Secret Santa Surprises Couple With $50,000

  • Published on: 03 December 2019
  • An Idaho man struggling to provide for his family after suffering an injury while working to complete their home received a Christmas miracle. Brad and Erica Crow were surprised with health insurance for a year and $50,000 to go toward building their dream home by The life-changing gift was part of the team's annual Secret Santa series, in which they surprise locals in need of help over the holiday season.’s Leigh Scheps has more.
  • Runtime : 3:52
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  • Him Him
    Him Him   1 months ago

    Why can't people do something nice without broadcasting it? Shameful 😒

  • Foof y
    Foof y   3 months ago

    they won’t pay for anything below the ankle? wth is wrong with insurance!!!!

  • emme arellano
    emme arellano   3 months ago

    Okay what about my mexican mom who goes to school and work everyday and btw is single. I have epilepsy my brother is autistic and my other brother has a condition that makes him poop

  • Eric Rojas
    Eric Rojas   3 months ago

    My family is big I have 4 sisters and 2 brothers

  • Turtle mommy
    Turtle mommy   3 months ago

    Oh my gosh.... this is so beautiful & amazing ♡♡♡Tears of joy ;' )To all the secret santas out there.... thank you for your kind heart ♡♡♡

  • Ktm S
    Ktm S   3 months ago

    If it was me beast it would have given them $50k than made a video bragging about it and than made that $50k back!

  • SlipperyWhenWet
    SlipperyWhenWet   3 months ago

    This is what I want to be able to do when I’m older

  • Auntie M
    Auntie M   3 months ago

    What a good thing to happen, during the time of year when depression hits the hardest. I hope this inspires them and thus those around them so they do not get depressed.

  • MAMA C
    MAMA C   3 months ago

    I need a miracle like this..a little gesture goes a long way..

  • Jenna Filbert
    Jenna Filbert   3 months ago

    Y’all got me crying like a baby at work 😭🥰

  • Edie Koller
    Edie Koller   3 months ago

    Its sad and happy at the same time..Thank you Secret Santa for helping all these people.

    JOSHTHEPRO   3 months ago

    IF YOUR UNDER 18 don’t listen to thisEven though there not Santa and Santa isn’t a thing they r now the true real Santa and it’s just brings a smile to your face knowing there’s people out there who do give people a better life.

  • J Marley
    J Marley   3 months ago

  • Monica Jones
    Monica Jones   3 months ago

    This is a blessing. God is good. I know their struggle and pain. I lost everything when my daughter passed a few years ago and its been a struggle ever since. Crazy, my daughter passed in my arms at Christmas my cousin 3weeks earlier on Thanksgiving. No one helped me. So im so thankful for them.

  • Kasen Jones
    Kasen Jones   3 months ago

    Not so secret to me but heartwarming

  • That Guy
    That Guy   3 months ago

    Who else thinks its MrBeast😉😉

  • Larry Ramirez
    Larry Ramirez   3 months ago

    Can I have $18,500 I want to buy myself my dream vehicle please it’s a 1972 c10 super Cheyenne

  • Jaishree S
    Jaishree S   3 months ago

    Each one of you needed the helpBless u secret Santa

  • K G
    K G   3 months ago

    Here I am 38yo..Full time, full custody dad of a 16yo girl, no child support, taking care of my sick 65yo mom, developed avuscular necrosis, so I just had 2 full total hip replacements and possibly knees sooner or later, fired from job bcus of time away for medical job, no money, no health but I have faith !! It's Christmas in a few weeks and daughters bday in same week..I'm so screwed and lost !! May god hear my callings and answer...God bless u all !

  • Dragon Beast
    Dragon Beast   3 months ago

    Damm how much v bucks can you buy with that

  • Joanna Paz
    Joanna Paz   3 months ago

    I wish I could have a secret santa

  • Angela Drewey
    Angela Drewey   3 months ago

    Awesome!! Great to see good news sometimes, God Bless🙏

  • iF2ix
    iF2ix   3 months ago

    Bless these people and these secret Santa’s

  • Michelle Ryder
    Michelle Ryder   3 months ago

    What they also got was a year of health insurance but they didn't report that

  • RZ 25
    RZ 25   3 months ago

    Benny has left the chat

  • Josh V
    Josh V   3 months ago

    Mr beast: hold my beer...