I Hired 10 People On Fiverr to Design Random Absurd Products!

  • Published on: 19 July 2019
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    Have you ever had an extremely weird but yet, genius idea? Like the kind of idea that wakes you up from your sleep and you think, "Hmmm, I should create that," but you just didn't know how to execute it? Well, neither do we so we went on FIVERR and found some DOPE graphic designers to bring our ideas to real life! If you enjoyed this style of content, let us know what you liked about it and what kind of online-review-content you would like to see from us in the future! Lis will commenting back for the next 30 minutes! Have a beautiful Friday and remember, you're DOPE no matter the NOPE's say!

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  • Runtime : 24:
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  • Neptoon
    Neptoon   34 minuts ago

    You look like a white jewish will smith

  • Ragme elAS
    Ragme elAS   58 minuts ago

    A disco ball that make sounds of the vietnam war

  • adir mugrabi
    adir mugrabi   1 hours ago

    the colors of the lights on the disco ball are VGA from old monitors!super OLD

  • plasmatyx
    plasmatyx   2 hours ago

    hey its my birthday this is the first time ive asked but can i get 5 people to sub to add to my 5 subs so i can have ten thanks.

  • TheShaggyDogg
    TheShaggyDogg   3 hours ago

    Why did you guys give such bad prompts to illustrators? You should have selected something that is actually attainable.

  • Modded Garage
    Modded Garage   4 hours ago

    the thumbnails for your videos are like a weird slideshow about showing your beard grow...lol

  • lumpianguod
    lumpianguod   7 hours ago

    The hammock bag was such a good idea!

  • kookeekwisp
    kookeekwisp   7 hours ago

    "They push the chainsaw back & forth"Do you KNOW how a chainsaw works?!?

  • zebatov
    zebatov   8 hours ago


  • alextgd
    alextgd   10 hours ago

    Youtubers copying youtubers, when is this going to stop? The bubble is real.

  • Pip
    Pip   10 hours ago

    the hammock designer would be that person that is the only one that does the group project XD

  • M Nilgok
    M Nilgok   12 hours ago

    I literaly dont have any Apple product

  • el and co
    el and co   12 hours ago

    hey in that hammock you won't have CBS

  • Animositie
    Animositie   12 hours ago

    Thought it said same color button for same color butt hole

  • Wade
    Wade   15 hours ago

    I want that hammock backpack

  • Weolson
    Weolson   15 hours ago

    Is this guy Matthias?

  • はなkoooh
    はなkoooh   16 hours ago

    without even watching further, your point at 2:50 is the one thing that everyone needs to know! we really have to respect and appreciate designers and artists for putting in all their effort! thank you matthias!!

  • beetlebum007
    beetlebum007   22 hours ago

    Please tip the 1st hammock designer. The second was dope too but the cheaper one really nailed it!! Genius!

  • Guywiththedimples
    Guywiththedimples   23 hours ago

    That hammock bag is a million dollar idea! Should seriously look to patent that.

  • Huibinator
    Huibinator   23 hours ago

    Really? They just made a disco ball. Discobal is made out of small mirrors, meaning that you could play with the reflecting and put in the reflection some people with old fashion style clothing. That would do the trick and I am not even a designer.

  • YoutubeIsHere
    YoutubeIsHere   1 days ago

    Where is the sound effect at 14:03 from? Its so nostalgic, its from a game or something

  • DeadHawk
    DeadHawk   1 days ago

    23:02 I read that as Mohameds Hawk :/ not entirely sure who's right

  • Alex Augustine
    Alex Augustine   1 days ago

    As an artist, I have to say that she literally just gave away that Hammock Idea. That's worth $500+ if you are a freelancer and easily a one month job in a studio. I hope she gets a ton of clients...

  • Talha Tariq
    Talha Tariq   1 days ago

    Y do u keep saying 2 weeks later, youve obv done this on 1 day and then 2 weeks later and thats it

  • Johno Lee
    Johno Lee   1 days ago

    I hope your going to trade mark them no joke

  • PP Boy999
    PP Boy999   1 days ago

    i want the backpack please make it mathias.. likepleasE?

  • Timms Media
    Timms Media   1 days ago

    You said $34 for the Disco ball that makes you feel old, however, you only paid $10

  • Ben R
    Ben R   1 days ago

    I would buy a hammock backpack.

  • Professor Oak
    Professor Oak   1 days ago

    correct me if I'm wrong here but isn't there a game that follows the running from birth to death thing in the treadmill pic?

  • Willi Gari
    Willi Gari   1 days ago

    Pretty sure it's meant to be read "Mohammed's hawk", lol

  • Mozzie Fantastic
    Mozzie Fantastic   2 days ago

    You didn't add the artists down in the description as you said. :/