How To Display Your Work At A Craft Show

  • Published on: 29 June 2016
  • Hi sweets~ Today I will be talking about set up at craft shows. There are many ways to do this. I took some video while I was at my last craft show and I wanted to tell you what I thought of the work. Please LIKE the video if you enjoyed it! Thanks for watching and Please "Subscribe" to my channel.
    People I talk about in this video:
    ♥ Designed To Life:
    ♥ Your Hearts Haven:
    ♥ Landfill Designs:
    ♥ Thunberpeep:
    ♥ Art That Moves:

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  • Runtime : 3:55
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  • CCStars
    CCStars   1 weeks ago

    Can I just say thank you! All the other ones about this (besides Taylor Lynn’s) are SO boring and just a screen with people talking for thirty mins with no good ideas, so THANK YOU!

  • C Williams
    C Williams   1 years ago

    Thank you CandiWare that was very helpful.....the idea of using a lot of white is great.

  • Joshua Tichota
    Joshua Tichota   1 years ago

    I do leather work, jewelry, and oil paintings, I need an idea to bring people to my booth and to make the booth have a warm inviting but rustic look. This video is giving me some tips definitely.

  • SunshineLeclair
    SunshineLeclair   1 years ago

    thanks for sharing ;) oh and that little red truck at the end, I think it's selling coffee - is so cool!!

  • Whitney Jones
    Whitney Jones   3 years ago

    Where did you get your white metal shelf? I love it

  • BlackCat2
    BlackCat2   3 years ago

    This was interesting. I have a chance to set up somewhere for free if I don't mind being in the back. :p Since I have never done one I figure that will be a good way to get experience without having to pay for the space. - Heidi

  • An Artist and Her Words

    I took your advice from the talk we had a while ago and started a youtube channel, just wanted to say thanks Candice!