The Egg - A Short Story

  • Published on: 01 September 2019
  • The Egg

    Story by Andy Weir
    Animated by Kurzgesagt

    A Big Thanks to Andy Weir for allowing us to use his story.
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  • Runtime : 7:55
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  • Kurzgesagt – In a Nutshell

    A Big Thanks to Andy Weir for allowing us to use his story!If you want to support us, please check out those beautiful Egg posters we made:

  • Taylor Greig
    Taylor Greig   19 minuts ago

    I saw this original story forever ago. It's so cool so many other people get to see it now.

  • King Of Random
    King Of Random   28 minuts ago

    Person: “How many times have you told me this exact speech?”God: chuckles

  • Kat pe
    Kat pe   42 minuts ago

    So does that mean I'm Notch, the guy who made Minecraft?!😮

  • Lucas T. C.
    Lucas T. C.   1 hours ago

    make more holistic videos like this! All the other videos are science

  • aileen lacson
    aileen lacson   1 hours ago

    Is that mean i am tryhardninja singing revenge Hehehehhehehehe

  • M
    M   1 hours ago

    Individual consciousness does not duplicate. This is nonsense.

  • gaster106
    gaster106   1 hours ago

    Wait so I have been oppressing myself because I am a gamer

  • Viron
    Viron   2 hours ago

    I'm everyone in this comment section and you're all me

  • Lua Siqueira
    Lua Siqueira   2 hours ago

    The maxim of the story is that we are born naked and alone and that we are all the same, here there is no sin, only consequences of good and evil we do; and that life is finite for anyone, no matter what creed, race, gender, how much money you have, and how much you love your family, but the story is about reincarnation, and that's bullshit. "The supreme mission of man is to know what he needs to be a man, agree, the inhumanity that is caused to another destroys humanity in me." Immanuel Kant

  • FoxFreak
    FoxFreak   2 hours ago

    I can't stop thinking about HowToBasic now...

  • Cee Dee
    Cee Dee   3 hours ago

    We are the universe experiencing itself in limitless forms.. we are all made up of star stuff like everything else.. Life is about vibrations and energy, that's prolly why some people call it a test or even a game.

  • Wild Roses
    Wild Roses   4 hours ago

    People being reborn again along with regular birth rates is whats causing overpopulation.

  • Wild Roses
    Wild Roses   4 hours ago

    I really love this video though and i totally agree with you. I think reincarnation just the way you said it is real and it can be scientifically proved. But there is a terrible downside to it that should be explored as well. Overpopulation can lead to people going brain dead because all of the noise and talking. It can make certain areas of the brain light up that aren't suppose to. And to anybody! Not just the schizophrenics. This would be a cause for war.

  • Madara Uchiha
    Madara Uchiha   4 hours ago

    does Incarnation also work in cartoon world?

  • GuNzOnE
    GuNzOnE   4 hours ago

    what a nice video i made, hope you guys like it!

  • Living the God life
    Living the God life   4 hours ago

    Not bad except this universe is God's with all His/Her children. We do have a universe but we're not grown enough to start using it fully yet....

  • Jeru Ubiña
    Jeru Ubiña   5 hours ago

    Wait, if "you" are everyone, then your giving birth, to yourself?

  • Kshitij S
    Kshitij S   5 hours ago

    They mentioned Hindus once in the video. Could have mentioned again in the end as this is basically Hinduism explained in one video. This is the concept of Advaita - Non-duality. Essentially, the idea is this: The Universe is a manifestation of the same consciousness, which only appears to be different. A common example is of Wave and the Ocean. There is one body of water, the Ocean, which has millions upon millions on waves at any given moment. The Wave may, for the period of its existence, deem itself separate from the ocean and the other waves, because it objectively feels so, but eventually, it's all the same water. Try searching "Hiranyagarbha" which means "golden egg" or "Golden womb" in Sanskrit. This video's story is taken from it.

  • Ryan Powers
    Ryan Powers   5 hours ago

    So are you giving Logic the credit he deserves for this or are you just gonna act like you made it yourself? You did about as good as a 10th grader changing the wording so it’s not copyrighted, can’t believe this crap. Credit- “Waiting Room”-Logic

  • CrutusBrutus
    CrutusBrutus   6 hours ago

    But does the god explain all this everytime the dude dies?

  • Viktor Krenik
    Viktor Krenik   6 hours ago

    I've got a mixture of vibes from Marcus Aurelius and Alan Watts here

  • Zaplex PH
    Zaplex PH   6 hours ago

    Wait am i you or you are me?Edited: It is a great story.

  • Kirby Bragais
    Kirby Bragais   7 hours ago

    I can't believe I put off watching this till today.

  • Ikechukwu Anya
    Ikechukwu Anya   8 hours ago

    This kinda sounds like the dialogue from hallelujah by logic

  • Jose Cruz
    Jose Cruz   8 hours ago

    Wow, this made me emotional, and I'm speechless..