The History of Climate Cycles (and the Woolly Rhino) Explained

  • Published on: 30 May 2019
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    Throughout the Pleistocene Epoch, the range of the woolly rhino grew and shrank in sync with global climate. So what caused the climate -- and the range of the woolly rhino -- to cycle back and forth between such extremes?

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    Markovic, A. "Woolly rhinoceros Coelodonta antiquitatis (Blumenbach, 1803) from Pleistocene of Serbia." Bulletin of the Natural History Museum of Belgrade (A) 47 (1998): 217-237.
  • Runtime : 14:36
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  • PBS Eons
    PBS Eons   6 months ago

    Hi Eons viewers! As some of you have pointed out, I mistakenly cropped out Mars in the image we show when we mention that Milankovic was obsessed with ice ages on both Earth and Mars. Sorry to all of you (and the planet Mars) for the error! -Seth

  • Mr Mister
    Mr Mister   1 days ago

    If America brings them back they better not let any poachers even go near it

  • Geoff Hirschi
    Geoff Hirschi   1 days ago

    was a great video, right up to the last few minutes. Too bad you quoted the junk about CO2 being the magic switch that is suddenly breaking things. This is not supported by any data outside of computer models. Computer models are a fancy hypothesis, not observational data.

  • Gypo Gault
    Gypo Gault   1 weeks ago

    I'm sure this is all factored into the climate change model

  • miha močnik
    miha močnik   1 weeks ago

    Godamn... massacred Milankovićes surrname

  • Randal Glyph
    Randal Glyph   2 weeks ago

    New Zealand has offered a 10,000 dollar prize to anyone that can prove carbon dioxide causes climate change. Since temperatures on record rise during low carbon emissions, no one has collected the prize - or ever will. This is a tax fraud against citizens by governments and corrupt scientists working for bureaucracies - as exposed by climatologist Tony Heller (see his videos).

  • Ryan Folin
    Ryan Folin   2 weeks ago

    Honestly annoyed you even suggested a circular orbit. If I remember right from astronomy no planetary orbit is circular

  • gamer لعب
    gamer لعب   2 weeks ago

    No no no not thousands of years agoIn an Arabic book named Ahmad ibn Fadlan journalhe described an animal shorter than camel and he has a body like a mule and a tail of a cow and has a long horn in his hed this horn get sharp while growing up And he attack with his horn This man travels to Russia 1000 years ago thank you

  • The Wall
    The Wall   3 weeks ago

    Global warming will happen no matter how many cows we get rid of because the sun is getting warmer and no solar panels will change that.

  • Derek Of Rivia
    Derek Of Rivia   3 weeks ago

    But the politicians tell me that this is the first time the climate has ever changed and the world will end if we rise another degree in temperature.

  • silver watcher
    silver watcher   4 weeks ago

    Big old bully tilt and wobble. Random thought what would our climate look like if we had perfect alignment. You know before we were knocked of our wobble. If there's not a god what on earth is the explanation for perfect solar harmony. Dont buy random luck. But also don't believe one dude did it either. Either way it happened life.

  • Gr8 bAnD1t0
    Gr8 bAnD1t0   4 weeks ago

    Younger Dryas theory is the most logical for the rapid heat up right before the holocene

  • Michael Hodge
    Michael Hodge   1 months ago

    HOW DARE YOU! We caused all climate change! From the beginning of time...

  • Anthony Coyle
    Anthony Coyle   1 months ago

    host is fantastic I really do enjoy listening to her voice

  • PrincessTS01
    PrincessTS01   1 months ago

    earthquakes like the one from march 2011 in japan can alter the angleThe quake shortened Earth's day by 1.8 microseconds (µs) and shifted its figure axis by 17 centimetres (cm). Just to clear things up, our planet wasn't knocked off its axis by the quake. Instead, the earthquake redistributed Earth's mass, thus moved the figure axis, around which the world's mass is balanced.Mar 11, 2017How did the 2011 Tohoku Earthquake Change Earth's Rotation?'s%20day,by%2017%20centimetres%20(cm).&targetText=Just%20to%20clear%20things%20up,the%20world's%20mass%20is%20balanced.

  • GuilhotinaGamez
    GuilhotinaGamez   1 months ago

    Sooo, cows fart have no measurable effects on climate?How dare you?

  • witri9
    witri9   1 months ago

    No, no, no. A “consensus” of scientists says mankind causes global warm.

  • RBEO22
    RBEO22   2 months ago

    It's almost as if climate change is a natural/cyclical phenomena that will happen no matter what we do!

  • lamanchadale
    lamanchadale   2 months ago

    This video completely ignored Svensmark and his research. Watch "the cloud mystery" on You Tube for an introduction.

  • Qusin111
    Qusin111   2 months ago

    cut out the last 4 minutes or so and you have a show

  • Angus Gordon-Farleigh
    Angus Gordon-Farleigh   2 months ago

    This presenter is SO sexily attractive! I'd watch her describing the train timetable at Crewe Junction over ten hours. >SIGH<

  • TheOerdin
    TheOerdin   2 months ago

    Humans probably contributed to its final demise.

  • Linear Wolf
    Linear Wolf   2 months ago

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  • Linear Wolf
    Linear Wolf   2 months ago

    Ahhhh earthFormedSnowballedToo coldGot back to right temperatureGot too hotSo great..........

  • Chris Djernaes
    Chris Djernaes   2 months ago

    Fantastic !! Best Explanation of Climate Change. If only Academia taught this in schools and the Media actually tried informing and educating readers.BUT ... current CO2 = .04% of Earth’s Atmosphere ... It’s basically irrelevant and actually fundamental chemical in photosynthesis, i.e., it’s plant food.Atmospheric CO2 is always at its lowest during glaciation and highest when earth is warmest - e.g., 130-115k years ago.We need MORE CO2 to create more plants for more animals to eat and also absorb more CO2 - i.e., the virtuous Cycle of life.

  • Tom Mallard
    Tom Mallard   2 months ago

    RE: Loss of the megafauna in N.America, AGU mtg talks, a double whammy wiped out their fodder at a latitude of Central Beringia across the Eastern Arctic:

  • Larry Brennan
    Larry Brennan   2 months ago

    I knew she'd have to work in carbon dioxide. Didn't mention that its levels have been far higher at many times in the past, though. Curious.

  • African Tilapia
    African Tilapia   2 months ago

    A huge ommision was the thinking of James Croll. His amazing story is all the greater for having been SELF TAUGHT!

  • Raedi Aufar
    Raedi Aufar   2 months ago

    so basically human has wrecked up climate cycles that has going on for hundred thousands of years

  • Peter Crites
    Peter Crites   2 months ago

    Can you please stop saying 'eeequater'. It's equator.

  • Dave Begotka
    Dave Begotka   2 months ago

    KAKA this is KAKA.....the sun has everything to do with climate change

  • BMrider75
    BMrider75   3 months ago

    Thank you PBS, a very worthy video. This should be compulsory viewing for every climate change denier. (actually, it'd have to be 4 or 5 viewings each before they started to get it!)