These Are the Events That Will Happen Before 2050

  • Published on: 23 September 2017
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  • Runtime : 9:24
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  • Sama's World
    Sama's World   23 minuts ago

    Don’t keep ur hopes up to much kiddo

  • Sama's World
    Sama's World   24 minuts ago

    The eventful think in 2020 is the virus that will kill 300,000,000 people and many counties will start war

  • kor vogel
    kor vogel   49 minuts ago

    “ summer olympics will be in tokyo”me: isn’t it being delayed. oh wait he doesn’t know at the time

  • Billy Geddes
    Billy Geddes   1 hours ago

    The summer Olympics will be held in Japan Corona Virus: I’m gonna end this mans whole career

  • Uhhh Gggghg
    Uhhh Gggghg   1 hours ago

    you were not wrong about 2020 being eventful

  • Fluxx ified
    Fluxx ified   2 hours ago

    if this will bee edited(my comment) im back in time

  • Mona Azar
    Mona Azar   5 hours ago

    2020 will be very eventful you are really righ

  • haydonian
    haydonian   6 hours ago

    yeah save the future kids need to have a good experience with life..

    RE_EEEKIDV2   8 hours ago

    1:06 UK left EU at January 30th 2020 poopoohead

  • Dat_One_Guy
    Dat_One_Guy   9 hours ago

    2020 will be very eventful may I correct you 2020 will be the worst year ever

  • That’s The Badger YT

    We need to do two things imo: Find a new place to live (new planet)Find immortality/ preservation of life

  • Mr Twister89
    Mr Twister89   11 hours ago

    “Unforeseen events” aka the coronavirus lol

  • Misty Hibbs
    Misty Hibbs   11 hours ago

    Who else wishes the were born way before 2000(Cause I was born 2006)

  • HadadBeats
    HadadBeats   11 hours ago

    Damn it’s crazy how he said in 2050 self driving cars will be normal when they are in 2020

  • Angel Berdida
    Angel Berdida   13 hours ago

    How about the philippines it will have a city of pearl at 2030

  • scott abelli
    scott abelli   14 hours ago

    Nothing about the C Virus of 20 They are full of crap

  • Arizzia
    Arizzia   14 hours ago

    ‘2020 will be very eventful’ This aged well

  • Akihiro Depresso
    Akihiro Depresso   16 hours ago

    Is it weird that this comment you see is from the future? I’m in mars right now, it’s 3062, So.. How’s life? A disaster? Well great.I’m dead, it’s weird to see this comment so ignore it or just reply to it, it’s fine

  • Mehmed Cavas
    Mehmed Cavas   19 hours ago

    A video for the next 30 yearsBut takes a goal from corona from the first minute 😂

  • Adrian Böhme
    Adrian Böhme   19 hours ago

    Lets come back in 2050 so we can compare :)

  • Scarydave 724
    Scarydave 724   20 hours ago

    "2020 will be Quiet Eventful"You got that right well some things werent Planed

  • Fxctional
    Fxctional   20 hours ago

    I will come back next year and see if things have normalized

  • Chris Mullan
    Chris Mullan   21 hours ago

    2020 lol 2020 lol 2020 lol you got that wrong.

  • LisaRose33
    LisaRose33   22 hours ago

    “2020 will be very eventful year” yup you were absolutely right.

  • Rust Not
    Rust Not   1 days ago

    4 Kilometres tall really? You can’t pronounce half the words 🤮

  • Petter Mortensen
    Petter Mortensen   1 days ago

    i like how he speculated that all of that was going to happen in 2020, but in reality, corona is a thing

  • Parika Raja
    Parika Raja   1 days ago

    in 2020 china will unleash the virus known to wipe out human populationand all humans will be trapped in their homes

    ARIAN THE ASSASIN   1 days ago

    2020 Kobe bryant wil dieThere wil be a virus from china that spread world wide and kills lots of peopleAnd asteroid wil almost his the EarthYou wil not be allowed to shake hands

  • Mwaka Bonface
    Mwaka Bonface   1 days ago

    The plans of a man are on its own mouth and mind ..but the almighty God makes them all

  • Jk M
    Jk M   1 days ago

    And no words about Coronavirus in 2020?