• Published on: 12 April 2019
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    Released on: 2019-04-12

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  • Kim Namjoon
    Kim Namjoon   11 hours ago

    A lot of people are mad at how Home is in MOTS: 7. Well, why DIDN’T they include it? They do everything for a reason and as ARMYS we need to think about it. Home probably didn’t fit the theme.

  • Kim Namjoon
    Kim Namjoon   11 hours ago

    who else is listening this because we have to stay “Home”

  • solcimedi
    solcimedi   1 days ago

    La traducción tiene más vistas que el original

  • Julieta Zerpa
    Julieta Zerpa   2 days ago

    Me encanta 😍😍😍😍😍😍❤❤❤❤❤❤❤

    LALILA LALA   3 days ago

    por favorrrrrrrrrrrrr, alguna latin0 o alguna army que hable español

  • Evelin Torres
    Evelin Torres   4 days ago

    no one gonna talk about tae's lalala love it at the end cuz IT KILLED ME

  • tailn G
    tailn G   5 days ago

    방탄 노래 중에 제일 좋다

  • Miaa _bts
    Miaa _bts   5 days ago

    Me: *looking like i just killed someone *My headphones:CrAzY FOr MysELf!

  • Nicolly Pereira
    Nicolly Pereira   5 days ago

    Brasil te ama BTS. Saiba que em todos os momentos estaremos com você, desde o começo até o final 🇧🇷🇰🇷😍💕✌🏻

  • Reiji Inoue
    Reiji Inoue   5 days ago

    Is it bad that I keep going back and listening to the same little piece of the song where Tae comes in, crazy for himself?

  • tamires de almeida calado

    I Love Kim Namjoon I Love Kim Seokjin I Love Min Yoongi I Love Jung Hoseok I Love Park Jimin I Love Kim Taehyung I Love Jeon Jungkook I Love BTS BRAZIL BRAZIL BRAZIL

  • Latasha Critten
    Latasha Critten   6 days ago

    is it me or does the home instrumental kinda sounds like fake love

  • Kritika Rohib
    Kritika Rohib   1 weeks ago

    iii loooove thees song soooo muchhh.....whenever i read shoujo mangas i listen to this song side by side. it just changes the experience of reading the manga .....i read the whole 'sora log manga' and 'l-dk manga' with the song playing back to back... i used to even hear dimple on my way to school in the morning ...it just freshens you upthere should have been a mv for this .....bts is the best!!!!

  • iKTM X
    iKTM X   1 weeks ago

    I really can't explain how much i love this song

  • Samantha A.
    Samantha A.   1 weeks ago

    Each of their songs are great, have a meaning and make me love them even more every day

  • 12
    12   1 weeks ago

    1:48 Who else came here to hear Hobi’s part ??🔥🔥🔥

  • L y d i a
    L y d i a   1 weeks ago

    nobody:everyone in the comments: CraZy FoR mYsELf!!!!!!!

  • Shrigis
    Shrigis   1 weeks ago

    Im so in love with this song. Its perfect

  • Roxana Gark
    Roxana Gark   1 weeks ago


  • Mikki Mikka
    Mikki Mikka   1 weeks ago

    Best song in the album i don't accept any criticism

  • Iriz!
    Iriz!   1 weeks ago

    The fact that this whole bop doesn’t have its official video choreography is just disappointing. It doesn’t even show up in the MOTS:7 album just pisses me off.😔✌🏻

  • 굥이
    굥이   1 weeks ago

    하 너무 좋다 방탄 노래가 삶에서 가장 힐링..

  • lemon sweetツ
    lemon sweetツ   2 weeks ago

    Kim namjoon🌼Kim seokjin🌼Min yoongi🌼Jung hoseok🌼Park jimin🌼Kim taehyung 🌼Jeon jungkook 🌼 🔥🌼 BTS 🌼🔥