• Published on: 01 April 2020
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  • Runtime : 25:19
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  • Karmin Mendez
    Karmin Mendez   2 weeks ago

    Everyone taking about babys and mi geting sad cuz i Lot My baby two weeks ago 😭 at 12 weeks i was so happy it was going to be My last one i have tow boys 😭😭😭😭

  • T
    T   1 months ago

    Glad beau says ewww to the kardashians 😂😂😂

  • Meredith Sura
    Meredith Sura   1 months ago

    Her and Beau are so cute together 😫😫 Everyone needs a Beau lol

  • Maritza B
    Maritza B   1 months ago

    my period was 22 days late so I never got one in March! I was freaking out too!

  • Olivia Brown
    Olivia Brown   1 months ago

    Aww dont rush into it and im pregnant i found out in November 24th and im 29 weeks and smh i thought this was real but lol its all good

  • Cindy M.
    Cindy M.   1 months ago

    Aye dios mio Beau you are so gullible.... same as you Maria I wanted just 1 girl and her be special and have a bunch of brothers to protect her and so it happened.... I have 3 wonderful sons and 1 beautiful daughter. I am truly blessed!

  • Yasmine Alvarado
    Yasmine Alvarado   1 months ago

    Beau is such a great man I dont think there's many men out here like him anymore

  • Edith Alexandra.
    Edith Alexandra.   1 months ago

    Beau's face every time it has to do w/something freaky😂🤣😂

  • Princess 512
    Princess 512   1 months ago

    1 day late ?? Woah! I am either 1 week early or 1 week late 🤦🏻‍♀️ Hahaha

  • Wendii Quinonez
    Wendii Quinonez   1 months ago

    I love serenity 😭 but another baby won’t bother us🧡🧸

  • Eva Quiroz
    Eva Quiroz   1 months ago

    why do trying to show us your tattoo stop pulling your shirt down so much

  • Alejandra Alavez
    Alejandra Alavez   1 months ago

    $aleeeesauce my favorite video of us always is the story of how you two met , definitely my favorite 😘 beau hyping you up to have a baby with him is everything ! 😂😂

  • joanna Jade
    joanna Jade   1 months ago

    Yes Maria have ur baby in February lol mines February 15th another girl! 💯

  • Gabby Segura
    Gabby Segura   1 months ago

    Damn he all knows you lol talking about are you nervous lol

  • Salma Martinez
    Salma Martinez   1 months ago

    This is the first time I see Serenity's nose what happen?? poor baby 😭 she is so cute 😍

  • Elsa Ramirez
    Elsa Ramirez   1 months ago

    The way beau said. It sounds like gun shot. N he started making that body move

    FAMNEXTDOOR   1 months ago

    Watch our videos please and help us grow we have great content

  • Amber Mares
    Amber Mares   1 months ago

    Can you do a food vlog of what you posted on snap rn ?

  • Veronica Hernandez
    Veronica Hernandez   1 months ago

    All in God's timing! Maybe he's waiting for you guys to be in your house already. I can't wait til you guys announce the news in the near future! Stay safe 🙏 God bless

  • Jocelyn C.
    Jocelyn C.   1 months ago

    My birthday is February 13th and I get two gifts from my husband 😜 one for my birthday and one for Valentine’s Day and our anniversary is May 11 and Mother’s Day is May 12 so I get two gifts too 😂😜🥰

  • Ruby J.
    Ruby J.   1 months ago

    I literally I’m so happy I saw this video. I just found out yesterday I’m pregnant with my 5th. My husband and I were done and then boom I’m preggos. I cried and I’m so scared but like you said it’s Gods plan and all babies are a blessing🙏🏻 Thank you Guys I feel so much better now ❤️

  • StarAk31313
    StarAk31313   1 months ago

    I had 2 sisters and 2 brothers I was always fighting with my sisters and I love my brothers I cant go a day without talking to them.

  • Danitza M
    Danitza M   1 months ago

    Maria is full of herself she always has beau kissing her ant 🐜 looking but ya estás vieja para andar de ridícula

  • Danitza M
    Danitza M   1 months ago

    I hate that intro they need to change it I always have to skip trough it 🙄

  • Karen Soto
    Karen Soto   1 months ago

    All of a sudden “I don’t want my stomach to b bigger than my butt” all your other pregnancies u had a flat booty girl!!

  • DassahMariee
    DassahMariee   1 months ago

    With this quarantine someone is bound to get pregnant lol

  • Isabel Cee
    Isabel Cee   1 months ago

    Had me on the edge with Beau's reaction 😂