEE LOOPY   2 weeks ago

    When you realize that robot walks with more swag than you do. LOL