• Published on: 14 May 2019
  • best concert of all time, thanks santigold

  • Runtime : 48
  • new magic wand tyler the creator igor santigold best performance ever tiny hat


  • izzybxlle
    izzybxlle   1 hours ago

    0:41 when it’s April 2nd and she’s still pregnant

  • trash fake
    trash fake   2 hours ago

  • XXsp1cyX X
    XXsp1cyX X   3 hours ago

    0:41Tryhard kids in P.E. Runnin the mile while everyone else is walking

  • Onyin
    Onyin   3 hours ago

    Hearing my dad take off the belt 0:41

  • Theo
    Theo   3 hours ago

    Yes, very educational videoCheck the description if U don't get it

  • XPlayS
    XPlayS   4 hours ago

    Teacher leaves the classroom for 5 seconds4th graders: 0:27

    ITS RWAAAMEN   4 hours ago

    Joke 1:Girl’s locker room: OMG! I hate P.E.Boy’s locker room: OMG! I hate P.E.Gender neutral locker room: 0:27Joke 2:>tfw the school shooter runs out of ammo0:27Joke 3:>tfw the school shooter is out of your class0:27Joke 4:>tfw my class is left alone for .0001 seconds0:27Joke 5:*Photo of Tiananmen Square Protests, 1989 (colorized) 0:27Joke 6:My emotions when I forget to do homework.0:27Joke 7:Me running away from my problems be like 0:33Joke 8:TikTok be like0:27

  • Dr.Jimmy Boi
    Dr.Jimmy Boi   4 hours ago

    0:41 when someone’s breath STANKY😂😂😂

  • Happy Doma
    Happy Doma   5 hours ago

    I'm convinced that Tyler loves the way his hair moves in that wig

  • Vicdapres YT
    Vicdapres YT   5 hours ago

    When you see James Charles in the distance 0:41

  • khristopher sanders
    khristopher sanders   5 hours ago

    all i need now is for tyler the creator to show up at the spot i work at and i crush this shit myself for karaoke... if he doesn't... he not real #waiting

  • Chris Havok
    Chris Havok   6 hours ago

    0:41 When Nardwuar pulls up on Lil Uzi Vert

  • Sunverzé
    Sunverzé   8 hours ago

    0:32No one gonna mention that guy who ran off the set?

  • Pompei
    Pompei   9 hours ago

    So no head ? 0:41

  • Gaia HC
    Gaia HC   9 hours ago

    i Don’t want to leave u

  • TheUnknownLink
    TheUnknownLink   11 hours ago

    When you see your mom with your report card 0:41

    SHINDAINDIAN :0   12 hours ago

    0:27 people who don’t mind Danny Brown’s voice 0:43 people who do mind Danny Brown’s voice a.k.a. Trash Bois

  • thcgigi
    thcgigi   12 hours ago

    i literally can’t stand him lmao 🤣

  • Šüčkēr.
    Šüčkēr.   12 hours ago

    Nobody My crush moving schools 0:01

  • Toojmoohool
    Toojmoohool   12 hours ago

    0:41 black boyfriend after hearing she’s a positive

  • Summer Green
    Summer Green   13 hours ago

    Ok but where was Tyler actually going💀

  • John Hoe
    John Hoe   14 hours ago

    0:41 when your trying to do a sub 5 mile

  • kathy
    kathy   14 hours ago

    *IGOR drops*me, trying to find my phone and earbuds: 0:41

  • jetrm
    jetrm   14 hours ago

    Ok but that wig is really secured ok tyler I see u

  • sounds about moist
    sounds about moist   14 hours ago

    0:42Me getting my airpods when Tyler finally decides to collab with Oliver Tree aka coconut boi

  • angelyna :/
    angelyna :/   15 hours ago

    the end was lowkey everything when running and zooming in