The History of Climate Cycles (and the Woolly Rhino) Explained

  • Published on: 30 May 2019
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    Throughout the Pleistocene Epoch, the range of the woolly rhino grew and shrank in sync with global climate. So what caused the climate -- and the range of the woolly rhino -- to cycle back and forth between such extremes?

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    Markovic, A. "Woolly rhinoceros Coelodonta antiquitatis (Blumenbach, 1803) from Pleistocene of Serbia." Bulletin of the Natural History Museum of Belgrade (A) 47 (1998): 217-237.
  • Runtime : 14:36
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  • PBS Eons
    PBS Eons   2 months ago

    Hi Eons viewers! As some of you have pointed out, I mistakenly cropped out Mars in the image we show when we mention that Milankovic was obsessed with ice ages on both Earth and Mars. Sorry to all of you (and the planet Mars) for the error! -Seth

  • MrJeffcoley1
    MrJeffcoley1   2 hours ago

    What?! Climate is driven by astronomical factors? But but but what about SUVs, plastic straws and aluminum cans?

  • Rev. Lowe
    Rev. Lowe   11 hours ago

    This lady has perfect hips and thighs.

  • valor36az
    valor36az   2 days ago

    Best description on the topic

  • Luke Brunner
    Luke Brunner   4 days ago

    I wanna get the Eontologist: Video Shoutout tier. Any idea when more will be added?

  • marscont
    marscont   5 days ago

    Always man caused global warming at the end of any story. It gets old and very predictable.

  • Archie Davis
    Archie Davis   1 weeks ago

    We have all been 'educated' to know that animal farts caused the ice ages since none of them had volkswagons... Shame fresh water gulf stream changes dont get mentioned here...just a SMALL portion of the fart caused scenerio...And the Truth will set you free...and We all know that's NOT the desired outcome.

  • Patrick BUNINO
    Patrick BUNINO   1 weeks ago

    Merci pour vos vidéos toujours intéressantes car pleines de faits.

  • Little Raven Designs
    Little Raven Designs   1 weeks ago

    Great video! I love my nerd videos! Can you guys please do one on the evolution of marsupials and maybe one how Top mammals evolution like canines, bears and cats! Thank you

  • Al Hu
    Al Hu   1 weeks ago

    This is one of the most underrated YouTube channel.

  • Mr. Plow
    Mr. Plow   2 weeks ago

    No a comet killed the northern mega fauna 12 thousand years ago.

  • Taylor
    Taylor   2 weeks ago

    Wait so you’re saying climate change existed before humans?? Somebody better inform the democrats

  • Scott C
    Scott C   2 weeks ago

    3:05 Mars is in the wrong orbit.

  • 1wor1d
    1wor1d   2 weeks ago

    2:46 Milutin Milankovic looks like a little boy,if not for the mustache I would have thought he was 9 or 10 years old!!

  • Monmon Castro
    Monmon Castro   2 weeks ago

    Wot if 41st,000th year is now?Or started way back 2012?Thus, explaining the aztec clock?

  • Allen Barclay Allen
    Allen Barclay Allen   3 weeks ago

    , The buildup of carbon dioxide in the ocean liquid carbon dioxide was more than likely the cause of the Ice Age..! 1200 particles per million are recorded in the Ice Age only in geological time on earth mantle..!

  • Dally H.
    Dally H.   3 weeks ago

    Climate science is crazy, fun, and complicated as all hell. Love it so much. There's just so much we don't know, and probably won't know until we observe it for ourselves thousands of years in the future. Let's just hope we don't collapse to the point of losing all our records!

  • Wieland Melissa
    Wieland Melissa   3 weeks ago

    Theoretically. What would happen if we were to spread giant white sheets over some parts of earth to mimic ice ? as in reflect sun light in an attempt to cool down the climate.

  • Jiggums
    Jiggums   3 weeks ago

    This is what climate change is

  • odzadze123
    odzadze123   4 weeks ago

    Planet XGoogle: Why did the angle of the Earth’s axis change?The real reason why the 70s, 80s & 90s had Brighter and more vivid Colors and are more pleasant years for Living

  • Random Channel
    Random Channel   4 weeks ago

    Thank you so much for making this video (all of them really).I have such a better understanding of this now.

  • Damon Bryan
    Damon Bryan   4 weeks ago

    Would love to see the mental gymnastics to blame all these climate changes on mankind.

  • Christopher Ray
    Christopher Ray   1 months ago

    I love this show, but can we get a more monotone British person to explain stuff please? I’d watch way more and donate, and subscribe if you had a more Attenborough sounding voice. No offense to her but I go cross eyed and blank out even on my favorite subjects without the right voice.

  • drwnpadilla
    drwnpadilla   1 months ago

    A very smart and very attractive young lady I love your presentations

  • Tensai55
    Tensai55   1 months ago

    7:00 "James can't ranch" LMAOI want to know how that part of the national monument got its name. XD

  • Adrian Mihaltianu
    Adrian Mihaltianu   1 months ago

    This is one of the most important videos on YouTube. Not only it helps us understand what we know about the climate cycles, it also shows without doubt that current global warming has nothing to do with natural cycles, but is 100% man-made.On the long term, learning how to manage CO2 and other greenhouse gasses will help us regulate the planet's climate, preventing it from overheating or overcooling.

  • IronBand4
    IronBand4   1 months ago

    Funny that in this video they claim that a 6-7% change in the sun's output had little effect, but 6 weeks later they claim it's reduction was a significant contributing factor to the snowball Earth occurrences.... Be consistent.

  • Elisha Gabriel Riza
    Elisha Gabriel Riza   1 months ago

    Me watching this instead of reading books for my geology board exam in November.

  • bogdan78pop
    bogdan78pop   1 months ago

    But then comes the Republicans ...and they say the Earth was warm and cool for Eons who cares about why ???

  • King Miura
    King Miura   1 months ago

    The wooly rhino was wiped out by man's greedy obsession with his huge gas guzzlin SUVs.

  • Edward Foehring
    Edward Foehring   1 months ago

    We will adapt no matter what, other creatures may not.

  • Rinchen Wangzom
    Rinchen Wangzom   1 months ago

    Its high time for us to take action for this global issue called climate change and not going back to history, the world knows global warming is a threat today.