Can You Break A Lock With Canned Air? (Movie Mythbusting)

  • Published on: 20 July 2019
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    Today we're testing out a movie myth of whether or not you can freeze a lock and break it with a can of compressed air. We'll also see how much air is inside of them, what happens when you puncture the can, and what kind of air is inside.

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  • Runtime : 13:25
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  • 2 Tone
    2 Tone   13 hours ago

    Didn’t work because a woman tried to break it

  • Damocles
    Damocles   15 hours ago

    Can you microwave a spray can?

  • Gabriel Camden
    Gabriel Camden   19 hours ago

    What happens if you fill a balloon with the air and put it in the freezer? Will it have the liquid at the bottom?

  • 50 Quarters
    50 Quarters   1 days ago

    Bro maybe if she hit the lock dead on it would break she kept hitting where the key hole is at

  • eleni tsaprazi
    eleni tsaprazi   1 days ago

    4:58, did you try telling which one is more massive based on the (unconscious, though false) bias that heavier objects fall faster than lighter ones? hehe

  • Noah Weissman
    Noah Weissman   1 days ago

    The king of random: this says not flammable but I will try. Me:If it says it is non flammable, then don’t flame it.

  • Gawd
    Gawd   1 days ago

    Smack it down wards

  • Harry Olinski
    Harry Olinski   2 days ago

    Is it canned air or canned oxygen?(Smart people will understand my question)

  • orga ahn
    orga ahn   3 days ago

    Can you chill a beverage (bottled water, soda, juice, etc) with canned air?

  • KizzGaming
    KizzGaming   4 days ago

    @king of random I have answer to the double which is because the plastic caught on fire forming a secondary flame.

  • SπdR
    SπdR   6 days ago

    Why freeze when two wrenches do the trick

  • Short Parra
    Short Parra   6 days ago

    Ceo of hitting a metal locker with a can

  • john buns
    john buns   1 weeks ago

    You should do a hundred layers of Wax

  • Jackie Waldrop
    Jackie Waldrop   1 weeks ago

    Should have hit the padlock at the angle in the movie... maybe frozen tumblers are weak

  • Sup Guys27
    Sup Guys27   1 weeks ago

    I’ve put that on my hand,Now I don’t have a hand

  • Engrossingbeam318 _
    Engrossingbeam318 _   1 weeks ago

    What if the movie used a lock made if gallium as well? We all saw the same effects.

  • Andy Nichols
    Andy Nichols   1 weeks ago

    Spray every can all at the same time then it will break maybe

  • Ethan Hunt
    Ethan Hunt   1 weeks ago

    If u can break it that easy those padlock folks will be dead like ten years ago LOL

  • Phantom
    Phantom   1 weeks ago

    They ask if it’s flammable and it says non flammable

  • Logan Paul
    Logan Paul   1 weeks ago

    I love how it says non flammable on the bottle

  • Tha Weezl
    Tha Weezl   1 weeks ago

    Try hanging the lock from a fixed position - ie: hanging from a latch.

  • Patrick Star
    Patrick Star   1 weeks ago

    8:36 what ghosts would order at the coffee shop

  • Dakota Maher
    Dakota Maher   1 weeks ago

    The way that the lock will break is if you spray the stuff inside of the keyhole