• Published on: 29 November 2019
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  • Runtime : 2:54
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  • The ACE Family
    The ACE Family   1 weeks ago


  • K S
    K S   8 minuts ago

    Didn’t think anyone could look more douchey but Austin really outdid himself

  • Sydnie M
    Sydnie M   11 minuts ago

    YOU'RE DOING AMAZING SWEETIES ! This was so freaking cute! omg

  • Amy Antrobus
    Amy Antrobus   12 minuts ago

    Catherine isn’t even that pretty she only looks that way with all that makeup on just imagine what she would look like without the makeup exactly not pretty but I sort of sound like a hater right now but I love our videos please give me a shoutout even though I said that

  • jennesi garcia
    jennesi garcia   1 hours ago

    omg people just leave them alone if they want to use a horse then they can

  • Pikachu Pat
    Pikachu Pat   1 hours ago

    Dang, Austin should sing more often he has a nice voice

  • Lily sa Saoto
    Lily sa Saoto   1 hours ago

    Omg I love the music make more song and have fun with it😝

  • Nikki
    Nikki   1 hours ago

    How did I know his voice was going to be autotuned before I clicked on the video 🤣

  • Hailey Kuylen
    Hailey Kuylen   1 hours ago

    You guys rock❤️been here since day 1 love you guys❤️❤️

  • Tasi Kalapu
    Tasi Kalapu   1 hours ago

    This is how much of you love this song👇👇👇

  • Samantha Payne
    Samantha Payne   1 hours ago

    Amazing video... feel bad for the dude in the back of the dancers... you can’t even see him. They should of just had the 3 in the front dancing. But other then that it was a really nice video!! Nice lyrics Austin!!

  • Bonnie Robinson
    Bonnie Robinson   1 hours ago

    I feel sorry for the people who helped Make this video for trying so hard not to laugh it’s so bad

  • Chris Gronau
    Chris Gronau   1 hours ago

    White pants and “country” don’t mix

  • sierra dawn
    sierra dawn   1 hours ago

    So can I just say, as an equestrian who has been around horses my whole life, that video made me want to die😂. Like I can't handle it when celebrities that know nothing about horses use horses as props.

  • anamari andrade
    anamari andrade   2 hours ago

    The bit is hideous. Why do this idiots use horses as props in their music video, when they clearly don’t know a thing about horses? She shouldn’t be riding a horse like that, looks like a stallion and stallions are not that calm, bet that horse is sedated.

  • Audica Knudson
    Audica Knudson   2 hours ago

    Why are you guys assholes. like why do you have to come on here and say all these things like wtf😡

  • Katy Reyez
    Katy Reyez   2 hours ago

    I love you guys hope you get more den 1k

  • Enas Ramzi
    Enas Ramzi   3 hours ago

    honstly i actually liked it but the poor man back there it looks like he hiding LOL but it was a nice song not bad and u guys its just one song that was a little off because of the boy in the back but we all LOVED and when i mean loved i mean LOOVVEEDD '' your my ace '' i loved it and i actually like this song pls like !!!!!!!!

  • Dawn Lily
    Dawn Lily   3 hours ago

    Sad to see the fake smiles in Catherines face ,

  • Maham Saeed
    Maham Saeed   3 hours ago

    The worst music video doesn’t exi-

  • Nevaeh gates
    Nevaeh gates   3 hours ago

    Yall go back to the part when there dancing my sister said Austin touch that boy private area

  • asriielle
    asriielle   3 hours ago

    how much auto tune did u use

  • Alex2point2
    Alex2point2   3 hours ago

    That horse must have been through heck