These Are the Events That Will Happen Before 2050

  • Published on: 23 September 2017
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  • Riley Bo Biley
    Riley Bo Biley   45 minuts ago

    In 2050 the McDonald's ice cream machine will work

  • Rosario Mini
    Rosario Mini   52 minuts ago

    He:hello people from the future! :DMe:wazzup :>

  • GamerBoyAmmir
    GamerBoyAmmir   1 hours ago

    If worlds is this worse at 2019, imagine how will be at 2050. If anyone be alive in that yearPS: Sorry for bad English

  • Daryl C.
    Daryl C.   2 hours ago


  • A3 gamer
    A3 gamer   3 hours ago

    Guess it's going to come to pass in my lifetime(Barely prob up to 2036)

  • Ram DE MESA
    Ram DE MESA   4 hours ago

    In 2060 we will have Fortnite cancled and Minecraft 2 will be born.

  • David Ellis
    David Ellis   4 hours ago

    I'm in 2019 i don't whant to die😭

  • Brendon Pereira
    Brendon Pereira   5 hours ago

    Anyone from 3001? Cause I am love the comment time travel feature from youtube

  • Lukepar3 The Gamer
    Lukepar3 The Gamer   10 hours ago

    I F Y O U R E A D T H I S Y O U W I L L B E B L E S S E D W I T H 12 H O U R S O F U N - E A R T H L Y L U C K.( please like this I spent a lot of time on this)

  • James Bernald
    James Bernald   13 hours ago

    4:36 USA be like yawns we did that in the 60s

  • Cheyanne Forbes
    Cheyanne Forbes   16 hours ago

    “Half of the Amazon first will likely be deforested”2019: well, it’s all on fire and no one is doing anything about it it

    DISS EAZE   17 hours ago


  • Toast
    Toast   18 hours ago

    Hi, me from 2050!

  • JJ 12
    JJ 12   22 hours ago

    I’m going t write the date every time I come to the video until 205018th October 2019

  • TheTaxburden
    TheTaxburden   1 days ago

    Yeah, and we were suppose to have flying cars by now.

  • Marendra Harditya
    Marendra Harditya   1 days ago

    By 2050 American Truck Simulator still not completed all US region

  • Alex B
    Alex B   1 days ago

    People who wanna plant more trees squad where you at we REALLY NEED YOU

  • GamingWithAidenYT
    GamingWithAidenYT   1 days ago

    In 2050 Project Zorgo will still not be defeated(For those who think I’m stupid for thinking project zorgo is real, I know it’s not, this comment is a joke.)

  • ThatDuckInASuit
    ThatDuckInASuit   1 days ago

    This is like low key scary, because this is in our lifetime

  • Benedict Tam
    Benedict Tam   1 days ago

    2047 and 2049 are the doom years of Hong Kong and Macau, respectively.