The Giant Bird That Got Lost in Time

  • Published on: 12 March 2019
  • The California condor is the biggest flying bird in North America, a title that it has held since the Late Pleistocene Epoch. It's just one example of an organism that we share the planet with today that seems lost in time, out of place in our world.

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  • Runtime : 8:55
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  • Hiro360
    Hiro360   21 hours ago

    Pls do the argentavis next!

  • Joshua Robinson
    Joshua Robinson   2 days ago

    These condors are magnificent. They definitely fit in the era with mammoths etc.

  • Hector Lopez
    Hector Lopez   2 days ago

    What about the Andean condor? It is quite an spectacle to see them at Colca Valley in Arequipa, Peru.

  • Nicki nurse
    Nicki nurse   3 days ago

    The AZ native Americans have a legand of what they called thunderbirds. It was said they were so large they could pick up small children. I wonder what type of bird they were? It was said they lived in the cliffs & only came into the phoenix valley during the monsoons as they needed the intense wind of the storms to fly....hence the name.

  • Moof Cabbage
    Moof Cabbage   4 days ago

    I'd love to learn about the ancient giant kangaroos

  • Community Watch Groups USA

    wild buffalo and wild horse populations have decreased significantly as well. Did condors rely significantly on the dead of these formerly large populations?

  • Charles Peckham
    Charles Peckham   1 weeks ago

    I thought the condor was endangered because of Johnny Cash.

  • NeidalRuekk
    NeidalRuekk   1 weeks ago

    Ultimately what it comes down to is; wouldn't be nearly extinct if it wasn't for humans

  • Beauty Chatterjee
    Beauty Chatterjee   2 weeks ago

    So no-one's talking about the Pelagornis? Aight, I ma head out

  • food jam
    food jam   2 weeks ago

    They fly over my head all day at work

  • Cracker Jack
    Cracker Jack   2 weeks ago

    Great vid! Best wishes to thes magnificent birds. Much thx to the folks who helped save them!

  • Splint Cell
    Splint Cell   2 weeks ago

    Why is there still no one linking the comet that fall on greenland 10000 years ago might be the cause of the mass dying of mega fauna.

  • Luis Aldamiz
    Luis Aldamiz   2 weeks ago

    But why then haven't them been selected for smaller sizes? There must still be an advantage to them being large.

  • colin lobo
    colin lobo   2 weeks ago

    It was Pesticides or Poison and Man that killed the Condors .

  • RezoGaming GD
    RezoGaming GD   2 weeks ago

    6 milion years ago theres actually a larger bird called argentavis magnifisens and its wing span is almost 27 meters and weighs over 155 pounds lol but its extinct so ye

  • Patrick Jenkins
    Patrick Jenkins   3 weeks ago

    😎 OMG. The length of the wingspan, & the shape of the wing tips❗ Winged carnivores have ALWAYS been my favorite wild creatures. 🌎

  • agett12
    agett12   3 weeks ago

    Squash like pumpkins are amazing they even got sweeter over time to attract humans

  • LadyRavenEyes
    LadyRavenEyes   3 weeks ago

    you know if we wanted we could use selective breeding in captivity to make condors smaller to help prevent it from going extinct.

  • Macky B. Outdoors
    Macky B. Outdoors   3 weeks ago

    i dont know may be more alive. at new hogan lake there are about 1-200

  • Euan Hooper
    Euan Hooper   3 weeks ago

    No mention of how Johnny cash once killed half the species

  • Saber is love, Saber is life

    First thing that popped into my mind after reading the title was the thunderbird. This is still interesting nonetheless.

  • Rod Palm
    Rod Palm   3 weeks ago

    No more dead buffalos no more condors.

  • Bin_weevils vevo
    Bin_weevils vevo   1 months ago

    Actually the California condor is critically endangered because of hunting it's prey with lead buck shot

  • ThaC00l Kid
    ThaC00l Kid   1 months ago

    Here in chile in the national emblem we have a condor and 1 day when i was 4 we needed to go to the military and there they had a condor who was shooted in a wing by an illegal hunter the condor couldnt go back to nature beacuse of the injured wing

  • Robert Szymanski
    Robert Szymanski   1 months ago

    I need some help with finding a movie..I saw a 70's movie where a country boy is walking up a hill and a giant Condor bird attacks him...part of the title said "The Legend of......" What was that movie called??

  • Eessa Vanderspek
    Eessa Vanderspek   1 months ago

    There are many obstacles for the recovery of the California Condor today including lead poisoning, collision with power lines, destruction of habitat, and micro trash ingestion. Condors also have a low clutch size, raising only one chick every 2 years. It’s a variety of factors that caused their population to decline. With recent recovery efforts, there are now 98 wild California Condors in the Central Coast population in California as of September 2019. (

  • Callum Venter
    Callum Venter   1 months ago

    ...I might of halved their population in rdr2.

  • Holycraposaurus
    Holycraposaurus   1 months ago

    i love this stuff, but please, somebody tell this guy to speak with less haste

  • Eric Rosén
    Eric Rosén   2 months ago

    love these kind of videos but man, slow it down a bit. I´m getting stressed by watching this..

  • taestyjuuice
    taestyjuuice   2 months ago

    Just a few days ago i was sitting in class and i looked out the window and i seen a bird just like that soaring over the 4 story building and i remember because the wingspan was like 3/4 of my body ( im 5”3)

  • Trexiii
    Trexiii   2 months ago

    Just take them to Africa