Robert Irwin's Baby Porcupine Finds a Home on Jimmy's Lap

  • Published on: 23 November 2018
  • Robert Irwin, 14-year-old son of Crocodile Hunter Steve Irwin, brings out some interesting animals to show Jimmy, including adorable baby otters, a couple of curious porcupines and a baby zebra.

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    Robert Irwin's Baby Porcupine Finds a Home on Jimmy's Lap

  • Runtime : 8:
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    DJ VIKI   9 hours ago

    Jimmy and Robert are both awesome:) Jimmy's expressions and Roberts animals are amazing!

  • Frosted Tips
    Frosted Tips   9 hours ago

    When the otters came my cat came in the room looking to kill

  • Charlene Lim
    Charlene Lim   21 hours ago

    Love the way he talks, so passionate, so positive and so polite!

  • Cali vlogs
    Cali vlogs   1 days ago

    Math teacher: you got a fRober: awsom

  • Dancing Dolls
    Dancing Dolls   2 days ago

    06:58 Is anyone not going to talk about how she winked?

  • Mark Bötefür
    Mark Bötefür   2 days ago

    Robert always finds the right thing to say to make Jimmy cringe and freak ou😂

  • GMP
    GMP   2 days ago

    What Jimmy doesn't realize is animals sense fear and in the animal kingdom (this includes humans) when they are afraid they attack first because they sense the fear and are afraid of being attacked.

    MILKEDURGRANDMA7   3 days ago

    2:03 otter: * looks at jimmy*Jimmy: * looks at otter*Otter: FUCK YOU

  • melany struik
    melany struik   5 days ago

    I have never seen someone so happy and such an animal lover he makes me smile and the animals and the face of the host of course

  • melany struik
    melany struik   5 days ago

    He is so kind and happy and you can see his love for al the animals

  • furgee
    furgee   5 days ago

    I wish I could meet Robert Irwin

  • Caitlyn Bernard-Matika

    Who else wants Animal planet to be made available in the uk? Because I rlly wanna watch it but I can’t :/ | |\/

  • Peyton Jones
    Peyton Jones   1 weeks ago

    jimmy’s little side eyes to the audience kill me

  • Cayleigh Mulla
    Cayleigh Mulla   1 weeks ago

    Robert:it's so cute hold him Jimmy:holding himRobert:all the ways it can kill you 👉👈🥺

  • Leslie Chapa
    Leslie Chapa   1 weeks ago

    Looking at Robert is like looking at his father.

  • Emrys M.
    Emrys M.   1 weeks ago

    I had to mute the video when they brought out the otters bc I woke up my cat and she started sniffing my phone lol

  • Titanix xD
    Titanix xD   1 weeks ago

    Poor Jimmy will have nightmares tonight

  • 96spongebobs
    96spongebobs   2 weeks ago

    Almost every animal “I wonder what jimmy tastes like”

  • Kid Sundance
    Kid Sundance   2 weeks ago

    Wild animals should be treated with more RESPECT. They're not your friends, you're not Dr. Doolittle, just leave nature alone, I hate this approach to conservation

  • Kyndal Garrett
    Kyndal Garrett   2 weeks ago

    Robert PLEASE don't try your luck with stingrays.... I beg you. We still aren't over losing your dad. We wouldn't be okay at all ever again if we lost you too.

  • Sydney Downing
    Sydney Downing   2 weeks ago

    Jimmy: you took it a little easy on me this time me: yeah the spider was kind of crazy last time

  • Water Melon
    Water Melon   2 weeks ago

    This how many times we heard"how cool it that"⬇️

  • BlueMonday
    BlueMonday   2 weeks ago

    Baby otter: Hey, Jimmy, wanna hear the most annoying sound in the world?1:44

  • Erin Beach
    Erin Beach   3 weeks ago

    Robert is so wholesome and pure i just love him he reminds me of his daddy and I'm so happy he's filling his dad's shoes so well. I know Steve is smiling down on him and so very proud.

  • Donovan Shovan
    Donovan Shovan   3 weeks ago

    Well it looks like we still get to enjoy steve. Just call him robert. I love this so much