Top 10 Angry & Awkward Celebrity Moments

  • Published on: 27 October 2017
  • From Will Smith, to Kanye West, today we're counting down the top ten most awkward live celebrity moments! Make sure to like & subscribe for brand new Top 10 Videos every day!

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  • Runtime : 7:47
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  • Christopher Keillor
    Christopher Keillor   2 days ago

    I may not care a whole lot about celebrities but when anyone says I have enough of you you need to walk away cuz if I've had enough of you and you keep pestering me you're going to get hurt and I am completely okay with celebrities telling the paparazzi or whatever to go away and if they do not I think it's okay for the show called celebrity to defend themselves physically and if the fake media would get their act together instart actually being reporters learning the facts and asking relevant questions they may not be getting pummeled on a regular basis like they are

  • The Duchess
    The Duchess   3 days ago

    I"m not really a snoop dog fan but that shyte was funny. Snoop:" Man STFU....Man: Why was you late? Snoop: I went to go get some chicken wings. Now that's funny.

  • Owen
    Owen   3 days ago

    3:33 Old Bill's gullet moves like Kermits there and he sounds guilty like him too.

  • philippa D
    philippa D   5 days ago

    That girl interviewing Jessie is so obnoxious, so disrespectful

  • Lane Whittington
    Lane Whittington   5 days ago

    When Billie Joe Armstrong couldn't break his guitar in the first few swings I got stressed

  • Kool CiD
    Kool CiD   1 weeks ago

    People get so mad when celebrities react to provocative behaviour, like just coz they famous, dont mean they ain’t humans

  • Quixotic Tambourine
    Quixotic Tambourine   1 weeks ago

    Armstrong randomly brings Beiber into everything demeaning like he himself is some rock God or something. 😂I mean WHY!

  • Полезные Советы ! ! !

    Shamwari inodikanwa Jesu anoda kukuponesa! Daidza Mwanakomana waMwari. Iye achakukanganwira zvivi zvako uye nekupa simba rekugara mumufaro nerunyararo, mune mufaro nerudo. Ingoyananiswa naMwari kuburikidza nekutendeuka, siya Jesu mumoyo mako. Iye anoda uye akamirira iwe! "Anotenda kuna Jesu Kristu, ane hupenyu hwusingaperi," rinodaro Bhaibheri. Kurumidza, iyo nguva yenyasha inopera, zvinoreva kuti Kristu pavanorega kutireverera kudenga kuna Baba Vekudenga, ipapo kuyananiswa naMwari hazvigoneke ... Ongorora Bhaibheri, iro kubudikidza naro Baba Vekudenga vanotaura pachavo kumunhu mumwe nemumwe. Mariri iwe unowana mhinduro dzemibvunzo yako yose. Tevedza mirairo gumi, iyi ichave nhoo yako kubva kune yakaipa! Mwari akuropafadze!

  • Zuka Baby
    Zuka Baby   1 weeks ago

    🎩 off to Miley Ci handled that like a pro.

  • DanoRiaz
    DanoRiaz   1 weeks ago

    Jesse Eisenberg is a clever Boi

    ARSENAL FC   1 weeks ago

    The title should of been "When poor people get rich"All these celebrities once was poor, now they have money and they think they own the world. Poor or rich the attitude will tell you who you are.

  • Scotty Cranwell
    Scotty Cranwell   1 weeks ago

    BRILLIANT World Economic Forum interviewer. B.R.I.L.L.I.A.N.T. Massive applause 👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏

  • Randall Owens
    Randall Owens   2 weeks ago

    I will be ready for my interview from arsenio or not.

  • Kilah Thomas
    Kilah Thomas   2 weeks ago

    When will backhand that interviewer 🤣🤣

  • Fazakas Adam
    Fazakas Adam   2 weeks ago

    man that dude just got destroyed by the slap of Will Smith like the childrens who got sent to the RANCH by Dr. Phil

  • Big country's poundcake

    I was in grade 11 when Billie got pissed off and I thought it was super inspiring it was awesome

  • Oblivion Light
    Oblivion Light   2 weeks ago

    And at the end, the only casualty that was allowed to be shown on TV was a guitar with a broken neck.

  • Courtney S
    Courtney S   2 weeks ago


  • Rehan Verma
    Rehan Verma   2 weeks ago

    i love Jesse Eisenberg he is damn smart n quick wit

  • Cash Austin
    Cash Austin   2 weeks ago

    Teacher: Mr. Snoop why are you five hours late Snoop: I was late cuz I wanted to get some chick n wings

  • Kathy Bee
    Kathy Bee   2 weeks ago

    I just now get this in my recommendations, over 2 years later?Well, I probably got it sooner, but I was out getting chicken wings. 😉

  • Rebel Rogers 420
    Rebel Rogers 420   2 weeks ago

    Lmao Miley shut her up in such a classy way...made Nicki look stupid...brilliant

  • v r
    v r   2 weeks ago

    One f**** minute

  • D Cabral
    D Cabral   2 weeks ago

    Wow, Armstrong got medieval

  • D Cabral
    D Cabral   2 weeks ago

    Ok, Eisenberg was just doing playful banter, and quite frankly he was very smart and quick!