For Honor made me lose custody of the kids

  • Published on: 08 February 2019
  • pls help roman

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  • Pmo _
    Pmo _   20 hours ago

    didn't know zanny likes a lil tf2

  • Owen Jones
    Owen Jones   2 days ago

    2019: Roman wears a mask so they don't see his tears.2020: Roman wears a mask.... well you figured out the rest probably

  • Cool Uncle Potato
    Cool Uncle Potato   3 days ago

    Anyone else rewatch avatar, see jet, and thought fucking wu lin

  • luke bessonov
    luke bessonov   1 weeks ago

    Communism is a trap, like nuxia. It will punish you for trying to guard. And can be used to clinch in between staggers

  • WhyMad Brah
    WhyMad Brah   1 weeks ago

    watching zanny made me somehow less toxic in game

  • _._pay up
    _._pay up   1 weeks ago

    I had my eyes closed for most of the time of the vidro

  • Oscar Ortiz
    Oscar Ortiz   1 weeks ago

    Roman is finding the cure for coronavirus

  • Knight Toxic
    Knight Toxic   1 weeks ago

    first video ive watched from you and i cannot stop laughing lmao

    LEGACY MANIAC   1 weeks ago

    The amount of times I heard u thought and SHieLD is unreal

  • Micah Bell
    Micah Bell   1 weeks ago

    He could've just bought the year 3 pass for 30 dollars but decided to buy steel for 50...

  • K. Balu
    K. Balu   2 weeks ago

    Roman is sad because PK rejected him (But then PK know she made a mistake and go back to him)

  • Raytham Bape
    Raytham Bape   2 weeks ago

    Roman will show the week's true darqnesh

  • Kayaba Akihiko
    Kayaba Akihiko   3 weeks ago

    So last year the samurai were the best nation now they are the worse

  • Berny Hilario
    Berny Hilario   3 weeks ago

    don’t bother watching this video, zany tells u to close ur eyes the whole video anyway

  • Kahele Loo
    Kahele Loo   3 weeks ago

    Romans sword is almost as powerful as his depression

  • Ionized Spark
    Ionized Spark   3 weeks ago

    Roman didnt realize the man he just killed was his son

  • S N A P
    S N A P   3 weeks ago

    So I played zanny’s scream full volume on a speaker...

  • jr syharath
    jr syharath   3 weeks ago

    This video was actually the worst video I’ve ever watched. Annoying ass voice and he’s dead ass not funny

  • spareZ
    spareZ   4 weeks ago

    0:10 what did he call us!?!?!?!?