The Egg - A Short Story

  • Published on: 01 September 2019
  • The Egg

    Story by Andy Weir
    Animated by Kurzgesagt

    A Big Thanks to Andy Weir for allowing us to use his story.
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    This video was more than 2 years in the making and is a little bit different than the others on this channel. We hope you like it.

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  • Runtime : 7:55
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  • Kurzgesagt – In a Nutshell

    A Big Thanks to Andy Weir for allowing us to use his story!If you want to support us, please check out those beautiful Egg posters we made:

  • Pooja Vishwakarma
    Pooja Vishwakarma   19 minuts ago

    This is Sanatan Dharma(Hinduism) philosophy explained in the best possible way... Incredible work Kurzgesagt🙌🙌

  • Jay Krishna Kamlekar
    Jay Krishna Kamlekar   3 hours ago

    'So I'm Derek chauvin?'' and George Floyd too'Edit: forgot to pay my respects.

  • Lubinator 666
    Lubinator 666   4 hours ago

    frick, that means i am also flat earther or anti vaxxer

  • Leggen Dario
    Leggen Dario   6 hours ago

    Why did I dislike the video 37k times?!what's wrong with me in those lives?!?!

  • Pk Ying
    Pk Ying   8 hours ago

    Tell me why I wrote down some sort of poem that we are all one. Just to find this video like it was explaining my every emotion, like as if an answering to my question. Almost burst in tears watching this video. Been up over 24 hours though. 😴

  • Pk Ying
    Pk Ying   8 hours ago

    This hit me so deep.

  • KatNip
    KatNip   8 hours ago

    Everything set aside the main point of this video is to be humble and treat everyone the same/or how you'd like to be treated. we all are humans and should love each other regardless.

  • Janna Sarkisova
    Janna Sarkisova   8 hours ago

    I love this video so much that I watched this nearly 10 times :>

  • Paul HK
    Paul HK   9 hours ago

    آرَنحيد الصظِرن

  • Tessa !!
    Tessa !!   10 hours ago

    Damn i’ve watched this 14m times

  • TocoCoco123
    TocoCoco123   11 hours ago

    So if someone says they dont like man kind them they say that they don’t like themselves

  • Purva Pawar
    Purva Pawar   11 hours ago

    "The Hindus were right"We're always right.

  • Bjjs
    Bjjs   11 hours ago

    what about the other deities living in other lokas? are they all part of God like us?

  • Bjjs
    Bjjs   11 hours ago

    We live in 3 dimensional world and what I learn in my religion that our soul enters into 4 dimensional space after death. Therefore, after death our soul gets a divya drishti and able to see his relatives crying but cannot do anything and we gets ready for our journey to yamloka (heaven/hell) and other lokas which exist in 4 dimensional space. Therefore somebody might be living in 5 dimensional space able to see how all galaxies and lokas of our universe are changing with the possibilities of time. So with all posiblities of time we are living in multiverse then there could be someone who is living in 6th dimension who can observe all possible timelines of multiple universes. So the question is who is living in 6th dimension and observing all possible timelines?Nothing but God himself. In hinduism this 6D space is Parmanand where soul dissolves after getting moksha and get away from vicious cycle of birth and death.

  • Serina
    Serina   11 hours ago

    If you ever resent anyone for being really pretty while you think your not just think that you are them. And you have that beauty. 🥰

  • Nani?
    Nani?   12 hours ago

    I am GAy WE are ... ( ͝° ͜ʖ͡°)

  • Gabriel Lopez
    Gabriel Lopez   14 hours ago

    “You could make a religion out of this!”

  • Fayrayz
    Fayrayz   14 hours ago

    “And, I’m a flat earther”“Yeah, you’re a dumbass”

  • Kyle Maritz
    Kyle Maritz   17 hours ago

    I’m Yu. Not me you. Yes, I’m yu.

  • Soyer Sawce
    Soyer Sawce   18 hours ago

    Truck-kun isekai’d another one again

  • Dulal Kisku
    Dulal Kisku   18 hours ago

    So, I am asking my own nudes from last 2 years?🙄🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯

  • dudeserpent77
    dudeserpent77   21 hours ago

    I like this food for thought. I would only change one small thing, and that is the inclusion of all life and all forms of consciousness, not just the lives/consciousness of human beings. After all, human thought/experience didn't come from nothing. Plus, animals can feel love too.