Not My Arms Challenge: MOUSE TRAP EDITION! // Dolan Twins

  • Published on: 14 October 2015
  • We put our arms in each other's shirts and blindly try to find a block of cheese within a maze of mouse traps. You probably shouldn't do this at home..

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  • Runtime : 6:59
  • Not My Arms Challenge: Mouse T mouse traps Challenge Dolan Twins Dolan Twins Ethan Grayson


  • claire curths
    claire curths   1 weeks ago

    0:07 i’m a savage (if ur here in 2020 u will know lol)

  • Estefani EspinozaBelmonte

    You guys are absolutely extraordinary extremely beautiful beautiful magnificent beautiful gorgeous ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️✊✊✊🙏🏼✊✊✊✊

  • Natalie Phelps
    Natalie Phelps   3 weeks ago

    Why is this age restricted now!!!! I literally just watched this video a couple months ago :(:(

  • Kylie Chapline
    Kylie Chapline   1 months ago

    “I really want some cheese right now” -Ethan Ethan now In ever single video“I’m dairy free” Wait a minute... who are you 😂

  • sydney may
    sydney may   1 months ago

    anybody else on a dolan twins marathon

  • Elena Atanasovski
    Elena Atanasovski   1 months ago

    it says it’s age restricted wtf haha guess i can’t watch it bahahha

  • Gabby
    Gabby   1 months ago

    grayson in the beginning of this video literally made my heart melt. also who’s on a marathon. 2020 lol

  • Hannah Shaw
    Hannah Shaw   2 months ago

    Omg Ethan’s voice💀🤣  “what up gUySssS”

  • Amy
    Amy   2 months ago

    Low key though I kinda miss the young Dolan twins

  • Manaisha Howell
    Manaisha Howell   3 months ago

    I have a question on 5:15 why did Grayson made. That face 😂

  • Hannah Meyer
    Hannah Meyer   3 months ago

    The twins would never do this now. They ate CHEESE lol

  • iris lamprey
    iris lamprey   4 months ago

    dudeeee I used to think they were SO HOT here

  • Abbey Haydon
    Abbey Haydon   4 months ago

    Now we know what grays moan/ oh face looks like I guess 😩🥵🤪 5:15

  • Abbey Haydon
    Abbey Haydon   4 months ago

    Now we no what grays moan/oh face is haha 7:00

  • Jasmine Bluck
    Jasmine Bluck   4 months ago

    5:34 to 5:40 there is ethan finding the cheese but also look at grays face!🥵

  • K
    K   5 months ago

    Who here in 2019 almost 2020No oneOk just me

  • Jessica Z
    Jessica Z   5 months ago

    Aww they're so young in this

  • Gracie Thayer
    Gracie Thayer   6 months ago

    6:36 "i thought it was great!" For some reason that melted my heart 💕💕

  • Gracie Thayer
    Gracie Thayer   6 months ago

    Sometimes i wonder where they come up with these ideas...

  • danny lester
    danny lester   6 months ago

    ethan - i really want some cheese right nowlittle did u know u won’t fuck with dairy in the future

  • Ms’Clout Lord
    Ms’Clout Lord   6 months ago

    It’s a mouse trap right...I can’t imagine someone actually using this on mice after watching so many videos like this