The Try Guys Try Not To Get Scared Challenge

  • Published on: 08 January 2020
  • It’s payback time! This time Ned’s getting surprised with HIS worst nightmare. How long will he last in this try-not-to-SCREAM horror movie challenge?

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  • Runtime : 12:43
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  • mariesella Miller
    mariesella Miller   2 hours ago

    HELLO KEITH was SO nice he took it easy on NED U are so so so funny & Ur reaction noises & narration was even funnier! BSAFE BE HEALTHY ❤

  • Faith Steen
    Faith Steen   2 hours ago

    Is she scary or is she grandpa? -Ned,2020

  • A Person
    A Person   6 hours ago

    I’m that one kid too scared to watch goosebumps in fifth grade

  • Kate
    Kate   14 hours ago

    Make Ned watch Haunted House 1 and 2. Horror comedy, best thing ever

  • Astroquarius
    Astroquarius   14 hours ago

    was lowkey waiting for eugene to have picked train to busan lmao - that film fucking scared me (I don't like zombie stuff)

  • Tess Nyman
    Tess Nyman   14 hours ago

    I suggest not watching this before you sleep

  • Jasmine Chan
    Jasmine Chan   15 hours ago

    is it bad i didnt flinch at any of these?

  • Rohan Parmar
    Rohan Parmar   18 hours ago

    Oh my god Oh my god Oh my god 😭😂😭😂😭😂😂

  • Emma -
    Emma -   18 hours ago

    Guys watch 'The visit'! It has a really good plot twist ^^

  • Meenal U
    Meenal U   21 hours ago

    Ned, Keith and Zach scared to death Eugene smiling the whole time

  • Joy Woffindin
    Joy Woffindin   22 hours ago

    They have the lights all the way up, nonsense!

  • Antherlouis Lobitana

    Hey! Why don't you try the saw, chainsaw Texas massacre, and human centiped

  • Lisa Lu
    Lisa Lu   1 days ago

    the second vid or the third was gross that was not scary

  • Gracie Hopton
    Gracie Hopton   1 days ago

    I have seen the thing there reactions where so funny

  • Yulia Ayu Asyari
    Yulia Ayu Asyari   1 days ago

    me too Ned.. Me too Ned.. I also agree with your lion king theory.. 😭

  • Hisui
    Hisui   2 days ago

    Lion King is scary😂

  • Chonky Thicc
    Chonky Thicc   2 days ago

    If a horror movie is muted it’ll be a comedy

  • TranquilAshes
    TranquilAshes   3 days ago

    There should be a round 2. There are so many more movies that are sooo much scarier!

  • sugatoyourtae
    sugatoyourtae   3 days ago


  • Jenna A
    Jenna A   3 days ago

    You guys should have Ned play the paranormal activity VR game

  • Brian
    Brian   3 days ago

    Im disappointed, Ned should be alone in a room watching. Having the other guys around take away from it. I demand a redo.

  • Rocio Zaldivar
    Rocio Zaldivar   3 days ago

    You guys should plan a prank against Ned by having things fall at the house while he takes care of the baby but of course be safe. It would be great to see his reaction.

  • Daley Rogers
    Daley Rogers   3 days ago

    Sees a girl walking: Ned:navsjsnhebebejebdbdbdbdbb!!!!!!!!

  • Maria Wescott
    Maria Wescott   3 days ago

    the funny thing is that i watched insidious when i was 9

  • Chilly Pan Pan
    Chilly Pan Pan   3 days ago

    When ur alone: ScaryWhen ur with ur buddies: Funny

  • Madame Meme
    Madame Meme   3 days ago

    Shane and Ryan watching this: bruh, these clips are funny as hell

  • Tigerlily M
    Tigerlily M   3 days ago

    Drag me hell didnt have any comedy aspects for me, it just scared the shit outta me

  • Angello John
    Angello John   4 days ago

    Those aren't even the scariest parts of those movies. I think you guys are even scared to choose the scariest parts. btw nice video

  • hazel person person
    hazel person person   4 days ago

    how is it that when i was 10 i could watch Nightmare On Elm Street? Bad idea... But Ned couldn’t even watch lion king when he’s 30 something?