I Gave Myself an Early 2000s Makeover (And Roasted its Trends)

  • Published on: 04 May 2018
  • Not all nostalgia is good nostalgia.

    In this video, we take a journey back into one of the classiest times in history- the early 2000s. This is a long roast of the pop culture, fashion, hair and makeup of my least favorite time period in recent history + a makeover taking me back to my formative middle school years. And yes, my fingers are still orange.

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  • Runtime : 21:41
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  • Lace Perez
    Lace Perez   14 hours ago

    Her hair with the crinkler looked like lasugnia

  • 잭슨카이
    잭슨카이   1 days ago

    Why the early 2000's sucked assI was born then

  • Bella Italiano
    Bella Italiano   2 days ago

    I don’t remember the early 2000’s cause I was born in 2006

  • Lexi O
    Lexi O   3 days ago

    all star came out in 2001 btw

  • alex brooks
    alex brooks   4 days ago

    I’m just tryna figure out what wig she’s wearing in the beginning of the video,,, don’t be shy mykie,,, drop the link

  • em_e_ 23
    em_e_ 23   5 days ago

    "Im gonna deem 2000-2005 the early 2000s"Me being born in 2005: "Man, I almost missed the time frame 😂"

  • No Thanks
    No Thanks   5 days ago

    I actually really really love the early 2000's and the whole y2k aesthetic. It was messy and kinda ugly and that was okay. it was literally just girls enjoying themselves and I miss it so much >:((

  • Bella C
    Bella C   5 days ago

    U forgot to lip line 😂

  • Lexi Bower
    Lexi Bower   5 days ago

    i’m from 2007 and my sister was from 2005 and we used to wear stripes with dots sometimes and fuzzy hats till like 2010 😂

  • TEa Fox
    TEa Fox   6 days ago

    6:01 when 1 size actually used to fit all.

  • Sigrid van Osch
    Sigrid van Osch   6 days ago

    I love your lipstick! Where did you get it? (get it ;) ) But I honestly do love it Mykie!In 2002 ( I just turned 12) I was on a camp from school and I remember going ''shopping'' with the girls from my class. We went to a drugstore and I bought the funniest eyeshadow. They were q-tip like sticks with on both end a thick smooth chunk of powder eyeshadow. It worked pretty well and I have had them for years. They were lila and a darker purple. I have never seen anything like it again. I also don't remember the brand.I remember those thongs. I thought they were so weird. A comedian here in the Netherlands joked about it saying: I thought she had a huge tattoo of the McDonald's logo on her back. But it was her thong. We called it a ''string''. WHich is basically what it is, and they were all the rage for some weird reason....Yeah, the early 2000's were a strange time but totally awesome!

  • Aurora
    Aurora   6 days ago

    OMG this about me back to my elementary days (2004 baby)

  • Willa Bukata
    Willa Bukata   1 weeks ago

    The more of your videos I watch, the more you remind me of Harley Quinn before Joker

  • ArtyBicardi
    ArtyBicardi   1 weeks ago

    I'm going thru a really hard personal time right now but watching this made me smile, It reminded me of how care free and wild I used to be in the the mid 2000's. Thanks for this much needed reminder!

  • B. B.
    B. B.   1 weeks ago

    After the makeover, she reminds me of a Charlie’s Angels Cameron Diaz....

  • Lauren Joyner
    Lauren Joyner   1 weeks ago

    This is kinda childhood nostalgia for me Haha I don't really remember the 90s as I was born in '96 🙂

  • Corey K
    Corey K   1 weeks ago

    I was 20 in 2000 and you are right about every single thing lol I was more of a vinyl pants with the chunky boots kinda gal tho lol

  • Peachy Peaches
    Peachy Peaches   1 weeks ago

    I actually kinda like it. I think it’s fun lol.

  • Carrilee Kindheart
    Carrilee Kindheart   1 weeks ago

    The early 2000’s fashion wasn’t even fashion it was just garbage

  • Lynn Pllt
    Lynn Pllt   1 weeks ago

    Some of them is like... A look tbh

  • Ayda Sipahioğlu
    Ayda Sipahioğlu   1 weeks ago

    Can you make an other decade video like 80’s, 70’s Actually make a whole series pls, pls, pleaaaase 🤗

  • Blue Knupp
    Blue Knupp   1 weeks ago

    People born in 2000 to like 2003 aren't claimed by 90s baby's or gen z...... and we get blamed for these looks but we have nothing to do with it it's the 80s babies that did it.

  • Jessica m
    Jessica m   1 weeks ago

    Ok, what lipstick is she wearing in the beginning? I love that color

  • 3 lil Pandas
    3 lil Pandas   1 weeks ago

    The movie "Mean girls" was made in 2004 and had some of these styles in them😂😂😂. But to be honest i love the hair lol

  • Gacha Minion
    Gacha Minion   1 weeks ago

    Until you put the foundation on at 12:25 roughly

  • Shanta Ramlochan
    Shanta Ramlochan   1 weeks ago

    2020, we got that razor, it is still a smart phone but with the flip action

  • Holly Posluszny
    Holly Posluszny   1 weeks ago

    What's so weird is that layering is back in the egirl trend

  • Holly Posluszny
    Holly Posluszny   1 weeks ago

    You used such an expensive tanner ahhhhh and you just .... used it all in one go😂😂