Greak - Announcement Trailer - Nintendo Switch

  • Published on: 31 August 2019
  • Greak: Memories of Azur is a side scrolling single-player game with traditional hand drawn animation. In this adventure, the player will take the role of three siblings: Greak, Adara and Raydel; whom you will need to guide through the lands of Azur. They will be able to alternate control between them at any moment and use their unique abilities to escape from the Urlag invasion.
    Coming 2020 Developed by Navegante / Published by Bromio

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  • Runtime : 1:18
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  • Final Master
    Final Master   1 months ago

    Hopefully, no siblings die in the end.Because dwindling parties suck.

  • Pany
    Pany   2 months ago

    I played the demo at Pax east 2020, it was so beautiful and immersive. And my goodness, the music is on par with a game from any triple A studio.

  • MissAshley42
    MissAshley42   4 months ago

    I sadly forgot to check this out until the last five minutes of PAX South. Yet, it only needed those five minutes for it to win me over.

  • Luniev Isenhart
    Luniev Isenhart   4 months ago

    Looks like Ori and the blind forest.. or maybe Hollow Knight :OLooking forward for this game coming to Switch !

  • Zhang Wei
    Zhang Wei   4 months ago

    Now I don't know what to buy for Christmas next, This or Stardew Valley

  • ThatNyteDaez
    ThatNyteDaez   7 months ago

    Seriously bummed this isn't multiplayer

  • Deftones 456
    Deftones 456   7 months ago

    This looks amazing... Seems like all of the indie games are my favorite games

  • El Camaroncio
    El Camaroncio   7 months ago

    It lool likes someFireboy and watergirlSpiritual successor

  • Green :p
    Green :p   8 months ago

    when is this comming out?

  • Isa Ultra
    Isa Ultra   8 months ago

    Art style remembers me of A Boy and his Blob Wii. Nice gameplay. I'll buy it

  • f
    f   8 months ago

    Just take my credit card. I'm done.

  • Doppelganger D
    Doppelganger D   8 months ago

    Nintendo is restoring the economy of many nations. :)

  • Florent
    Florent   8 months ago

    I will buy it if it has 2 players story mode.

  • Kafke
    Kafke   8 months ago

    >Shows sidescrolling platforming scenewow this game looks freaking amazing!>shows actual gameplay footageoh

  • Grimorio Grimorio
    Grimorio Grimorio   8 months ago

    I think I'd like it more if the camera was closer to the character? Can't wait to see more

  • Space Sapien
    Space Sapien   8 months ago

    The game seems to be really good for co-op, that's a shame it's a single player one... I don't understand those games that rely on playing several characters "at a time" but not giving the chance to play it co-op...

  • Mira 88951
    Mira 88951   8 months ago

    Idk why, but I think of Hollow Hollow Knight but co-op wen I see this

  • Steve Russ
    Steve Russ   8 months ago

    Hollow Knight + Child Of Light + OriLove itDay 1 buy

  • KisukeHollow Urahara
    KisukeHollow Urahara   8 months ago

    Nintendo please, im glad you have such amazing games lately but i cant afford this shopping rhythm if i want to keep up with life itself.

  • googlewolly
    googlewolly   8 months ago

    Nintendo doesn't bother uploading in 60 FPS because a majority of their games can't handle it.

  • Brick
    Brick   8 months ago

    This game for some reason is reminding me of The Fancy pants games

  • Tremend Osborne
    Tremend Osborne   8 months ago

    The design in the shirt of boy i'ts same at great tree deku🌳

  • Sin3007
    Sin3007   8 months ago

    Despite being an indie game it looks cool

  • ebic gamer
    ebic gamer   8 months ago

    I'm not a huge fan of the faceless design on the main character but this game looks beautiful and probably will buy when it gets out

  • Erin Theiss
    Erin Theiss   8 months ago

    Played the demo at PAX and loved it

  • Climbatize
    Climbatize   8 months ago

    I hope this is going to be a physical release. 👍

  • dnznzn fjsnsnsms
    dnznzn fjsnsnsms   8 months ago

    Awesome! Another 2d platformer! Apparently companies are too lazy to make 3d platformers anymore? Enough with the cheap 2d trash games

  • Alpha -LoLo
    Alpha -LoLo   8 months ago

    I loved, ya quiero jugarlo lo mejor es que es mexicano!

  • Hayley Crawford
    Hayley Crawford   8 months ago

    Am I the only one who is reminded of Forgotton Anne?

  • Electrafying
    Electrafying   8 months ago

    You literally can get anything you can imagine on the switch and I love it! This is awesome.

  • Dora Garcia
    Dora Garcia   8 months ago

    are you seriouse nintendo terry terry sawcon really like Just Congragulations